Although countless brands and marketers are rapidly developing video and live video campaigns, very few do it well. Before jumping into video marketing, learn from a panel of experts on the do’s and don’ts of storytelling and production, backed up by decades of real experience. And for a bonus, check out these video marketing stats.

Gather valuable insights as award-winning producers, directors and video marketers share stories from the field to help you produce better video content, from live social streaming du jour to production techniques that have stood the test of time. Plus, get further insights on the writing and wisdom needed behind any good video, whether it’s broadcast live or not.

In our 56-page ebook, learn lessons from experts on:

  • Live-streaming for days on end
  • Interviewing politicians and celebs
  • Covering post-production needs on the shoot
  • Booking better talent and locations
  • Writing up crucial planning docs (with specs for five of the most-used)

Need to get your video mojo in motion? Hire experience script writers and videographers for your content marketing campaigns.