Are you ready to make a move to outsourcing your content? Bringing in a managed content production team of professional writers, editors, and strategists can take your marketing to a new level. But how do you find someone you can trust with your brand identity?

There are two main ways to outsource your content: through a content marketing agency or a content production service. Both have pros and cons, but which is right for your business?

To make that decision, you’ll need to understand what services each one provides and how they differ.

What is managed content production?

What is managed content production?

Managed content production oversees critical aspects of content creation for a company or brand. This process includes planning, creating, and editing high-quality content.

A managed content partner usually works with a vast number of freelance writers who collaborate with editors and marketing professionals to create unique, practical, high-quality content.

The team can audit your existing content and help you create content marketing and keyword strategies.

Why work with a managed content solution?

By working with a managed content production partner, brands can draw on that extensive network of content creators to save time and resources and ensure they have a consistent flow of content to drive their business.

With a managed content solution, the partner manages your team of freelance creators and handles ideation, production workflows, editing, and quality control for you. You can be as involved in the process as you’d like. Or you can focus on other tasks and let the team operate on its own.

A managed content team might produce any or all of the following types of content to fit your strategy:

A content partner like ClearVoice lets you scale your content in whatever way works best for you. For example, we can connect you directly with freelance writers and editors who can work under your direct supervision to implement your content strategy.

Long-term benefits of outsourced content production

Over time, your managed team can produce a library of professionally written content organized around your keyword strategy and the interests of your target audience. A rich content ecosystem establishes your company as a thought leader in your field — the kind of visionary expert that others in your industry turn to for ideas and deep knowledge.

So, that’s what a managed content production firm can do for your business. But what does a content marketing agency do? And how is it different?

What is a content marketing agency?

What is a content marketing agency?

Like a content production firm, an agency produces a variety of content for clients, usually using staff writers, a small stable of freelancers, or AI-generated content.

However, agencies typically involve themselves more deeply in distribution, tracking metrics, and producing content. So while a managed team is laser-focused on expanding your content library, an agency also tracks metrics on growth and conversions and monitors the tech side of the equation.

Some content agencies also offer various other services, including web design and social media marketing, which further diffuses their focus and expertise.

Many businesses choose a managed production solution over an agency because they want to focus entirely on producing quality content. But there are other benefits as well.

Managed Content Production vs. Content Marketing Agency?

Managed content production vs. content marketing agency

A managed content partner focuses entirely on creating engaging content that appeals to your target audience. They connect you with highly skilled writers and industry experts who have experience in your industry. Those writers work with a team of editors and content marketing specialists to scale and adapt your content quickly.

In contrast, an agency may bring some of these skills to the table, but its focus is usually on cost-effective content production, distribution, and measurement metrics – not necessarily on producing high-quality content from industry experts. While some agencies make quality content, others focus on quantity over quality and use inexperienced writers or AI to publish poor-quality content.

How to choose the right managed content production service

When selecting a managed content production service for your business, there are many factors to consider. Some of the most important considerations include budget, timeline, and expertise.

Evaluate your budget

To start, it is vital to evaluate your company’s budget. This will help you determine the level of support you can afford and the scope of services within your means.

Define your timeline

Next, you should consider your project’s timeline. Do you need a quick turnaround time, or will you have more flexibility with deadlines? Are you working on a long-term project? Scaling your current content operations?

Understand your writer needs

Finally, it is essential to consider the level of expertise different content partners provide. Do they offer specialized services that would be valuable to your business needs? Are they able to produce content in multiple formats or languages? By considering all these factors, you can find the perfect managed content production service for your business needs.

Simplify your content creation

In short, a managed content production team is entirely dedicated to producing high-quality content that meets your long-term goals. At the same time, an agency has a broader focus and is sometimes more concerned with quantity than quality.

Managed content production can be an excellent solution for businesses that want more control over their content marketing efforts and budgets. When done right, it can save you money and help you produce high-quality content consistently.

If you think managed content production might be right for your business, we’d love to chat about your specific needs and see if we’re a good fit. Reach out to a content specialist today and find out what we can do for your brand.