Putting together and running an in-house content marketing team requires careful consideration.

You need to ask how much you’re willing to invest in hiring finance content creators, renting an office, and training your creators regularly.

You must also consider the level of stress you’ll go through and the time you need to manage your finance content marketing team.

Make no mistake; it’s not going to be an easy ride.

That’s why you need to consider outsourcing your finance content marketing initiatives.

With outsourcing, you enjoy the benefits of receiving high-quality work without the hassle and the added costs of running an in-house team.

The Importance of Content Marketing in the Financial Industry

The Importance of Content Marketing in the Financial Industry

The financial industry uses a lot of jargon, such as capital gains, asset allocation, adjusted gross income (AGI), etc.

Those new to finance would struggle to understand these terminologies and their importance.

The financial principles are just as complicated.

For example, some business owners need help understanding the debt-to-equity ratio (D/E ratio) concept. Without considering its impact, business owners could struggle with financial planning. This may prevent them from having a clear, accurate view of their business’s financial health.

The knowledge gap between financial service providers and their clients can be “hemmed” together with content marketing.

Effective financial content marketing lets financial service providers several ways:

  • It helps them convey their services’ value to business owners unfamiliar with financial concepts.
  • It aids in customer relationship-building initiatives. Publishing finance tips, trends, and case studies to increase the customers’ understanding of finance.
  • It helps generate organic traffic, grow leads and sales. It also establishes financial service providers as industry authorities by showcasing their expertise.

Advantages of Outsourcing in Financial Content Marketing Infographic

The Advantages of Outsourcing in Financial Content Marketing

Below are the benefits of outsourcing your financial content marketing campaigns:


When you outsource, you avoid paying for hardware.

You also avoid paying monthly software subscription fees for keyword research, competitor analysis, content mapping, and content optimization. Content service providers come fully equipped to complete your projects and financial content ideas.


Managing an in-house team requires a lot of work. You need to plan training sessions, run regular feedback, and deal with employee attrition. There’s a multitude of administrative work involved.

When you outsource, however, you can avoid much of the hassle.

The third-party finance content marketing company handles the management and administrative aspects of running the financial content marketing team. Their expertise can also help you avoid common pitfalls in finance content marketing.


Scaling up your content marketing campaigns is so much easier when you outsource. You simply need to inform your content marketing agency of the extra pieces of content that you need so they can start planning and executing.

You need not rent extra office space and equipment.

Key Roles in an Effective Content Marketing Team

Key Roles in an Effective Content Marketing Team

A successful content marketing team consists of these essential roles:

Content strategist

Content strategists develop a comprehensive plan for your financial content success. One that ensures your content aligns with your business objectives and target audience’s needs.

Data shows that 52% of finance companies’ top challenges are reaching the right audience. Content strategists can help you overcome this.

Stat: 52% of finance companies’ top challenges are reaching the right audience

Content creators (writers, designers, videographers)

Content creators include experienced and talented designers, writers, and videographers. Managed content creation service providers have all types of content creators available.

This allows you to get creative with your financial content.

Some financial concepts can be best explained using videos. For example, this amortization video from Monger explains the concept simply and clearly since it contains visualizations.

It’s a great way to convey complex financial concepts, making them easier for your target audiences to digest.

SEO Specialist

A reliable SEO specialist experienced in finance content marketing ensures your content gets a higher chance of achieving maximum visibility. And, ultimately, reaching the right audience.

For example, an SEO specialist would know how to target keywords like “best investment strategies” for your content and campaigns to help attract potential investors.

The right SEO specialist can do keyword research focused on the top keywords in finance, including:

  • Investment
  • Mortgage
  • Financial service company
  • Loan

SEO specialists know the best keyword research, tools, and optimization strategies to ensure you target the right keywords. So your web pages rank higher in search engine results pages.

Social media manager

Social media managers handle your social profiles, create engaging content, and interact with your followers. They even help you get more mileage from your content pieces by creating multiple versions.

For example, they can create a text-based social media post about financial planning, such as “5 Tips for Retirement Planning and Saving.” From that post alone, they can create carousels, Gifs, reels, etc. You get more visibility, engagement, and sales by repurposing your content.

Other responsibilities social media managers can handle are:

  • Content scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Competitor analysis

Data analyst

According to Peter Drucker, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

His quote rings true, especially in the world of finance content marketing.

That’s why having a data analyst on your team is crucial. They’ll help you measure your content marketing success in finance.

They’ll also help you track, analyze, and make conclusions about your data to help you make better business decisions.

Some of the most crucial data sets they analyze are:

  • Content performance
  • Web analytics
  • Sales
  • Conversions

Assembling the Right Team

Assembling the Right Team

Learn how to build an effective content marketing team through outsourcing by doing the following:

Identifying the right professionals

Find content creators with a strong finance background. This ensures your content pieces contain expert knowledge and industry-specific insights.

Creators specializing in finance can explain financial concepts better than generalist writers. It has to do with experience. Plus, they’ll be better at anticipating financial content marketing trends shifting.

Find someone with expert knowledge about accounting, debt accrual, alternative minimum tax (AMT), etc. You need a writer who understands the topics deeply. So they can explain them in much simpler terms.

An experienced and skilled professional can turn finance jargon into easy-to-understand concepts. This, in turn, makes your content pieces valuable and engaging.

Managing an outsourced team

Set clear communication channels and identify measurable KPIs.

For example, conduct regular updates and feedback sessions with your outsourced team. Doing so ensures alignment on deliverables, like producing whitepapers on investment portfolio diversification.

You can also track and measure cost per lead (CPL) and return on ad spend (ROAS). This data will help you assess your marketing campaign’s effectiveness. Plus, ensure the team’s performance aligns with your goals.



1. Why should a financial institution consider outsourcing its content marketing team?

Outsourcing a content marketing team allows financial institutions to work with experts and professionals in finance and content creation.

It can reduce hiring and training and in-house team costs. It also allows flexibility to scale resources.

Outsourcing injects fresh perspectives and industry insights. This leads to high-quality and engaging content.

2. What roles are crucial within a content marketing team, and how can the best professionals be identified and selected?

Content strategists, content creators, SEO specialists, social media managers, and data analysts (among others).

Pick out and select the top professionals and content writing services and solutions. Assess their expertise, past successes, and industry knowledge.

3. How can an outsourced content marketing team be managed effectively?

Establish clear communication channels. Set expectations and deliverables. Use project management tools. Maintain regular check-ins.

Other strategies include providing comprehensive briefs. Offering constructive feedback and ensuring a collaborative environment.

4. What successful outsourcing strategies have been implemented by financial institutions?

Working with reliable outsourcing partners. Ideally, a provider with an excellent finance and content marketing track record.

Integrate your outsourcing provider into your brand and compliance frameworks to ensure complete alignment and consistency.

Assemble the Right Finance Content Marketing Team

Ready to Elevate Your Finance Content Marketing Team?

Outsourcing to a reliable finance content marketing team is a cost-effective strategy that can yield amazing results.

It allows you to tap into the global workforce, giving you access to top talent with proven results. All this without you having to invest thousands in infrastructure.

If you’re looking to work with a trusted, proven partner, talk to a content specialist to see how our top freelance finance content creators can power your brand today.