At ClearVoice, the word “freelance” doesn’t scare us. It’s not a means to an end. It’s a modern career choice.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce CV Portfolios beta  — a free tool designed for professional freelancers who want — and deserve — to be treated like a business. Inspired by our name and the root of the term, we’re calling them “CVs” for short.

Created in minutes without the limitations or expense of a personal website, a CV is the easiest way for a freelancer to showcase their creative work online. It’s also the first step to joining the ClearVoice Talent Network, where ClearVoice matches freelancers with job opportunities from top brands and agencies.

Here’s a summary of what you can do with a CV Portfolio beta :

  • Build a professional portfolio for free — no coding or setup work required.
  • Access freelance jobs in the ClearVoice Talent Network.
  • Create a custom portfolio URL.
  • Organize content into sections and feature important work.
  • Upload pdfs, jpegs, or urls with custom thumbnails and titles.
  • Specify your roles and add descriptions.
  • Enjoy automatic portfolio updates.
  • Share on any device.

Create a CV

Create a Beautiful, Shareable Portfolio in Minutes

Simply enter a name and ClearVoice jumpstarts the creation of your CV. We’ll connect your social profiles to automatically import basic information. Even better — once you link to one of your published pieces of content, we’ll find the rest. No hurdles, no charge, no hassle.


ClearVoice Marketplace

Get Noticed by Top Brands and Agencies

CV Portfolios are shared with ClearVoice customers looking to hire freelancers. Marked with a completeness score, a strong CV gives you access to the ClearVoice Talent Network, where you’ll be matched with high-quality job opportunities, submit work, and get paid – all in one place. ClearVoice uses a robust matching algorithm based on areas of expertise, pay rate, professional background and more.


Personalize Your CV

Tell Your Story, Brand Yourself

Add personal branding to your CV with the ability to customize the URL, upload a cover image, add a title, tagline, and bio. What’s more — CVs allow you to highlight your role on each piece of content added, with a place to explain the scope, goal, or outcome of the project.


CV Portfolio Sections

Present Your Work the Way You Want

CVs are extremely customizable. Create sections and organize content any way you can dream up. Choose the projects you want to feature more prominently, and customize the way content is presented. ClearVoice will scrape default metadata, but you have the option to edit almost anything, including the thumbnail images, titles, and publish date.


CV Content Queue

Put Your Collection On Autopilot

Powered by our powerful VoiceGraph technology that automatically finds your latest published content, your CV will never be stale. Approve content we find to promote it on your CV.  CVs support URLs or direct uploads, including PDFs and jpegs.


CV Portfolio Mobile View

Enjoy a Mobile-Friendly, Integrated Content Experience

Your CV will be fast and indexable by search engines. Potential clients can view your portfolio from any device — with the option to search or filter by content type, category, publication, and more. And, they won’t be taken off the page — full pieces will be viewable within your CV.

Here are several independent professionals who are already taking charge of their careers with their CV Portfolios:

Looking to showcase your work? Claim Your CV.

Claim Your CV

We plan for CV Portfolios to evolve as quickly as the modern workforce, and we welcome your feedback in the process.