It’s the inevitable phrase that comes at the beginning of nearly every job interview: ‘So, tell me about yourself.’ For such a seemingly easy task — talking about who you are and what you do — it can warrant a lot of anxiety.

After all, when you only have a few breaths to pitch your services and expertise, stumbling through your speech can make you look ill-prepared and lacking self-confidence. One effective way to think about your elevator pitch (or virtual elevator pitch these days) for a job interview is to ensure it covers these basics:

  • Your name
  • Your specialty and industry
  • Your experience, in years
  • Your goal

When you weave in all of these mentions, you easily illustrate your unique value proposition and you set the tone for the remainder of the interview. To help you, we’ve put together five elevator pitch examples and templates.

5 Elevator Pitch Examples

Elevator pitches don’t need to be worrisome or stressful. In fact, once you hone your elevator pitch skills, they can actually be (dare we say) fun! Here are some examples to inspire your own pitch writing and ensure you’re prepared for whatever the interview through your way. You got this!

Elevator pitch examples for job interviews: For when you’re moving.

1. For when you’re moving

“I’m [NAME], a lawyer with the government, based out of D.C. I grew up in Ohio, though, and I’m looking to relocate closer to my roots, and join a family-friendly firm. I specialize in labor law and worked for ABC firm before joining the government.”

Why it works: This to-the-point elevator pitch covers the reasons why you are relocating, while also speaking to your skillset.

2. For when you are hoping to make a move up

“I’m [NAME]. I fell in love with technology after winning a programming contest in eighth grade. That led to a degree in computer science, and I’ve now worked in IT for eight years. I recently wrapped up a contract as a senior data analyst with a big bioinformatics company, and I’m now looking for opportunities with other large medical data organizations.”

Why it works: You’re ready for the next big thing, and you want to ensure you communicate passion and performance to get there.

Job interview elevator pitch examples for getting their attention.

3. For getting their attention

“Hi, my name is Mark. After graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, I’ve spent the last three years building professional experience as an Executive Assistant. I’ve successfully managed end-to-end event coordination and have generated a strong professional network for my colleagues. I was excited to learn about this opportunity in the sports management space — I’ve always been passionate about the way sports brings cultures together and would love the opportunity to bring my project management and leadership abilities to this position.”

Why it works: Whether it’s a recruiter or the hiring manager, this elevator pitch is sure to keep them listening, without going overboard on the information.

4. For snagging the interview

“Hi, I’m [NAME] and I am excited about the new position with your company! I noticed that you are looking for a candidate with ____ years in the field, but let me tell you how my experience has gone above and beyond. In the same amount of time it would take another candidate to learn the ropes at my last position, I was able to raise our success rates right away. I did this by focusing on what really matters in the industry, such as ______, ______ and ______, and I was able to maximize profits in a quick and efficient way. I knew I should make these changes immediately, since I was able to identify what was slowing down their business operations. I can do the same for you in the new position. Here is my resume. Would you be willing to meet with me next week for an official interview?”

Why it works: Before you get through the door, an elevator pitch can make your case—especially if you don’t technically have the required years of experience.

Job interview elevator pitch examples for entry-level opportunities.

5. For entry-level opportunities

“Hi, I’m [NAME]. Now that I have my Bachelor’s degree in Business, as well as a few internship experiences in marketing, I’m ready to contribute to the vision of a cutting-edge hospitality brand. Throughout each of my work experiences, I was often told that I was a very detail-oriented and innovative employee, which I’d love to apply in my next role. In fact, I saw on your website that you’re advertising X. I looked at what your competition is doing, and I saw that they have this interesting campaign doing Y… If I joined the team, I’d look at how we could do something even stronger, such as Z.”

Why it works: It’s never easy getting those first initial interviews when you’re fresh out of college or graduate school. This elevator pitch puts your internship into perspective and ties them to real-world, applicable scenarios.

Ready to Crush Your Elevator Pitch?

It’s easy to underestimate the challenges of job interviews. These examples should help you stay primed and ready to knock your pitch out of the park. But, if you’re looking for an easier route, working with a proven partner can help. When you join our Talent Network, we do the pitching for you and get you working with top brands that match your expertise.