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Recent social media updates you’ll want to know

Facebook app updates

Facebook app update:

Meta provides a glimpse of Metaverse to advertisers. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Metaverse and the potential impact it may have on how we experience augmented reality. Although it’s not open to the public yet, Meta shared its vision for how they plan to show up in the Metaverse, and many compare it to Snapchat.

Twitter updates

Twitter update:

Pins are now available for Twitter direct messaging. We’re all aware of pinned tweets, but now Twitter users can pin up to six conversations with direct messages. This feature can assist with tweets that need follow-up or quick access.

Instagram updates

Instagram updates:

Likes have made their way to Instagram Stories. Followers now can like Stories, along with all normal reactions. Instagram users will soon see the heart button within Stories for likes. Should someone like your Story, you will receive the notification within your general notification “heart.” Don’t see this feature yet? Don’t worry! It’s still new, so be sure to keep your app updates current.

Instagram shares tips on platform safety on #SaferInternet Day. If you’re noticing a fluctuation in spam messages or comments, consider them an indicator to take your platform and account security seriously. Recently, Instagram shared practical tips to help users stay safe and protect their accounts, including two-factor authentication, support requests, and more.

TikTok updates

TikTok update:

Longer videos may become a thing for TikTok. In a recent article, TikTok executives addressed its users’ short attention spans while mentioning the consideration of expanding video time on the platform.

Snapchat updates

Snapchat updates:

Changing your username on Snapchat is now a thing. For years, Snapchat users were unable to update their usernames once they created their accounts – until now. Platform users can now update their usernames beginning Feb. 23, 2022. The new feature will be available to both iOS and Android users.

Snap users can now share real-time locations with their friends. The platform recently shared a buddy system-like feature, allowing friends to share their real-time location for a period of time. The feature was available in other countries and now makes its way to the U.S. for its debut.

LinkedIn updates

LinkedIn updates:

LinkedIn profiles can now integrate with Microsoft Teams. If you’re on Microsoft Teams, you’re now able to connect and share your LinkedIn profile directly within Team’s interface. If you’re joining meetings, this can be a great way to showcase your profile and gain new professional connections.

Linkedin announced $500K in grants for Black entrepreneurs. LinkedIn recently announced its pledge to provide $500,000 in grants to Black entrepreneurs on the platform within its Black History Month initiatives. The program is designed to acknowledge and encourage professional alternatives for Black communities. Additionally, LinkedIn planned its first Black Entrepreneurs Summit on Feb. 22, 2022.

Pinterest updates

Pinterest update:

Pinterest introduces AR to the online shopping experience. For those who love to pin home décor, your online experience is getting a major upgrade soon. Pinterest is rolling out an AR experience for home décor shopping in hopes of allowing pinners to virtually “try it” before they make the official purchase.

YouTube updates

YouTube update:

YouTube shared its plans for 2022 with content creators. YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan, shared the platform’s direction for the year, along with upcoming releases like “super chats” and memberships. If you’re a content creator, now may be the time to level up on your YouTube presence.

Reddit updates

Reddit update:

Reddit announced that its audio product, Reddit Talk, now has a desktop versionReddit’s audio experience, Reddit Talk, is now accessible on a desktop. Users can listen to talks, create talks, and more. Although the company is excited about the expansion, they’re making moderation a priority early to ensure users remain safe using the feature.

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