Survey Results: Factors in Determining Freelance Rates for Different Assignments

Get survey results and a full-time freelancer’s breakdown on how time, tasks and experience can affect the rates freelance writers charge for different assignments.

How to Write a Good Lead

How to Write a Lead: 10 Do’s, 10 Don’ts, 10 Good Examples

Good lead. Good read. Sharpen your hooks to grab readers’ attention from the get-go, with examples of great and not-so-great leads.

Guide to Fleshing Out a Concept

Guide to Fleshing Out a Concept

If everyone could suddenly mind-read, the content biz would surely fizzle in a sec. Until then, download a basic one-pager to help talent understand your needs.

Guide to Pitching a Basic Article

Guide to Pitching a Basic Article

Approach pitching with better consistency and effectiveness. Download a template you can customize to fit the requirements for any client you’re pitching.

Case Study Questionnaire for a Client

Case Study Questionnaire for a Client

Download a template to help you cover the key elements in a case study for your brand, with formatting suggestions for a standard one- or two-page PDF format.

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Guide to Make a Feature-Length Listicle

Guide to Making a Feature-Length Listicle

Download an example template for a 1,000-word article to cover a common listicle tactic: relaying multiple strategies to solve a problem.

How to News-Jack

How to News-Jack for Freelance Writing Pitches and Content Marketing

Taking advantage of the news of the day has been in the marketing playbook for decades, but in recent years it’s been taking on a whole new level. Get up to speed on the practice of “news-jacking,” whether you’re a writer or a marketer.

8 Interviewing Skills

8 Interviewing Skills for Writing Like an Expert on Anything (Even If You’re Not Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Tasked with a new or challenging topic? Sharpen your interviewing skills to write like an expert on anything. Get a journalist’s tips on how to interview experts, influencers, and leaders.


The Pitching Game: 4 Freelance Pitch Examples and a Template

How well are you filling up your calendar with freelance work? Freelance writer Angela Tague shares tips and real-life examples of pitching to top brands to help keep your work flowing. Plus, download a free template to get your pitches started.

Yes, Good Grammar Is (Still) Important, and Here’s Why

Is a focus on grammar worth your time? Yes, it is. Dear Megan gives us three good reasons why you should care about grammar, the good kind.

successful pitches

The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Pitching

Is your pitching style keeping you from scoring better freelance jobs? Get up to speed on the elements of a good pitch and the pros and cons of different pitching styles.

personal bio

How to Write the Perfect Bio for Your ClearVoice Profile and Get More Work

Your writer bio is a key factor when brands consider hiring you as a freelance writer. Is yours sparkling or bordering on cray-cray? Megan’s here to help you take a gut check.

Ann Handley on Content Marketing Tips, Tools & Editorial Quality

We interviewed the one and only Ann Handley, chief content officer at MarketingProfs and best-selling author. Yeah, you don’t want to miss this.

Examples of Freytag’s Pyramid in Modern Marketing

One of the most unifying aspects of our human race is storytelling, when you really think about it. Telling stories cuts across cultural lines in every corner of the globe; it’s something that everyone on the planet can absolutely relate to. This is exactly why storytelling is such an ideal vehicle for marketing: It’s basically Read more…

Freelancers: 5 Copywriting Tricks to Deliver Copy That Converts

Of course you want to deliver high-quality content for your clients. When it comes to writing for the Web, you also want to write copy that encourages action and helps your clients’ businesses grow.

How to Write More Engaging Content

How to Write More Engaging Content

Whether for your blog or a third-party publication, creating engaging content is crucial to building long-term marketing success. Get tips and examples for writing more persuasive content; structuring your writing; adding credibility; and making a checklist for articles. Length: 15 pages.