Guest Speakers

  • Laurel Nicholes, Director, Product Content Experience at F5 Networks
  • Nikoletta Vecsei Harrold, Director, Communities Strategy and Social Media at Transamerica


Customers and employees are happiest when they have context as well as content. Context requires a broad set of voices having one conversation. Too often, companies have initiatives in silos that yield duplicate, contradictory content that doesn’t serve the business’s main goals.

In this real-world study, learn how one company built a “community interlock” across all areas of the business, including marketing, engineering, product management and customer success. With a minimum time investment, the interlock yields rich community content, programming, and a feedback mechanism to share customer sentiment cross-functionally.

Also, learn more about how you can preserve collaboration while aligning your content strategy, in a complementary article by guest speaker Laurel Nicholes.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • From real-life examples how to create content your customers want
  • How to bring context to your content
  • To support your customers needs


This webinar was recorded Sept. 27, 2017. Length: 59:15.