Welcome to our Behind the Byline video series, where we’re going to take a glimpse behind the curtain at the fantastic writers who contribute to our team!

In this episode of Behind the Byline, we talk to one of our exceptional writers, Adam Carpenter. Adam is a freelance writer and member of the ClearVoice Talent Network who found his niche writing for the business and tech world.

Adam Carpenter: Freelance Writer

We talk to Adam about how he got into the world of content marketing, his journey as a writer, and the draw of the business and tech industries.

He also breaks down the tools and resources he uses daily, including:

  • Techtarget.com
  • Scholarly business and tech articles
  • How he uses Google to research his assignments

Then, we get into what he does to adapt his communication style depending on the client and how he ensures he’s offering a unique perspective on the topics he’s writing about. Adam also talks about the challenges of writing for crypto and his strategies for matching his writing’s focus and tone to the current trends happening in the market.

Finally, Adam reveals his idea for creating a new type of content writing…one that he believes would be more effective! It’s worth a listen.

Watch Adam Take the ClearVoice Questionnaire!

Don’t miss out on Adam taking our CV Questionnaire. He talks about his skill at constructing things, the power exercise, and his love of coffee-flavored hot chocolate.

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