With more and more website traffic coming from social media and search, the most-visited web pages of a brand’s site are generally linked to trends, seasonal search patterns, and current events. Still, there’s one page that gets repeated activity on any site, and that’s the ‘about us’ page.

Studies show that 52% of new visitors click on the ‘about us’ page when they land on a website so it’s really important that you put your best foot forward. We’ve collected the best ‘about us’ page examples to help inspire your next steps. Whether you’re writing your first one or you have an old site that’s due for a refresh, this list is for you.

What is an about us page?

This is a dedicated page on a brand or organization’s website that explains what they believe, their mission, relevant history, and offerings. An about us page can be simple or elaborate, but those that do their job well leave visitors with no question of the website or entity’s purpose.

Best About Us Pages

The best about us pages today

1. Harkla

This innovative company offers products and support for families of special needs children. It has an about us page that’s hard to match. What makes it work so well? For one, the simple black-one-white design with hand-drawn illustrations instead of overpowering photos, graphics, and logos. It makes scanning the info a joy and not a chore. The mission and values sections break up the newsprint theme and are featured in blue callout boxes that are hard to miss.

Second, the page leads with the important info and even gives readers two ways to learn: “the long” (a more involved history of the company) and “the short” (a two-paragraph summary of what the company does.

There’s plenty to explore for those willing to follow along to the bottom, from meeting the team to learning about all of the things they do, and they do a lot. There are mentions of a podcast, professional training, and a parent Happiness Club. Visitors will have no trouble explaining what it is that Harkla does, and they even add a handy shopping section at the bottom to help would-be customers get started.

2. Zebra Pen

Looking for a page that’s minimalist while still saying a lot? Zebra Pen’s about us page gets the job done. With a super-short history, a brief background on the name, and a small blurb about mission and culture, Zebra proves you can use word economy to your advantage. This brand which focuses on helping others express themselves creatively, spends less time going on about themselves but rather says more with very little.

3. Omaha Steaks

If you really want to know where your food comes from, look no further than Omaha Steaks and their version of the about us page. With a nod to its rich history and presented in timeline form, it’s as much of an education on the meat industry as it is a tribute to the five generations of the Simon family who have made the name synonymous with great steaks.

From a history of the brand’s logos to the current Chairman and CEO’s favorite cuts, this isn’t your standard “here’s what we do” webpage. History buffs will get a kick out of learning the story behind the iconic brand, and first-time visitors would get a better idea of how this Heartland favorite came to be so popular.

4. Naked Wines

At first glance, the Naked Wines website seems a bit gimmicky. Do you have to sign up to get in? Not so fast. By clicking on the site’s about us page at the bottom, you get a very good idea of how the wine club program works, and it’s done with some of the best content marketing practices in mind.

First, it explains how the wine buying program benefits customers and wineries, including where the funds go and what buyers can expect. All this is done in simple text with engaging icons to make the customer journey more meaningful.

Then, it shares the impacts – how it’s changed individual winemakers’ lives and the awards they’ve received. Testimonials and media mentions are placed front and center, so you don’t just have to take their word for it.

Finally, there’s a quick and easy-to-read “in case you’re wondering” section that acts as a more informal and less cluttered FAQ for those who still have questions about the program. This acknowledges that there may be an information gap or even misunderstandings to address, and they do this with quick bullet points that put potential buyers at ease.

Simple but effective black-on-white font with just a few blue font highlights make this page pop and doesn’t distract from the message. Naked Wines takes the guesswork out of a mystifying wine-buying process and makes a good case for buying some wine (pun intended).

5. 84 Lumber

What do you do when you have many business highlights and don’t want to bog down your about us page with all of them? You handle it like 84 Lumber, which sets itself apart by using information tiles to connect to other information pages on the site.

It uses simple font and appealing images to create a dashboard where visitors can click to get the information they want, including history, charity initiatives, leadership, certifications, and media mentions. Proudly seated at the top of these tiles are the company’s quick mission and values statements, letting customers know who they are and what they are all about, which, in reality, is all your about us page has to accomplish. This site does it well with all the efficiency it can, letting potential customers know their time is valuable.

How to write an about us page

How to write an about us page

These examples demonstrate that the one page you can genuinely show your true colors is the About Us page. Yes, the content should be on-brand and in line with your overall vision for your organization, but it should also let your visitors get to know the real you.

Other tips include:

  • Keep as much of the important information above the fold as possible. If you have to include more than what will fit on a page, use appealing headers to “lead” readers down to the next section easily.
  • Break up big chunks of text. Better yet, avoid saying anything that has to be said in large paragraphs. If you feel the need to get very detailed about a concept, consider linking to another page (which can be an effective SEO strategy, too!)
  • Remember SEO. About us pages often show up in the search previews on Google, along with other top visited pages. Use appropriate schema and meta tags to tell Google that this really is an about us page. Avoid naming your page something so clever that visitors (and search bots) don’t know what it is.
  • Use page menus wisely. If you want people to click on your about us page, make it one of the options in your menu. Try to make it visible to your users by not hiding it inside a drop-down menu.

Whether it’s playful, professional, or truly disruptive, the about us page is one of the most important pages on your site. Improve it and you will see an increased audience engagement and customer interest on your site.