When it comes to content marketing, publishing content is half the battle. Understanding the latest blog trends, content marketing trends, and more is critical to success.

Your content must be high-quality and deliberate. And it’s essential that it converts into lead-generating assets for your business that informs your audience and keeps them engaged. Each year content blog trends will either remain the same or shift to new avenues.

Identifying what has worked and hasn’t worked on your blog will help you create the most effective content for your business.

Your content marketing strategy must be adaptable and flexible based on data.

Trends from 2022 that are here to stay

Key trends have emerged and even continued from 2021 through 2022 in the blogging world. Here is a list that is likely here to stay for 2023 and beyond:

1. Visual content will remain key

A blog trends list is not complete without mentioning visual content. According to readers, they will likely remember 65% of it three days after seeing visual content. This is a great way to enhance your brand’s visibility and retain an audience.

Visual content lets readers scan through content faster than reading it from beginning to end. Only about 16% of people read online content word for word. Others scan content to find the information they need.

Visuals will assist readers in scanning and remembering your content. They also help to emphasize the more important information in your content.

2. Use of affiliate marketing

In 2023, affiliate marketing will continue to play an important role in blogging trends. Although this trend has been around for a while, many blogs still aim to earn commissions by promoting other companies’ products.

One of the main reasons why affiliate marketing is likely to be a trend through 2023 is because of the use of voice and virtual search. The use of this search technique is growing among digital consumers.

By utilizing essential SEO techniques within the blog’s content, consumers can find relevant content through their searches. Blog writers who take advantage of this trend with their content can earn affiliate commissions through their blogs.

3. Mobile first will remain a priority

It’s not uncommon for blog trends to come and go but having mobile-first formatting will endure. The majority of people nowadays read online content on their phones.

Smartphone users constantly browse the web on their phones, whether it’s Facebook news articles or swipe-up blogs via Instagram. Creating mobile-friendly digital content, including blogs, websites, and videos, is critical. A pixelated or cut-off article is not something anyone wants to read or deal with.

The risk of readers logging off before reading your content increases if you don’t have mobile optimization in place. According to a study by Small Biz Genius, 88% of U.S. consumers will not return to a website after having a poor experience.

4. SEO for websites continues to thrive

Roughly 29% of marketers use a website with an SEO-optimized blog to attract and convert leads. In 2023, 88% of companies will increase or maintain their investments in SEO due to its return on investment (ROI) and effectiveness.

SEO-optimized content creates a good user experience.

Since the latest Google algorithm update favors helpful content above all else, a good user experience on blogs is essential. Marketers can create a successful blog by combining their SEO strategy with providing valuable and helpful. However, keyword-stuffing blog content for SEO will no longer get results.

New blog trends for 2023

Marketing professionals are leveraging the following trends in their marketing strategies at the moment:

  • Short-form video
  • Content that reflects the brand’s mission and values
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Social media direct messages to help resolve issues with customers
  • Search engine optimization
  • Mobile messaging
  • Social apps
  • Influencer marketing

1. 2023 will be the year of short-form video

A third of marketers use short-form videos. Not only is it effective, but it has the highest ROI in terms of content. It’s also the most popular trend with marketers.

Additionally, marketers plan to invest more in short-form video than any other trend in 2023.

About 86% of marketers say that video is more important to their business than compared to last year. In 2023, 90% of marketers plan to increase or maintain their short-form video investment. Plus, 21% intend to use short-form videos for the first time.

2. Influencer-brand relationships that last

Word-of-mouth advertising has been one of the most successful marketing strategies in history. The likelihood of people trying a product or service is higher if a friend or family member recommends it.

Influencer marketing involves collaborating with individuals with a specific niche and large following online to advertise a brand.

There is a substantial value placed on trust among audiences. If there is an influencer they follow that they deem trustworthy, this could be the beginning of a brand-influencer partnership. This can help grow brands and businesses.

Marketers create content that reflects their beliefs and brand values. Among trends, it has the fifth-highest ROI and will grow in 2023.

3. Data will be the key for marketers in 2023

Using data to inform marketing strategy offers several advantages, such as allowing them to reach their target audience more efficiently. It also allows the opportunity to create more effective blog content. Marketers can use data to help understand which marketing strategies work best, increasing the ROI of their efforts. This can help prove that their marketing efforts are worthwhile.

4. SEO incorporating voice search

Marketers increasingly utilize search engine optimization (SEO) through voice search. While these digital assistants can answer simple questions, like “What’s the weather like in Buffalo?” they can also answer more specific questions, like “What restaurants nearby are gluten-free?”

Information is being framed differently by businesses as a response. Question-and-answer formats are becoming more conversational to answer readers’ questions based on intent. Using voice search, consumers will get more accurate, high-quality results faster.

Get ready for 2023

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