Video marketing gets most of the glory, but there’s another effective marketing channel lurking in the shadows – podcasting.

With the total number of podcast listeners projected to reach 504.9 million this year, it’s far past being an alternative marketing strategy.

But is podcasting really marketing?

In this article, we’ll dive deep into that question, explaining why it’s an effective marketing strategy and how you can incorporate it for your specific business to drive growth and success.

What is podcast marketing?

What is podcast marketing?

Podcast marketing is centered on engaging and expanding your audience through high-quality, valuable audio content. It’s a less traditional medium, but with that comes a unique opportunity to increase your brand awareness and connect with your audience on a more personal level

The best podcasts have:

  • Great sound quality
  • A clear purpose and theme
  • Relevant topics
  • Dynamic hosts and guests
  • Consistency and strategic distribution

Why is podcast marketing an effective addition to your content strategy?

Podcasts are built for the modern consumer. They’re one of the most convenient and accessible types of content out there – people listen to podcasts constantly – like during their commute, while they work, when they’re running errands, and even before bed.

Podcasts also support goals designed for your existing audience and new audiences simultaneously. They keep your brand and content fresh by engaging with your existing audience in a new format and they can attract potential new listeners who prefer audio content.

Plus, if you’re trying to enhance your content’s lifespan and reach, podcasts are ripe for repurposing. How? Here’s just a few ways:

  • Take audio from your existing video content and transform it into a podcast episode.
  • Video record your podcast and then distribute it on places like YouTube.
  • Turn key insights from a blog post into a podcast by recording a narration.
  • Have transcription made of your podcast episodes to create blog posts.

Bottom line, podcast marketing can diversify your content strategy while fortifying your brand’s presence on multiple platforms (which will make your content distribution strategy happy).

You just have to make sure it’s implemented properly.


How can you use podcast marketing for your business?

How can you use podcast marketing for your business?

There’s two words that come to mind when thinking about how podcast marketing can drive your business’s bottom line – advertising and collaboration.

A podcast can work as both a promotional tool and a potential revenue stream.  Not only does a podcast advertise your own services or products, if it becomes successful enough, other brands will pay to advertise on your podcast.

Another asset of podcasting is its ability to cross-promote collaborations. When you are being interviewed on podcasts and when you have guests on your podcast both of you get the benefit of each other’s audiences. Look for guests who can teach your audience something and have a complementary business to yours. They will likely share with their audience and you receive a wider reach.

Are you convinced that podcasting would be a great channel to expand your content marketing? But how do you get started and grow?

What should you think about when starting your podcast?

To get started, figure out how you will record your podcast and what technology you will need. That means microphones, soundproofing, audio interfaces, and other recording equipment. Then you’ll need to choose a podcast platform, such as Buzzsprout or Spotify. Choose a name for your show and decide on an ideal episode length.

You want to post often enough to keep your audience engaged but not over-commit. It’s better to podcast less and be consistent than upload randomly. You need to consider editing time, too.

Get a professional to design your podcast artwork. This is important because your artwork is the first impression your podcast makes before anyone ever listens to an episode. A professional designer can make sure the artwork is clear and engaging even on a smaller smart device.

What do you include in a podcast content strategy?

What do you include in a podcast content strategy?

When it comes to growing your podcast audience there are three main areas of focus:

  • Your website
  • Social media platforms
  • Your email list

You can also seek out online communities in your niche to share your podcast episodes.

As for the content, remember the content golden rule: Provide value.

A great podcast marketing strategy should include a workflow of how to record your podcast, edit it, and how you will upload it. Batch processing can also be helpful if you have a busy schedule. It will also help you stay consistent.

Your strategy should also include the distribution channels you will use. Decide and track how you will find and invite guests on your show, and also how you will make yourself available as a guest on other podcasts.

You may also need a monetization plan. If you are using your podcast to share other aspects of your business this may not be necessary. But if you plan to make money from your podcast you will need to figure out how to share your products and services or search for relevant advertisers to work with.

Not all podcasts need a script, or even an outline. However, having a script will keep you on track and make sure you are sharing what your audience is waiting to hear. A script is important especially if you are just getting started. A expert freelance writer can help.

Another part of your podcast strategy is to focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can help search engines find your podcast by using relevant keyword phrases in:

  • Your titles
  • Podcast descriptions
  • Episode descriptions
  • Show notes
  • Any other places where you are sharing about the episodes

Once you are up and running and have a few episodes completed, you can create a media kit. This will ensure that you are ready to reach out to press outlets. You can also share it with the host when you are a guest on other podcasts. Don’t forget to share internally. If you are a mid-size to more prominent corporate brand make sure you are sharing podcast episodes with the company and all your teams.

Share, share, share. Make sure you add a tab on your website that shares your podcast. Add it to your email signature and send episodes to your email list. Just like there are RSS feeds for blog posts, you can find podcast directories that you can ping too.

Keep a check on your analytics, comments, and feedback so you know what is landing well with your audience.

It's all about quality and distribution

Power Up Your Podcasting

Regardless of whether you’re integrating a new podcasting strategy or revamping an old one, one thing remains the same – you need great content. And if you’re looking for help creating great content, you’ll want to partner with a great content agency. That’s where we have you covered. Talk to one of our content specialists today to see how we can take your content creation to the next level and maximize your impact.