What do tacos, teens, TikTok, and the metaverse have in common? Well, in addition to all of them being infinitely more interesting than me to my teenagers, they also play a prominent role in this month’s top digital marketing trends. Read on to find out why.

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing trends:

Michelin uses video games to reach teen drivers.

Teaching a teen to drive can be a difficult experience. In fact, perhaps the only thing equally difficult is trying to reach a teen with your marketing efforts if you are a tire company. But that hasn’t stopped Michelin from trying. The company hopes to provide teens with a well-rounded education about tire and driving safety by inserting digital billboards in ‘The Sims’ video game

The company also hopes its marketing efforts to encourage teens to order a free tire gauge on its microsite don’t come up flat. The first 10,000 teens who cruise their way over to the site and order a gauge have an opportunity to use their Michelin-branded tire gauge to win free prizes. Teens who use the gauge to measure their tire pressure will have an opportunity to win a video game console, for example, if the indicator stick that pops out is gold.


B2C Marketing Trends

B2C marketing trends:

Taco Bell’s #FriesChallenge taps into consumers’ creativity to build interest in specialty menu items.

Taco Bell’s latest marketing effort is showing that although marketing to consumers can be harder than a crunchy taco, marketing with consumers can lead to results as “fire” as their signature hot sauces. The popular restaurant chain has once again released Nacho Fries on its limited-run menu.

As is true in past years, the company plans to create a “trailer” to promote the item. However, this year, the company is putting the storytelling in the hands of its consumers and has turned to Twitter to ask a series of questions to help the Taco Bell creative team know what kind of story customers want the brand to create. Hundreds of responses using the #FriesChallenge hashtag have helped Taco Bell involve their consumers in the storytelling as well as in the success of the product.

B2B Marketing Trends

B2B marketing trends:

Samsung Metaverse

Samsung shows how the metaverse might be the next big thing for trade shows.

As Samsung prepared for this year’s CES (Consumer Electronic Show), the brand was already aiming to showcase a virtual experience. However, once the omicron variant scaled back in-person attendance even more, the company went all-in on Samsung 837X — a digital world that can be virtually explored.

Samsung is using this virtual world to showcase what happens when tech and culture collide. Samsung’s Connectivity Theater, Sustainability Forest, and Customization Stage are all included among metaverse trade show experience for conference attendees.

Social Media Marketing Trends

Social media marketing trends:

TikTok’s ‘Instant Pages’ enhance quick, simple shopping experiences.

As TikTok continues to gain steam as one of the world’s most popular platforms, the social media giant is also enhancing how brands and others can peddle their products on the site. One of the newest tools the company has introduced is “Instant Pages,” which are embedded within the TikTok platform and are said to load as much as 11 times faster than a normal mobile site. An “Instant Page” allows a brand to showcase videos, share the brand story, customize content for the target audience, and provide details about products and promotions.