If you’re like us, you can hardly believe we are already wrapping up Q1 of 2022. Consider this your warning that if you had marketing goals to accomplish, products to launch, or proposals to deliver this quarter, now is the time to get moving. If you are looking for inspiration, consider some of this month’s top marketing trends.

Digital marketing trends:

Digital marketing trends:


Jack in the Box mocks McDonald’s with McBroken.com.

Obviously, dear reader, you only dine at the finest restaurants and would never (gasp) eat at McDonald’s. No, not even when you are working on a late-night project or when you need to grab a quick bite between meetings. However, for the rest of us less sophisticated restaurant patrons, it is a poorly kept secret that McDonald’s ice cream machines seem to constantly be broken.

Jack in the Box has picked up on this seemingly frequent problem and has contracted to run banner ads throughout the month of March on McBroken.com — a site that helps customers (again, not you, of course) know if their local McDonald’s ice cream machine is operational. Jack in the Box is specifically trying to raise awareness of its Oreo cookie mint shake while McDonald’s actively promotes its shamrock shake.

B2C marketing trends:

B2C marketing trends:

Brands are trademarking their names, products in the metaverse.

A handful of forward-thinking brands have jumped into the metaverse with both feet to ensure they are able to protect their brand name and products in the metaverse. A few examples of brands who have trademarked their names and products or have taken other significant measures in recent weeks include:

  • Nike sued StockX, alleging the company is selling unauthorized images of their shoes.
  • Walmart has filed 27 NFT-associated trademark requests since December 2021.
  • L’Oréal has requested to trademark cosmetics that would be sold to virtual avatars.

B2B marketing trends

B2B marketing trends:

The Drum Predictions 2022 Festival discusses B2B marketing trends that will change how you develop content.

At “The Drum Predictions 2022 Festival,” the discussion of the evolution of B2B marketing took center stage during a conversation featuring top B2B marketers. Anamika Gupta and Simon McAvoy discussed how customer expectations have skyrocketed as the workplace continues to transform. Both speakers discussed how a greater commitment to personalization is a “must-have” rather than a “nice to have.” Likewise, Gupta shared how the development of bite-sized content — rather than long white papers — has permeated the B2B world just as it has B2C efforts.

Social media marketing trends

Social media marketing trends:

Logitech embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion in influencer marketing.

After learning that Black creators may not have received due credit for helping develop some of the viral dances on TikTok, Logitech developed the #Creators4BIPOC campaign to showcase creators who were not getting credit for their work. Logitech partnered with choreographer JaQuel Knight to identify several TikTok choreographers. Once these choreographers were identified, Logitech helped them to copyright their moves. Similar Logitech initiatives have moved to other brand social channels, as well — including Instagram and YouTube.