What is a marketing dashboard? A marketing dashboard is an online portal that pulls data from various marketing channels into one place, allowing you to easily keep tabs on multiple metrics without having to sign in to different websites to view them. 

What’s the structure of a marketing dashboard?

The specifics of a marketing dashboard vary depending on the kind of information you’re tracking. Still, its core elements and visual organization of information should stay relatively the same from one dashboard to the next.

The most important information on the dashboard is your high-level overview which provides essential information at a glance. This is typically at the top of your dashboard.

Next, you have your high-priority key performance indicators (KPIs) to dig down into your overview’s specifics. Additional charts and tables based on your overview and KPIs help bring insights into trends and singularities.

You can also add other elements for greater insights, but the most helpful marketing dashboards do away with clutter to focus only on the data mattering the most.

Marketing dashboard vs. marketing metric

A marketing dashboard displays an array of information to help you track the progress of your marketing goals. It uses a multitude of metrics that come together to form your marketing dashboard.

A marketing metric is just one piece of data on the dashboard that shows a measurable value or trend in marketing activities.

8 essential marketing metrics for your marketing dashboard

  1. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): Dividing how much you spent on marketing for a campaign or defined period by the number of new customers acquired shows how much you paid to obtain one customer.
  2. Lifetime Value (LTV) to CAC: This ratio measures the gross profit a customer generates in the entire time they are a customer against the cost to acquire that customer.
  3. Time Spent on Site: How long people spend on your website.
  4. Return on Investment (ROI): Shows the profitability of an activity.
  5. Bounce Rate: The number of site visitors who leave your site without going to any other site pages.
  6. Customer engagement: Measures social shares and comments from various social media platforms.
  7. Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL): Are people who have shown an interest during a marketing campaign and are more likely to become customers than other leads.
  8. Sales Qualified Leads (SQL): Leads ready to be contacted by the sales team to close a sale.

6 types of marketing dashboards

Companies typically have more than one type of marketing dashboard to keep the boards focused and useful for each marketing objective. Here are six of the most common ones, and what they can look like.

1. Digital marketing

Source: Klipfolio

Focuses on lead generation and web analytics measures to judge progress on goals. Valuable metrics to include are social media, leads, and web analytics.

2. SEO

Source: AgencyAnalytics

Homes in on website analytics metrics and SEO KPIs to see results of organic search results growth strategies. Valuable metrics to include are internal and external links and organic keywords, landing pages, and conversions.

3. Social media

Source: dashthis

Displays crucial social media KPIs on target social media platforms to determine engagement and success of social media campaigns. Valuable metrics to include are followers, impressions, engagement, and top-performing posts.

4. Email marketing

Source: Dasheroo

Helps to see what resonates with your email subscribers and the ROI of email campaigns. Valuable metrics to include are open and click rates and number of emails sent.

5. Web analytics

Source: Klipfolio

Displays your website’s performance to see how well it reaches its target audiences and captivates them. Valuable metrics to include are sessions, bounce rate, and time on site.

6. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads

Source: AgencyAnalytics

Shows the ROI of PPC ads and which ads are performing the best. Valuable metrics to include are cost per click, revenues, and conversions.

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