Social Media Platform News and Updates for November 2021

‘Tis the season for (safe) family gatherings, content planning, and staying current with all of the latest and greatest happenings within the industry of social. We get it. You’re busy running your  business, maintaining balance, and finding a way to carve time for yourself along the way.

Don’t worry. We’re here to assist you with gathering your business updates. Check out the recent social media updates and platform shifts that may impact you or your clients in the near future.

Social media updates for Clubhouse

  • November 2021 — Clubhouse goes multilingual. With the latest app update, users can now modify the language of choice, including French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Malayalam, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil, and Telugu.
  • November 2021 — Live captions are now available on iOS. Clubhouse iOS users can now experience closed caption when listening to love rooms. Although new to Clubhouse, competitors like Twitter Spaces have included this feature for some time.
  • November 2021 — Clubhouse co-founder shares the insight of company growing pains. Growth isn’t always pleasant, but it’s certainly necessary for the next level. Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison recently shared in an interview how the platform’s visibility spearheaded its growth.
  • November 2021 — Two Black entrepreneurs met through Clubhouse and created a million-dollar partnership. Self-taught stock market enthusiasts Tiffany James and Sharlea Brookes discovered great opportunities in creating a Clubhouse financial group, which at one time, touted more than 100,000 followers. Moral of the story: Be open to new friends and network with intention.
  • October 2021 — Clubhouse created its “Creators First” Accelerator program, and participants shared their experiences. As with any new program, it seems there’s still room for improvement. Keep close to this program for how this feedback will impact the next phase of the program and its upcoming application enrollment process.
  • September 2021 —  Clubhouse launches a new feature to enhance its audio experience. The spatial audio feature creates a real-life audio experience for Clubhouse room participants. Although it will roll out to everyone eventually, iOS users will have the feature first, and Android users will have access to the new feature afterward.
  • August 2021 — Clubhouse is no longer invite-onlyWith the recent Android version release, all are welcome to join the audio-only app, with no invitation required.  
  • August 2021 — Clubhouse reports 600k active rooms daily. Although the platform is experiencing hot competition, Clubhouse recently announced that its active rooms are holding steady and increasing among its users. 
  • July 2021 — Clubhouse app installs declined drasticallyAlthough the platform recently released its Android Version, the app installs have decreased significantly within the last few months.  
  • June 2021 — Clubhouse now allows Android users to connect Instagram and Twitter accountsFor the new android users to the platform, the experience and features continue to expand, and their competition continues to grow.
  • May 2021— Clubhouse arrives in the Google Play Store for Android usersThe iOS-only app, Clubhouse, is now available to Android users worldwide. If you’re waiting for an invitation, your wait is over!
  • April 2021 — Clubhouse raises Series C funding. The round recently closed with  Andrew Chen at Andreessen Horowitz. This new round of funding values the company at 4 billion dollars.
  • April 2020 — The platform surpassed 10 million App Store installs, and the majority of the downloads were in February 2021
  • March 2021 — Clubhouse users can now create clubs without a vetting processIf you’re a Clubhouse user, you know that making your own club on the platform required a submission request form and weeks (possibly months) of waiting. Not anymore! With the recent app update, all users can create their own clubs directly on their profile.
  • February 2021 — Clubhouse hits the social media scene, and it has 10 million App Store Installs to date. By now, you’ve heard about the latest platform, Clubhouse. It is a social platform that’s audio-only. Although the app is invite-only and exclusively available to IOS only, it’s making headlines short of its first birthday, with a launch date of

Social media updates for LinkedIn

  • August 2021 — LinkedIn releases its 2021 Grad’s Guide to Getting Hired. As graduates face numerous levels of uncertainty in an unpredictable workforce, LinkedIn compiled a report highlighting industry trends, top roles, and more to find the right job despite the uncertainty.
  • June 2021 — LinkedIn makes an investment in the virtual conference platform Hopin. The recent announcement of the investment in Hopin comes after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella makes a commitment to a hybrid workplace. 
  • June 2021 — LinkedIn makes pronouns official for all users. In honor of pride month, the platform recently released its pronoun feature for all users. If you’re looking to add your pronouns, go to your profile and edit your profile information.
  • April 2021 — LinkedIn plans to release an e-learning hub that allows managers the ability to assign courses to employees. The new portal is called The LinkedIn Learning Hub and will be the 2.0 version of LinkedIn Learning Pro. Although it’s not confirmed, the new hub is rumored to release in September 2021.
  • April 2021 — LinkedIn adds “Stay-at-home Mom” as a job titleLinkedIn users were unable to add this before, and now they can if they choose to do so. Now, let’s hope “Stay-at-home Dad” is included in the job titles as well.
  • March 2021 — LinkedIn celebrates International Women’s Day through e-learning.  For International Women’s Day, LinkedIn unlocked numerous platform learning courses. These courses include Leadership Strategies for WomenOwn It: The Power of Women at Work, and Becoming a Male Ally at Work. Hurry! These courses will be available for a limited time.
  • February 2020 — LinkedIn adds a new feature to highlight key achievements. In response to user feedback, LinkedIn recently added its latest achievement feature that allows users to showcase portfolio work at the top of their profile pages. Users can include links to external websites or personal blogs, images, and documents to showcase specific details of their achievements to your profile visitors.

