Sometimes looking at exemplary CTA examples is all it takes to inspire your own persuasive calls to action.

Whether it’s driving purchases, newsletter subscriptions, ebook downloads, or free trial signups, the ultimate goal of any marketing copy is to convert.

While persuasive copy and enticing offers will do the trick, you also need a compelling call to action to seal the deal. That’s why we decided to share a list of some awesome CTA examples to help you get those clicks.

What is a call to action? 40 cta examples

What is a call to action?

A call to action (CTA) or call for action refers to the prompt that invites the audience to take a desired action, such as buying something, downloading something, or signing up for a newsletter. You can find it on a webpage, ad, or even a piece of content.

What is a call to action in writing?

In writing, a call to action is a piece of copy or a statement that tells the audience what to do. A well-written CTA is persuasive enough to inspire the audience to take the desired action. It typically includes transaction keywords such as “buy” or “discount” to target people who are on the verge of converting. As such, it has the power to drive conversions and subsequently boost your bottom line.

What is a call to action in marketing?

In marketing, a call to action prompts the audience to take action that ultimately helps you achieve your campaign goal. It involves strategic placement and design, as well as powerful copy that aligns with your campaign.

40 CTA examples to inspire you

A strong call to action can help you get more leads, email subscribers, and sales. Check out the 40 great call-to-action examples below.

1. Aesop – Discover supportive skincare

CTA examples

Aesop is a vegan and sustainable brand that takes an informed approach to skin care. By inviting the audience to “discover supportive skin care,” it offers a promise that Aesop’s products will support their unique skin needs.

2. BarkBox – Claim offer

Simple and straightforward, this call to action keeps it brief by encouraging the audience to claim their offer. It clearly highlights how there’s a reward (the offer) waiting for them if they take that action.

3. Bazaarvoice – Calculate your ROI

This call to action tells the audience what action they can take even if they’re not ready to start using Bazaarvoice. By encouraging people to calculate their ROI on user-generated content, the brand is slowly establishing the value of their product.

4. BigCommerce – Let’s go!

Speaking of simple CTA examples, BigCommerce keeps it short yet exciting with this call to action. By using “let’s,” the brand implies they’re with the customer on their journey.

5. BUXOM – Find your shade

Buxom cosmetics CTA examples

This CTA encourages customers to start using BUXOM lip products by finding their shade. It speaks for the brand’s expansive shade options and how there’s a perfect shade for everyone.

6. Cisco – Explore hybrid work

Cisco tries to promote their various hybrid work solutions by inviting the audience to “explore hybrid work.” It’s simple and straightforward with just the right dose of enticing.

7. ClearVoice – Start my content plan

We made it on our own list — not because we’re biased but because of this winning call to action. It puts the focus on the audience and states exactly what they get when they click on the button: a content plan.

8. Constant Contact – Start your free month

constant contact cta examples

This call to action explicitly highlights what people are signing up for. It uses a power word like “free” to make the offer more enticing.

9. Dame – Apply discount

Who doesn’t love discounts? Dame taps into this desire with a call to action that focuses on the discount factor.

10. Disruptive Advertising – Get audit

Disruptive Advertising establishes the value of an audit by highlighting the amount of wasted ad spend. They then follow with a call to action, inviting people to get an audit.

11. Everflow – See in action

everflow cta examples

For visitors who aren’t yet ready to book a demo, Everflow gives the option to see the platform in action. It’s authoritative and direct, in addition to using action words like “see.”

12. Fenty Beauty – Don’t Miss Out

Fenty Beauty includes a call to action that matches the copy. They imply that the product sells out fast and then encourage shoppers to not “miss out” on a chance to buy it.

13. Fenty Beauty – Swipe Right

Fenty Beauty makes another appearance with a creative CTA that aligns with the promo copy. The copy promotes a combo of two products and calls it “Couple Goalz,” then they follow up by encouraging shoppers to “swipe right.”

14. Glossier – Get glowing

Like Fenty, Glossier matches their CTA to the product they’re promoting. They encourage customers to “get glowing” by getting a free Futuredew—a product for dewy, all-day glow.

15. Hawthorne – Get yours

Hawthorne promotes their tailored personal care products by inviting people to get products as unique as they are. The use of “yours” gives an implication of the products being personal to the customer.

16. Hersheypark – Yes, I want a free ticket

hersheypark cta examples

Hersheypark uses power words like “free” and capitalizes it in this CTA so the main focus can be on the promise of a free ticket.

