21. Chatbot surveys on Wi-Fi sign-in pages may be the newest marketing tactic.

As location-based marketing continues to be a major opportunity for small, medium-sized and large businesses, new tactics will continue to arise. One of the newest opportunities was introduced to U.S. businesses in May when the Japanese artificial intelligence company Bespoke announced the introduction of ChatConnect in the United States.

ChatConnect allows organizations that offer Wi-Fi to its patrons to also ask the same patrons survey questions as part of the sign-in process. So, in theory, if your organization wants to get quick feedback about their experience from customers or potential customers who are on-site, ChatConnect — or other similar tools — can facilitate this. (5/7/19)

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22. Facebook’s impending “Clear History” tool to cause social marketers to rethink targeting.

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica fiasco of 2018, Facebook has been touting improvements —including a more private, personal experience for users. One huge development that will cause marketers to seriously consider their advertising and targeting tactics is the “Clear History” tool —which Facebook warned marketers is coming very soon.

Once the tool is rolled out, users who choose to disconnect their off-Facebook activity from their user profiles will no longer be able to have their off-Facebook data made available for ad targeting. In a blog post, Facebook told advertisers that “businesses should keep [not being able to utilize off-Facebook data] in mind when developing strategies for these kinds of campaigns in the second half of the year and beyond.” (5/14/19)

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