Social media updates for Facebook

Social media updates for Instagram

  • November 2021 — You no longer need 10K followers to add links to stories. If you’re looking for a way to promote content or your website, you can now add links in Instagram Stories with a sticker link. Sticker links can be used for promoting podcasts, products, content, and more.
  • November 2021 — Instagram’s @design and Brooklyn Museum announced its Inaugural #BlackDesignVisionaries Grant Program. If you’re a Black designer, there are many grant opportunities, and Instagram provides support. Be sure to follow the official @Design handle for updates on the following application process.
  • October 2021 — Instagram is testing push notifications for platform outages. After experiencing multiple outages within a few weeks, the platform is now considering a way to notify its users of platform outages or technical difficulties.
  • September 2021 — Instagram’s introducing ads to IG Shop. Instagram recently announced its test with select retailers by incorporating ads into the IG shop experience. Although they haven’t announced when they will fully launch this ad placement feature, they have mentioned a place to expand new formats in non-U.S. markets over the next several months.
  • September 2021 — Instagram is improving the search experience. Searching for content on Instagram can leave a lot to be desired. However, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, recently spoke on the company’s plan to enhance the searching experience. The change will show a grid of photos and video.
  • September 2021 — Instagram’s Swipe Up feature will have a new home on the app. There will now be a sticker option instead of a “swipe up” experience to share links. The transition of this feature also demonstrates Instagram’s openness and consideration to expand link-sharing on the app in the future.
  • September 2021 — Instagram’s efforts for safety on the platform will require users to disclose their birthdays. Through the app’s technology, it will detect if the users input the incorrect birthday. This new requirement is unfolding as the app explores a version for children under the age of 13.
  • August 2021 — The head of Instagram visits The Breakfast Club. Head Of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, recently spoke to the hosts of the cultural phenomenon radio show The Breakfast Club to discuss algorithm myths, combatting racism, and platform guidelines.
  • August 2021 — Users have more control over managing sensitive contentSuppose you desire to control the type of content that filters into your feed or discovery page, like violence or sexually suggestive content. Now you can.
  • August 2021 — Instagram announces additional measures to protect users 16 and underUsers under the age of 16 will have profiles that auto-default to private. The platform has included other features to protect younger Instagrammers from unwanted contacts reaching out through comments or private messages.
  • July 2021 — It pays to be a good hacker. Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, recently rewarded a hacker located in India for finding a malicious bug that allowed users to view archived stories and posts even on private accounts. The bug is now fixed.
  • July 2021 — Ads are coming to Reels. Instagram recently announced that ads would soon integrate into the Reels experience, with full screen and vertical ads between posts. They’ll be up to 30 seconds long and will run on a loop.
  • June 2021 — Instagram users can hide likes from posts, and it’s optional. Hiding your likes can combat the undeniable issue of comparison on the platform or encourage your audience to focus on your content and message. Either way, you can now hide likes on individual posts or within your settings for all of your posts.
  • May 2021 — Instagram is hosting its first Creator Week, but it’s invitation only.  This first-of-its-kind event will be held June 8-10, with some sessions available to the public. We will keep you posted on any feature updates coming from this event.
  • May 2021 — Instagram’s desktop version now has more features and capabilities. Have you logged into Instagram from your desktop? If so, you may have noticed that you can now upload content directly from your desktop.
  • May 2021 — Instagram adds pronouns to user profiles. Instagram users can now include gender pronouns into their bios within the settings profile, and they can be updated at any time.
  • April 2021 — Instagram releases a feature to help combat hate speech in private messagesThe new filter in direct messages will allow users and creators alike to filter out abusive content with words, phrases, and emojis. Users can activate this on Instagram within privacy settings.
  • April 2021 — Instagram introduces Reels Remix. For Instagram, reels continue to be the most powerful tool on the platform for organic discovery and reach. Now, users can share an original reel, recording their reaction, response, or reenactment.
  • March 2021 — Instagram is working to allow users to save drafts of Instagram StoriesAlthough not available to users, Instagram is considering the ability to enable drafts within Instagram Stories. Not many details are disclosed, so we’ll keep you posted.
  • March 2021 — Instagram introduces a data-friendly version of the app for 170 countries and users in rural areas.  According to World Stats, approximately 63 percent of the world’s population is online, as opposed to nearly 90 percent in North America. In response to this, Instagram created Instagram Light, which is an Android app designed to use less data with a quality experience.
  • March 2021 — Instagram expands the IG live experience to include a four-person live feed experience. Instagram announced new capabilities to the in-app live stream, which now consists of the ability to add four people to the live feed.