17. Hootsuite – Start your free 30-day trial

Hootsuite gets very specific with this CTA, clearly highlighting the benefits—it’s free, and it lasts for 30 whole days. This minimizes the risk of confusion while showing the audience exactly what they can get.

18. Laura Mercier – Yes please

Next up on our list of CTA examples is this enticing promo offer. This Laura Mercier CTA is an answer to the question of whether you want 15 percent off on your first order. It’s short and sweet while directly aligning with the rest of the copy.

19. Loomly – See the features they love

Loomly brings social proof into the game by highlighting the biggest brand names they’ve worked with. They then write a call to action inviting the audience to see the Loomly features these brands love.

20. Lumin – Build your routine

lumin cta examples

Lumin invites shoppers to start building their routines. Words like “build” establish the power customers have over their own skincare routine.

21. Make a Living Writing – Find my time

This CTA encourages freelancers to find a time that works for them. It gives the implication there’s flexibility to accommodate their schedule.

22. Marine Layer – Get your butt in these

CTA examples can be funny, and this humorous take proves it. Marine Layer keeps it fun and down to earth with this call to action. In addition to being actionable, this CTA aligns with the brand’s casual and friendly personality.

23. Missinglettr – Start growing my brand

This call to action explicitly states the benefit that customers can enjoy—growing their brand, which could compel them to take the desired action.

24. Moosend – Get started for free

This CTA is simple and straight to the point. It also makes use of power words like “free,” along with action phrases like “get started” for a compelling invitation.

25. NordVPN – Choose your plan

nordvpn cta examples

For this call to action, NordVPN establishes that there are different plans to choose from. This could encourage many visitors to explore the different plans before they’re ready for a final decision.

26. Pact – Gimme 20% off

Pact keeps their CTA casual and conversational to relate to their audience. They also specifically highlight the offer (20 percent off) to make it even more compelling.

27. PupBox – Go fetch your box

CTA examples can be adorable and compelling. This call-to-action copy uses words like “fetch,” speaking to a community of dog parents. Plus, it’s actionable and direct, which adds to the appeal.

28. Refersion – Try free for 14 days

refersion cta examples

Like the Hootsuite example above, this CTA clearly highlights the offer (try free) and the length of the offer (14 days).

29. Revolve – Get my coupon

In this call to action, Revolve focuses on the reward in store i.e., a coupon for 10 percent off. This gives shoppers a reason to subscribe to their newsletter.

30. Scotch Porter – Unlock 20% off

Besides highlighting the reward, this CTA from Scotch Porter uses curiosity words like “unlock” to make the offer even more enticing.

31. Semrush – Try SEO toolkit

semrush cta examples

In this CTA, Semrush offers an SEO toolkit their audience can try before they’re fully convinced of the platform’s value.

32. Brevo – Take a free test drive!

Sendinblue keeps things fun by inviting the audience to take a free test drive (read: a free trial). Similarly, you can get creative by playing around with different call-to-action synonyms.

33. ShipBob – Unlock 2-day shipping

In this CTA, ShipBob highlights the benefit (two-day shipping) and uses power words like “unlock” to make a persuasive offer.

34. – Start building customer loyalty cta examples

This call to action is compelling because it focuses on the benefit of using—building customer loyalty.

35. Sol de Janeiro – Activate offer

Next up on our CTA examples list is one that shows you how to build your email list. Sol de Janeiro invites shoppers to “activate” their offer of 10% off, giving people a good reason to sign up for the newsletter.

36. Third Love – Find my fit

This CTA capitalizes on the desire to find a perfect-fitting pair of bras and entices the audience to find their fit.

37. Tribe – Create your tribe

Tribe makes a compelling case for their platform by encouraging businesses to create their tribe, focusing on the platform’s ability to engage communities.

38. Unbounce – Build landing pages

In this CTA example, Unbounce focuses exactly on what the platform can do… build landing pages.

39. Webflow – Start building

Webflow also focuses on the ability to get websites without the dev time, encouraging people to “start building” immediately.

40. WebFX – Claim free proposal

WebFX makes their call to action more enticing by using power words like “free” and inviting visitors to “claim” the offer.

Ready to drive action?

We hope this list of CTA examples has inspired you. If you want more conversions, you need a convincing call to action to complement the rest of your copy. Make sure you work with high-quality writers who can bring out your brand voice and write CTA copy that drives clicks and conversions.