What Would a National TikTok Ban Mean for Content Marketers?

National TikTok Ban

TikTok has been taking over the nation with addictive short-form videos of everything from dancing to incredibly niche philosophical jokes. But some regulators in the United States fear it’s taking over more than our attention spans. Most of the hubbub over TikTok concerns its data privacy policies and fears that it could be used by […]

Thought Leadership Content: How to Establish Authority in Your Industry

Thought Leadership Content

The internet is full of SEO content written for bots, not people. Most SEO content doesn’t get shared on social media. It’s not getting engagement on LinkedIn. And sometimes it’s never read by anyone at all. Thought leadership content is user-specific content designed to be helpful and informative. This content stands out, drives engagement, and […]

The Future of SEO: Search Marketing Trends for 2023 and Beyond

The Future of SEO

Nothing gets the internet talking more than an apocalypse. So it’s no surprise that every year, some pundit say SEO is over. With the rise in AI programs, voice search, and an ever-evolving SERP, it’s hard to know what the future of SEO looks like. We’ve gathered a few theories about future SEO trends to […]

The History of the Google Algorithm

History of the Google Algorithm

When Google arrived on the scene, it changed the way people used the internet forever. Since that time, the search engine evolved to help make access to the internet easier. As such, the Google algorithm history consists of ongoing tweaks and changes. The goal? To ensure high-quality user information, while avoiding spammy content. This article […]

Should Freelancers Charge Per Hour, Per Word, or Per Project?

Freelancers Charging

What’s an hour worth to you? Valuing your skill and time can be challenging. Plus, placing a dollar value on a piece of work always seems stressful. However, if you’re new to freelancing, determining your rate is an important first step. Most freelance writers choose to bill by the hour, the word, or per project. […]

Tax Forms For Your Freelancers

Tax Forms For Your Freelancers

Benjamin Franklin once said that nothing is guaranteed in this life except for death and taxes. So, setting your organization up for success with the appropriate freelance documentation is sure to help every year. Freelancers come with many benefits, and one of the biggest is decreased personnel costs. This is because contract employees don’t require the same tax […]

B2B Content Marketing Statistics and What They Mean

B2B Content Marketing Statistics

Looking down the barrel of a business-to-business (B2B) content marketing plan can be stressful. At a glance, there are no million click searches, no natural content funnel, and no magic conversion formula (“thanks for reading the blog, please sign a six figure contract” doesn’t exactly work.) But when you get it right, B2B content marketing […]

The Real Costs of Making Content In-House

Costs of Making Content In-House

One of the major draws of content marketing is the cost—in theory, you put a couple of great pieces of content together and they bring in web traffic, email signups, and conversions for years to come. It seems like a great deal, especially when compared to other digital marketing channels where you pay by the […]

How to Make a Case Study that Converts

How to Make a Case Study that Converts

Case studies are a vital part of many marketing campaigns, providing concrete examples of how your business helps users. When carefully crafted, a case study becomes a cornerstone of your decision-stage content marketing strategy—creating leads, deals, and conversions. Unfortunately, many case studies lack structure, data, and clarity—leading to a time-intensive piece of content that ultimately yields […]

Zero-Click Searches: How to Optimize for Featured Snippets

Zero-Click Searches

  Long ago, a Google search yielded 10 links to helpful websites—that’s it. But now, any given search can turn up featured snippets and knowledge graphs answering the query. Additionally, a “people also ask” section now provides context and seemingly endless ads. As a result, more searchers are finding answers without making a single click. […]