Courtney Craig


Courtney Craig

Courtney Craig is Director of Product Marketing at ClearVoice. A former TV news producer turned digital doer, someone once told her that her "Producer" hat never came off. She hates mornings and likes obsessing over user experience, #coldbrew coffee, and travel. Follow her on Twitter.

clearvoice pitching

Feature Announcement: Easily Request Content Ideas From Writers With Pitching

Great content starts with great ideas. That’s why we’re introducing a new feature: pitching.

LeadMD Case Study

How LeadMD Increased Content Output 50% Using ClearVoice

“We are able to create a dynamic content calendar, plug in our personas for each assignment, and give our subject matter experts the opportunity to create content more easily. Having one unified system to manage content has rocked.” – Natasha Ness, LeadMD

LaneTerralever Case Study

How LaneTerralever Increased a Client’s Revenue by 87%

“Access to the 2,000+ content writers with diverse backgrounds and experiences helps to bolster our content production, particularly in niche or technical areas.” – Elise Gould, LaneTerralever

ClearVoice Agency

Introducing ClearVoice for Agencies: Manage Content Creation for Unlimited Clients

ClearVoice Agency combines the best of both worlds: A talent network of creative freelance writers and advanced workflow tools to pull off any client campaign.

How Apruve Saves Times, Generates More Leads With ClearVoice

“At Apruve, we’re blogging five times a week, adding up to 20 hours (4 hours X 5 days) if we did it ourselves. With ClearVoice, I can handle the content generation and management in just 2.5 hours, saving us 17.5 hours a week!” – Matt Osborn, Apruve

Introducing the Activity Feed: Stay on Top of Your Content

Every day we’re working on ways to make your experience with ClearVoice better. Today, we’re happy to announce a redesigned dashboard and the brand new Activity Feed.

How to Use ClearVoice Marketplace to Find & Hire Quality Freelance Writers

Need access to experienced, vetted freelancers so you can create high-quality content at scale? We got you.

FAQ: How Do I Get More Freelance Opportunities Through ClearVoice?

Freelancers: Learn how to optimize your profile and get more writing jobs through the ClearVoice platform.

ClearVoice Introduces a New Feature: Collaborative Editing

ClearVoice unveils Collaborative Editing, a new set of editing, commenting, and in-app chat features. Associate Director of Customer Experience Courtney Craig walks you through it.

Survey Results: How Much Do You Pay or Charge for Content? [Infographic]

We asked. You answered. We appreciate that. Check out the results of our survey on how much freelancers charge and what publishers are paying for content. [Infographic]

How Much to Pay Freelancers

FAQ: How Much Should I Pay a Freelance Writer? [Infographic]

How much to pay a freelance writer? Ah, it’s the question that never has a straight answer. In this post, we’ll break it down and give you real numbers. You’ll walk away with a real answer.