Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) struggle to meet their short- and long-term goals because resources are lacking to create content. Content marketing has become very demanding. It’s a costly business where digital strategies tend to suffer from lacking resources.
With tighter budgets, more marketers are outsourcing content creation. Outsourcing comes from platforms like content marketplaces or freelancers found on job boards. These platforms allow marketers to reach their content quotas more affordably.
What is content outsourcing?

What is content outsourcing?

Business success requires well-written content. Great content makes your brand more visible on search engines and gives your consumers more confidence.

You can get high-quality content by outsourcing content creation. To create original content for your online marketing channels, you hire a freelance writer or a content marketing agency.

You get a professional result when you outsource content, just like you would when you outsource other aspects of your company’s business. The job of creating content might not be within your skill-set, but you can hire an experienced writer to do it for you for a reasonable rate.  

8 advantages of outsourcing content creation

This list of benefits of outsourcing content creation can help you better understand why it is the best way to achieve your content objectives.

Saves you money in your marketing budget

1. Saves you money in your marketing budget

Choosing to outsource your content will save you more money than hiring in-house writers.

The average salary of a content creator in the United States falls between $36,000 and $45,000. There are also the added costs of insurance and technology needs for the position to consider. Overall it’s more cost-effective to hire a freelance writer or outsource to a marketing group. Freelance writers tend to make anywhere from $0.05 to .$0.25 per word for the content they write.

Outsourcing content creation will likely save your business money depending on how many pieces of content you want to be created each month.

2. Allows more time to leverage strategy

One of the primary reasons to outsource content creation is that you have limited time. Writing, researching, and publishing blog posts regularly can take up a lot of time. Those components alone are a full-time job.

Producing content yourself may seem cheaper and easier, but it is rarely the most effective business strategy.

It’s beneficial for a company to focus on its business strengths and leave content creation to the professionals. You’ll gain more than your initial investment and get higher-quality content.

When you lack the time or capacity to create the content in-house, you can meet deadlines with high-quality content through outsourcing. It helps your team maintain workflow and preserves the bandwidth of your team. Under tight deadlines, your staff is more likely to produce content that falls flat, so it’s not worth constraining their abilities.  

Writing isn’t the only component of successful content marketing. You can benefit from the expertise of a content marketing agency, which can guide you in defining what exactly you want from content marketing and offer the tools and experience to achieve this goal. Getting this right can help your marketing strategy achieve your goals faster.

3. Enables you to publish more often

The process of creating high-quality content is time-consuming. You may think it’s easy to write a short piece and then post it on a blog, but it may not be effective if you are not committing the resources and time required to write a quality article

Content that is well-researched, well-written, and well-publicized takes time. Even a full-time writer may not be able to manage more than one post a week if you want your blog posts to be well-researched and comprehensiveThe more writers you hire, the more we will be able to publish high-quality content more often.

Unfortunately, this may not be economical for the budget. You can outsource as much content as you need or as much as your budget allows you to scale up your business effectivelyThis can allow you to publish more pieces of content throughout the week or month, depending on your content schedule.

Offers a fresh perspective

4. Offers a fresh perspective

Collaboration with writers who can express concepts in a way you may not have thought possible can lead you to discover new talent, ideas, and perspectives.

Content creators and writers typically have worked for various clients, so they can bring the expertise they have gained from each creative job to the table.

They know what content marketing trends will emerge in your industry or may be able to predict them, so they can help you come up with new content ideas when you’re stumped

If you repeatedly write about the same subject, it’s easy to lose excitement for what you’re writing, which will come across in your published workBy collaborating with other writers, you never lose this enthusiasm, and you have a source of continually fresh ideas and inspiration

5. Allows you to hire experts in a wide variety of fields

There is no way a person can be an expert in every single field, but it is possible to be an expert in some areas. You’re certainly benefiting from outsourcing specific tasks to individuals with particular expertise.
Outsourcing content creation allows you to rely on an individual with knowledge of a particular topic because content agencies use a wide variety of content producers.
Let’s say you want to write about how nutrition is essential in plant-based products for a company that sells plant-based protein shakes. You could ask someone with nutrition expertise to write it. You will be able to explore the topic more profoundly than if you relied on the information you found on the internet. This approach will allow for more accurate language and information.

6. Increased visibility to a broader audience

When outsourcing content creation, you can specify if you’re okay with the writer promoting the piece on their own portfolio, website, or social media networks. If you choose this strategy, you will reach a whole new audience that may have never come across your brand otherwise.
You might also be able to secure content from a marketing agency specializing in content marketingThey can share their created content from your business on their own social networks, or even feature a client interview or feature on the company blog.
Content marketing freelancers will be able to help you get the content in front of more eyes, whether you’re hiring a ghostwriter or publishing content under your own nameGenerally, they can develop other ways to publicize your piece and research other blogs to guest post on.

7. Offers flexibility

Depending on your content demand, there may not be a need to post multiple blog posts per month, and that’s normal. Seasonal traffic affects website performance and analytics in a number of ways. You should reduce your outsourced content creation when your business does not require much content development. Outsourcing is flexible, which is always to your advantage.
Setting up customized content schedules with your freelancers or preferred content marketplaces to cater to your content needs is possible. A writer — or a team of writers — will know in advance if you need fewer posts during slower periods for your content creation.
This is helpful if it’s a period where your internal marketing team can create pieces. You will still be able to reach your audience that way, and you will not have to pay for a full-scale service that you do not need.
Boosts ROI

8. Boosts ROI

Do you wonder whether the outsourced content you purchase is worth the investment? You can easily measure and track it. Your ROI (return on investment) will typically increase if you outsource content production.
The following metrics can be measured:
  • Conversions from a piece of content and the number of views it receives
  • Number of followers, shares, and engagement on your social media accounts for that specific piece of content

Outsourcing content creation means you’ll have access to experts who can help you create content that fits your business needsYour leads, conversions, and engagement will increase if you publish high-quality, optimized, and targeted content regularly

Is your marketing team in need of content creation services? Talk to a content specialist today to collaborate with top creatives from a wide range of industries.