An unprecedented civil rights movement is sweeping the globe, and if you’re like me, you may be looking for a little R&R one day and the next tracking down ways to get involved. Whether you’re looking for ways to boost your freelance career, get support, or give back to the black community, here’s a list of organizations and resources to get you started.


1. #blkcreatives

Pronounced “hashtag Black Creatives,” #blkcreatives strives to empower and inspire black creatives of every variety. If you’re a writer looking to sharpen your pen or a social media guru searching for your next client, #blkcreatives provides you with the tools and resources to do so. They offer a designated job board and blog and host monthly Twitter chats (@blkcreatives) where they offer support and strategies to strengthen and grow your career.

Black Futures Lab

2. Black Futures Lab

Black Futures Lab works non-stop to engage and activate black voters in their local communities in an effort to increase the visibility of black issues, and build political power in underserved areas. Through both traditional and innovative organizing methods, they encourage voter participation and provide education on pressing topics facing each and every black community.

National Association of Black Journalists

3. National Association of Black Journalists

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) was founded in 1975 and is the longest-standing organization for black journalists, media, and communications professionals in the country. Their goal is simple and their message is widespread: to advocate and provide opportunities and services to black journalists.

To do this, they partner with recruiters at the top media outlets in the nation, including CNN, The New York Times, and Gannett Corporation. Not only do they host yearly conventions and career fairs, but they also have an abundance of dedicated resources that you can access directly from their website, including scholarship applications, and more recently, a COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Therapy for Black Girls

4. Therapy for Black Girls

Therapy for Black Girls, or TFBG, is making remarkable strides in providing mental health resources for black women everywhere. They gained national recognition after they were featured in an Oprah Magazine article detailing the woes and biases that women face when seeking therapy. TFBG’s mission is to not only remedy common stigmas associated with mental health but to provide black patients with therapists who are culturally conscious and empathetic. Their Instagram also provides therapeutic, community-driven bliss.

Black Mental Health Alliance

5. Black Mental Health Alliance

Providing quality mental health services is at the forefront of many black organizations and non-profits. Black Mental Health Alliance (BMHA) positions themselves as advocates for not only mental health but the whole health of every individual within the black community. By partnering with clinicians, schools, and other community groups, BMHA works to provide resources ranging from therapy to summer camps for kids. They also offer training to help educate parents and children alike on the psychological toll of prejudice and systemic racism and how to overcome them in their own communities.

Official Black Wall Street

6. Official Black Wall Street

Official Black Wall Street (BWS) is gaining traction and has become the most reliable and largest platform for black-owned businesses in the US. You can search and bookmark businesses within their directory or list your own and communicate directly with potential customers and offer daily deals. Touting over 1 million users it’s a great way to gain exposure, and as they put it themselves, secure the bag.

Other Ways to Get Involved:

Signing petitions and donating time or money is a great way to signal your support of black causes and organizations. If you’re on the front lines peacefully protesting, be sure to check out these guidelines on staying safe and protected. If you’re looking for additional ways to get involved, check out other great organizations that can help you raise your voice and increase your impact in the ongoing pursuit for equity and equality.

Additional Mental Health, Community, and Advocacy Resources:

General resources: