What inspires you and sparks your creativity? Perhaps exploring new museums around the world or visiting libraries that offer an endless trove of ideas, or maybe it’s traveling to places unknown and seeing things from a different perspective. If you’re like me, inspiration can strike while doing something as simple as scrolling through my Instagram feed from the comfort of my own home.

According to eMarketer, Instagram will reach 112.5 million U.S. users in 2020. That is a whole lot of Instagram profiles to scroll through for a little motivation. Luckily, I have narrowed down 10 of the most eye-opening, thought-provoking, and just stunning profiles to spare you hours of scrolling through literally millions of photos.

Here are 10 Instagram accounts writers should follow:

1. Self-discovery, growth, and empowerment

Author of ‘Milk and Honey’ and ‘The Sun and Her Flowers,’ Rupi Kaur shares pages of her work on her Instagram, while sprinkling in photos of herself. With stunning imagery, this profile is simple yet powerful. Rupi’s content includes self-discovery, growth, and empowerment.

2. Moody vibes with sepia tones

As you scroll through R.H Sin’s profile, you will undoubtedly feel uplifted by his photography, words, and perspective. He welcomes you into his family and the way he sees the world.

3. Different perspectives on love

Through memes, pop culture, and pieces of her own writing, Marie Jo Schwarz’s Instagram profile will have you longing for the truly meaningful experiences that life has to offer.

4. Good books and adorable dogs

Not only does Alexandra Bracken’s Instagram feature her adorable dog Alfred, Lord Tennyson, (named after one of her favorite poets), but her beautiful book layouts will remind you to dive into your favorite book.

5. A writer and a fashionista

Julie Murphy’s quirky sense of style and playful photos are sure to bring a smile to your face. Her cute #WOTD (Wardrobe of the Day) posts, as well as her day to day festivities, spark adventure and coziness.

6. Thoughts illustrated on paper

The TypeWriter Daily features paper journals and motivational words that send a powerful message. This Instagram profile will make you want to doodle, draw, write, and express yourself.

7. Post after post of beautiful poetry

Simple, powerful, and moving. Poets is a no-brainer to follow if you love poetry.

8. Book on books on books

This is a great profile to read if you are looking for book recommendations. Folded Pages Distillery offers not only vibrant #Bookstagram layouts but also in-depth reviews of the books featured in each photo.

9. Go ahead and judge a book by its cover

On Book Bento’s Instagram account, each post features colorful books laid out from a perfect overhead view. Each photo is so dreamy and perfectly curated.

10. Real people, real stories

Humans of New York is an incredible profile that shares a quick personal story of someone you’ve never met.

Ignite your creativity

These are just a few of the many Instagram profiles that can help ignite your creativity. Try searching through Instagram tags (#BooksofInstagram, #Poetry, #Authors) to sort through a curated selection of posts to help you discover what tickles your fancy.

Whether it’s people, books, stories, art, or poetry, follow these Instagram profiles to get your creative juices flowing!