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5 Fantastic Content Marketing Podcasts You Need to Hear

Content marketing podcasts are readily available, but free time isn’t. You definitely don’t have time to listen to everything out there, but if you aren’t listening to any of them, you’re missing out on some excellent learning opportunities.

But how do you decide which are worthy of your time? Obviously, any judgment will be subjective, but it’s likely the podcasts that will work best for you are those that are digestible in one sitting, entertaining, relevant and actionable.

We’ve narrowed the multitude of marketing podcasts down to these five. Each podcast serves its listeners in a slightly different way, so feel a few out before you settle on the one you truly love. Take a look (and a listen) to the following:

Social Pros Podcast — Jay Baer & Adam Brown

What’s in it for you? The Social Pros Podcast touts itself as being “one of the most popular marketing podcasts in the world.” In addition to being hosted by Jay Baer and Adam Brown — two of the most-trusted content marketing experts around — the podcast also frequently includes guests who are among some of the top content marketers in the business.

Among others, some of the guests who have appeared on the Social Pros Podcast include Mike Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner; Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute; and Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia.

The podcast features stories and real-life experiences from content marketers who work for large, midsize, and small brands, allowing you to learn from their success (and mistakes).

Try out these episodes first:

Gary Vaynerchuk and the Currency of Attention

Why Social Media Customer Service Is the New Marketing

This Old Marketing Podcast — Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose

What’s in it for you? There’s good reason Joe Pulizzi is known as the godfather of content marketing. His wealth of experience and countless connections with other top marketers is enough to make this podcast work on its own. Add the experience and insights Robert Rose brings, and the podcast becomes a valuable addition to your week.

Though the podcasts are a little long (up to 60 minutes), they are broken up into a handful of smaller discussions, so you can easily listen and feel fulfilled even if you only have 15 minutes at a time to tune in.

Podcast listeners have the opportunity to have their questions answered and their concerns discussed by the duo. Just use the hashtag #ThisOldMarketing on Twitter or send an email to:

Try out these episodes first:

How Brands Could Inherit the Web

The Business Case for Content Marketing as PR

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast — Amy Porterfield

What’s in it for you? One of the best things about Amy Porterfield’s podcast is that her episodes walk listeners through marketing tactics with specifics about how to accomplish them. Whereas some of the other podcasts on this list deal more with generalities and lessons learned from 10,000 feet, Porterfield and her guests provide details and tips about how to replicate the things they are discussing in your own marketing efforts.

Even the podcast episodes themselves are titled in actionable ways. A couple of examples include “How to Create a 5-Day Social Media Video Series for Rapid List Growth,” and “How to Organize & Analyze Your Facebook Ads.” Because the podcast is so action-oriented, listening regularly can help you pick up on executable advice that will improve your content marketing efforts.

Try out these episodes first:

Get Your Content House In Order

Facebook Ad Targeting 101

Duct Tape Marketing Podcast — John Jantsch

What’s in it for you? The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast has great content marketing advice from multiple guests, but if you’re looking for a podcast that also helps you also become a more well-rounded person, add this one to your playlist.

With episode titles like “The Importance of Choosing Yourself” and “Building a Good Life,” podcast host John Jantsch is just as likely to raise your self-esteem as he is to improve your ROI. However, that’s not to say that you won’t also get some great marketing advice from him.

Many of the marketing lessons you will learn from this podcast focus on developing the mindset of a marketer, rather than offering technical advice. The podcast is especially helpful when you feel like you’re in a rut or need to be reminded why you became a marketer in the first place.

Try out these episodes first:

How to Create Influence with Your Writing

Why Do Buyers Trust Content So Much?

The Mad Marketing Podcast — Marcus Sheridan

What’s in it for you? Anybody who has listened to Marcus Sheridan speak at a conference or seminar will understanding why he hosts the Mad Marketing Podcast. He’s not angry — but he is passionate and a little frenetic. Fortunately, he also is able to tone it down a bit for his podcasts.

Sheridan is what you might call an accidental marketing genius. He originally set out to sell more pools on his website, but along the way to creating a tremendously successful business, he discovered and unlocked the keys to content marketing success. This podcast is one of the ways he evangelizes the lessons he learned as he built up his business through content marketing.

Whereas many other podcasts feature interviews with other marketing leaders during nearly every episode, the Mad Marketing Podcast is more frequently like one-on-one time with you and the host. He answers user questions, explains principles of content marketing and discusses whatever else is on his mind.

Try out these episodes first:

Personal Reflections on Digital Trends, Frustrated Marketers, and More

Why ‘Marketing Speak’ May Be Killing Your Business

Chad Buleen

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Chad Buleen is an award-winning journalist, the manager of social messaging for a large international nonprofit, a digital media enthusiast and father of four. Follow him on Twitter .

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