A new year has come, and along with it, new opportunities, new lessons, and new content marketing trends and examples. Listen, we know 2021 was rough (yeah, 2020 was, too); but it’s a new year, friends — and we’ve got tons of optimism to go around (forces smile). So, let’s get on with learning together about how to make our 2022 marketing efforts stellar.


Digital Marketing TrendsDigital marketing trends:

Forever 21 jumps into the metaverse with virtual fashion stores on Roblox.

Forever 21 online store Roblox

Forever 21 consumers now have the opportunity to engage with one another and with the brand itself in new ways thanks to the company’s digital dive into the metaverse with an exclusive partnership with the gaming platform Roblox. Digital fashionistas can visit the “Forever 21 Shop City” and spend time in one of four districts related to entertainment, an obstacle course, a food court, and the yellow carpet. The brand hopes its foray into this new digital sphere will allow it to gamify fashion and build brand affinity among existing and potential new customers.


B2C Marketing Trends

B2C marketing trends:

Coca-Cola seeks new way to connect with consumers on TikTok.

If your brand still hasn’t quite figured out what to do (if anything) with TikTok, you may not be as far behind others as you might think. In fact, Coca-Cola U.S. has just started its efforts to connect with consumers on the digital platform. The company launched its presence by partnering with musical artist Khalid and sponsoring a hashtag challenge in which people use one of Khalid’s new songs to #SharetheMagic to show whatever their special talent is.


B2B Marketing Trends

B2B marketing trends:

Webbiquity recommends 5 trends for B2B brands to try out in 2022.

If your B2B marketing efforts have gotten flat or just need a little boost, you may want to try out one or more of these five B2B trends recommended by Webbiquity for the new year.

  1. Be real. Make sure your B2B marketing efforts look, sound, and feel like they are being driven by a person — not a faceless, unemotional brand.
  2. Send samples. Send samples or codes or whatever else it is that you have to give to prospective partner brands you are targeting.
  3. Remember direct mail. Pardon the old-school tactic reference, but just because an idea is old, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Studies show direct mail is still an effective B2B marketing tactic.
  4. Give awards. Holding your own awards night or awards contest and encouraging brands to submit entries or attend a gala can help foster relationships and leads.
  5. Point traffic to prospects. Don’t be afraid to link to a prospect’s webpage in a blog, email, or social media post. The brand you are targeting will likely take notice.

Social Media Marketing Trends

Social media marketing trends:

2022 IG Trend Report

Instagram provides 2022 predictive trends report.

Instagram has provided marketers and creators with its first-ever Instagram Trend Report. The social media company says this new report is driven by Gen-Z to detail what the culture-shaping trends will be in 2022. The report details upcoming trends in areas related to food, memes, fashion, beauty, and wellness.