We’re coming up on the end of the year and you know what that means. It’s time to talk about the top blog trends heading into 2024.

But before we do, there are always a few constants to keep in mind with your blog content.

Blogs must be high-quality and deliberate. It’s essential that they are crafted to convert into lead-generating assets that inform your audience and keep them engaged. Also, identifying what has worked and hasn’t worked on your blog will help you create the most effective content for your business.

Bottom line, it’s essential to keep your blog marketing strategy adaptable to the shifting landscape. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top blog trends for 2024 to ensure you and your company stay up-to-date.

Blog trends from 2022 that are here to stay

Blog trends that are here to stay

There are a few effective strategies that continue to stick around in blog creation. Here’s a list of some key trends that have remained constant:

1. Mobile remains a priority

Whether it’s Facebook news articles or swipe-up blogs via Instagram, smartphone users constantly browse the web on their phones. Creating mobile-friendly digital content, including blogs, websites, and videos, is critical. A pixelated or cut-off article is not something anyone wants to read or deal with.

The risk of readers logging off before reading your content increases if you don’t have mobile optimization in place. According to a study by Small Biz Genius, 88% of U.S. consumers will not return to a website after having a poor experience.

2. Use of affiliate marketing

In 2023, affiliate marketing continued to play an important role in blogging trends. Although this trend has been around for a while, many blogs still aim to earn commissions by promoting other companies’ products.

One of the main reasons why affiliate marketing is likely to continue is because of the growing use of voice and virtual search (more on that down below).

By utilizing essential SEO techniques within the blog’s content, consumers can find relevant content through their searches. Blog writers who take advantage of this trend with their content can earn affiliate commissions through their blogs.

3. SEO continues to thrive

Speaking of SEO, roughly 29% of marketers use a website with an SEO-optimized blog to attract and convert leads. And, 88% of companies will increase or maintain their investments in SEO due to its return on investment (ROI) and effectiveness.

SEO-optimized content creates a good user experience. And since the latest Google algorithm update favors helpful content above all else, a good user experience on blogs is essential. Marketers can create a successful blog by combining their SEO strategy with providing valuable and helpful.

4. Voice search

Told you we’d talk about voice search more.

Marketers increasingly use search engine optimization (SEO) through voice search. While these digital assistants can answer simple questions, like “What’s the weather like in Buffalo?” they can also answer more specific questions, like “What restaurants nearby are gluten-free?”

Information is being framed differently by businesses as a response. Question-and-answer formats are becoming more conversational to answer readers’ questions based on intent. Using voice search, consumers get more accurate, high-quality results faster. Any content marketing strategy should keep voice search in mind when creating their blog content.

New blog trends for 2024

Marketing professionals are leveraging a number of blog trends in their strategies at the moment. But there are a couple of blog trends that have emerged out of the 2023 landscape and risen above the rest. These are the top blog trends heading into 2024.

1. AI-powered blog creation

If you’re in the content marketing space, it almost goes without saying that AI is the number one trend across the entire industry. And that includes blog creation. Already, more than 80% of industry experts use AI in their marketing activities.

AI-powered tools have become sophisticated enough to support various aspects of blog creation. They can ideate topics, generate outlines and briefs, and even create the first draft of an entire article.

While AI doesn’t replace the personal touch and creativity of a human writer, it can streamline your blog creation’s efficiency and improve production.

2. Hyper-personalized content

In this day and age, it’s all about the customer journey. And customers’ expectations are higher than ever. 66% of customers expect companies to understand their needs. And 86% will leave a brand after a poor experience.

For brands to truly stand out, they need to deliver blog content that speaks directly to their audience’s unique needs. In order to do that, your blogs need to be crafted to resonate with the reader’s pain points and desires.

By crafting hyper-personalized content that emotionally engages with your audience, you ensure your brand fosters a long-lasting trust and connection with your target audience.

3. Visual content continues to dominate

A blog trends list is not complete without mentioning visual content. Adding attention-grabbing visuals to your articles enhances your brand’s visibility and leaves a long-lasting impression on your audience. According to a recent study, people remember 65% of the visual content that they see up to three days later. That’s compared to 10% when it comes to just written content.

Visual content also lets readers scan through content faster than reading it from beginning to end. Only about 16% of people read online content word for word. Most scan content to find the information they need. Including strong visuals in your blog will assist readers in scanning and remembering your content, while also emphasizing the more important information within it.

4. Emphasizing your brand’s mission and values

Finally, consumers are placing a greater importance on a brand’s values and social responsibility. A recent study by Google Cloud found that 82% of customers want a brand’s values to align with theirs. And that same study found that 75% of those customers would leave a brand over conflicting values.

That means if you want your blogs to emotionally connect with your audience, it’s essential to weave your brand values into the storytelling. By highlighting your commitment to social sustainability and bettering the world, you’ll forge an immediate connection with your specific clientele.

Need help incorporating blog trends?

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