Small to mid-sized (SMBs) and even enterprise businesses struggle to meet their short- and long-term goals because resources are lacking to create content. Content marketing has become very demanding. It’s a costly business where digital strategies tend to suffer from lacking resources.

With tighter budgets, more marketers are outsourcing content creation. Outsourcing comes from platforms like content marketplaces or freelancers found on job boards. These platforms allow marketers to reach their content quotas more affordably.
What is content outsourcing?

What is content outsourcing?

Business success requires well-written content. Great content makes your brand more visible on search engines and gives your consumers more confidence.

You can get high-quality content by outsourcing content creation. To create original content for your online marketing channels, you hire a freelance writer or a content marketing agency.

You get a professional result when you outsource content, just like you would when you outsource other aspects of your company’s business. The job of creating content might not be within your skill-set, but you can hire an experienced writer to do it for you for a reasonable rate.

8 advantages of outsourcing content creation

This list of benefits of outsourcing content creation can help you better understand why it is the best way to achieve your content objectives.

Saves you money in your marketing budget

1. Saves you money in your marketing budget

Choosing to outsource your content will save you more money than hiring in-house writers. Reducing costs, who could argue with that?

Working with content service providers is a more cost-effective way to produce content than building an in-house team. Freelance marketplaces, like ClearVoice allow you to discover and connect with top-tier, expert freelance writers seamlessly. No need to worry about payroll, taxes, insurance, and professional workstations. Just pay for the actual content deliverables, and you’re good to go.

2. Build your team faster

One of the primary reasons to outsource content creation is that you have limited time. Writing, researching, and publishing blog posts regularly can take up a lot of time. Those components alone are a full-time job.

Data from the Society for Human Resources shows that businesses take an average of 42 days to fill openings. But with freelancers, you could take your time away from reviewing resumes and cover letters to actually seeing content produced by industry experts.

When you lack the time or capacity to create the content in-house, you can meet deadlines with high-quality content through outsourcing. It helps your team maintain workflow and preserves the bandwidth of your team. Under tight deadlines, your staff is more likely to produce content that falls flat, so it’s not worth constraining their abilities.

3. Access top-tier talent

The process of creating high-quality content is time-consuming. You may think it’s easy to write a short piece and then post it on a blog, but it may not be effective if you are not committing the resources and time required to write a quality article.

Outsourcing your content allows you to reach and work with seasoned experts without getting locked into long-term commitments. Reputable content creation and services providers ensure a strict vetting process, ensuring you receive the best freelance writers for hire in their network. Offers a fresh perspective

4. Shorten campaign timelines

Collaboration with writers who can express concepts in a way you may not have thought possible can lead you to discover new talent, ideas, and perspectives. Not to mention, quicker timelines.

Content creators and writers typically have worked for various clients, so they can bring the expertise they have gained from each creative job to the table. They know what content marketing trends will emerge in your industry or may be able to predict them, so they can help you come up with new content ideas when you’re stumped and see campaigns through quickly.

Simply put, a full-time writer’s salary is enough to pay several freelancers for short-term campaigns. Let’s say you have 12 articles planned for this month’s content production. Rather than waiting for a single full-time content creator to deliver each and every article, hiring multiple freelancers to speed up production all at once.

5. Be more adaptable

There is no way a person can be an expert in every single field, but it is possible to be an expert in some areas. You’re certainly benefiting from outsourcing specific tasks to individuals with particular expertise.

Outsourcing content creation allows you to become more flexible to changing content and industry needs, as freelancers are far easier and more practical to replace than in-house writers and editors. You can easily scale up or down your as your priorities and goal evolve.

6. Tap into a global talent pool

Being able to hire freelancers in your target location is a massive advantage if you aim to tap into foreign markets. Freelancers from or located in these areas are already in tune with the local audience’s preferences. Their expertise and knowledge can help boost your content’s relatability and by extension, your brand authority.

As a bonus, freelancers located worldwide can also complete other tasks, such as fact-checking and regulatory compliance much quicker than in-house writers. Unlike non-natives, they will have access to resources and further information that may no be available on the web.

Lighten your teams workload

7. Lighten your teams workload

Depending on your content demand, there may not be a need to post multiple blog posts per month, and that’s normal. Seasonal traffic affects website performance and analytics in a number of ways. Due to the flexibility of outsourcing, you can easily reduce and ramp up your content creation as your business requires content development. Outsourcing is flexible, which is always to your advantage.

By partnering with content creation agencies and freelancers you can easily reduce and offset the workload of your core content team. Outsourcing specific jobs or tasks can allow your in-house team and management to focus on higher-impact tasks like strategy development and monitoring return on investment (ROI).

8. Diversify your content strategy

Outsourcing your content lets you leverage a broader range of content types at a reduced cost. Diversifying your content typically comes with quite the overhead for additional equipment and software. However, managed content service providers cover these costs and have the talent to tap into new content opportunities for your brand.

Diversify your content and ensure you partner with content service providers that can create a range of content types like:

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • eBooks
  • Podcasts and/or scripts
  • Branded photos
  • And more

Boosts ROI

Bonus: Boosts ROI

Do you wonder whether the outsourced content you purchase is worth the investment? You can easily measure and track it. Your ROI (return on investment) will typically increase if you outsource content production.

The following metrics can be measured:

  • Conversions from a piece of content and the number of views it receives
  • Number of followers, shares, and engagement on your social media accounts for that specific piece of content

Outsourcing content creation means you’ll have access to experts who can help you create content that fits your business needs. Your leads, conversions, and engagement will increase if you publish high-quality, optimized, and targeted content regularly.

But, despite the many benefits of outsourcing your content, it’s not a one-size-fits-all strategy. By following the steps to recruit the right talent, you can reap the full benefits of outsourcing.

Is your marketing team in need of content creation services? Talk to a content specialist today to collaborate with top creatives from a wide range of industries.