What is user experience (UX)? It’s the way a visitor to your website experiences all aspects of the page or application. This includes, but is not limited to, content, imagery, animation, pop-up advertisements, checkout flow, social media integration, navigation, interactions and more. 

Some marketing speak is confusing, and takes time to become versed. But some industry lingo is as straightforward as it sounds. User experience is in the latter group and means exactly as it sounds. This term refers to the 360-degree way a user digests, navigates, and uses a brand’s website. Though it may seem fairly obvious, user experience has grown to become a vital part of any strategy as digital competition continues to grow.

User experience can make or break a conversion or purchase when you’re up against others with similar offerings and value propositions. If a user becomes confused on your website due to language or image choices, they will click away and find another option to fit their needs.

As content marketers and designers, our job is to create a natural, engaging and captivating flow that guides the user through a website via smart copy and graphics or imagery. User experience is often tested through various modules and measured by traffic and bounce rates to determine which flow is the most successful. No-fuss is often better, or as the Nielsen Norman Group puts it: simple usually wins.

Common applications for user experience

  • Measuring the readability of a website
  • Encouraging a user to take a specific action based on website page organization
  • Illustrating a brand story in a captivating way to build interest and a fan base
  • Keeping a user engaged through all customer lifecycles
  • Having a clear, concise call-to-action that users recognize and react to it appropriately
  • Setting a brand apart from other competitors

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