Social media updates for Pinterest

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Social media updates for Twitter

  • November 2021 — Twitter removes the auto-refreshIf you’ve experienced an auto-update on your timeline feed while reading a tweet, we come bringing you good news! The platform recently removed this feature, which allows users to refresh their feeds manually, 
  • October 2021 — Twitter invests in a startup company called FacemojiTwitter recently joined alongside Roosh Ventures and angel investors in the investment of an avatar startup named Facemoji. The startup raises over 3 million to help them develop technology that puts the avatar systems into social media apps.
  • September 2021 — Twitter suspends the profile of a former New York Times reporter. The former NYT reporter, Alex Berenson, was permanently suspended from Twitter because of his commentary on the coronavirus.
  • September 2021 — Twitter is testing a shopping experience for its users. With in-app and on-platform purchasing becoming the norm, Twitter is now putting its hat in the ring for testing the feature with select profiles.
  • August 2021 — Twitter Spaces expands to include co-hostsTwitter Spaces now allows users to add co-hosts to its audio-only experience. Any co-host can help invite speakers, remove participants, pin tweets, manage requests, and more.
  • August 2021 — Twitter says goodbye to its Fleets. Since its release in May of 2020, the feature struggled to build momentum with users. As a result, Twitter’s Story-like feature will be discontinued beginning on August 3, 2021.
  • August 2021 — Twitter CEO encourages Kanye West to share the creative process of his upcoming albumJack Dorsey recently tweeted the idea of Kanye shedding light on his creative journey for his upcoming album, ‘Donda.’  If accepted, Kanye would livestream the process through Twitter and social media. We’re all anticipating the response.
  • June 2021 — Twitter is allowing users to share tweets to Instagram Stories. The test is only available to iOS users, but this is considered a substantial collaborative win for the two platforms. 
  • May 2021 — Twitter is introducing subscription-based Twitter BlueAmong the many product announcements and feature updates, Twitter is preparing its first paid tier model. Twitter Blue will cost $2.99 per month and will include an Undo Tweets feature, bookmark collections, and more.
  • April 2021 — Twitter releases a study that shares insights on the future, post-pandemic. From perspective to spending, Twitter shares platform data and predictions for the post-pandemic direction of Twitter users.
  • March 2021 — Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet sells for 2.9 millionTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet was recently sold for 1,630.58 ether, a cryptocurrency valued at approximately 2.9 million. Dorsey plans to donate funds to GiveDirectly’s Africa Response fund.
  • March 2021 — Twitter launches new features, including Spaces. Audio chats, like Clubhouse, continues to gain traction among the social media platforms, and Twitter is getting into action with Twitter Spaces. The feature was initially announced in February 2021, and its quickly gaining traction among users.
  • March 2021 — Twitter plans to update TweetDeck. If you manage different clients and profiles, this may be great news for you. During a recent interview with Verge, Twitter’s chief product officer Kayvon Beykpour shared upcoming plans to update TweetDeck, which will include a redesign.
  • March 2021 — Twitter begins to test larger images in tweets. Twitter is now testing larger images in Tweets with select beta users. If you’re one of the lucky people included in the test, your photo uploads will no longer require the cropped Twitter specs.
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Social media updates for TikTok

  • November 2021 — TikTok unveils CommunityToksThe platform states that “CommunityToks” focuses on how TikTok can help drive niche market participation and how companies can use the same process to maximize their promotion and branding efforts.
  • September 2021 — Tiktok’s parent company, ByteDance, acquires a virtual reality start-up called Pico. This latest acquisition signifies the company’s movement toward virtual reality and emerging technology. The VR company, Pico, is noted to be the third-largest reality headset maker worldwide.
  • March 2021 — TikTok partners with Walmart to test a livestream shopping experience. During an exclusive partnership, Walmart partnered with influencers on TikTok to test its first livestream shopping experience called the Spring Shop-Along: Beauty Edition.
  • February 2021 — TikTok releases its transparency report. In an effort to build trust among users, brands, and stakeholders, TikTok released its fourth global transparency report, which covers July through December 2021.

Social media updates for Reddit

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Social media updates for Snapchat

  • November 2021 — Snapchat inks a deal with Sony MusicThe recent partnership will allow Sony artists and their music to be included in the Snapchat sound library. The music can be found in the ‘Sounds’ section of Snap’s AR Lens Carousel, where users can select and embed a song in their Snap videos.
  • November 2021 — Snapchat released new featuresFrom Map Layers to Explore and Memories, Snapchat is releasing new features for users to enjoy. Memories will capture old snaps while Explore is an updated version of the app’s heatmap.
  • October 2021 — Snapchat provides a way to monetize to its platform creators. If you’re creating content on Snapchat, you now have a chance to earn extra income through creating great content that uses specific Lenses, participating in certain activities, or playing a chosen sound inside the app’s TikTok competitor, Spotlight.
  • September 2021 — Snapchat releases a new tool for marketers. Snapchat recently released a new tool called Snapchat Trends, which allows an overview of the most popular keywords used for app Stories.
  • September 2021 — Snapchat is selling its beachfront headquarters. If you’re in the market for real estate, you could own Snapchat’s beachfront apartment (turned commercial space) on the Venice Beach boardwalk. The property is listed for $25,000,000, which is the same listing price from 2012.
  • August 2021 — Snapchat profiles go 3D BitmojiNow, Snapchatters can create 3D BitMoji avatars for profiles and creative expression on and off the platform. From over 1,200 combinations, users can modify backgrounds, moods, gestures, and more to customize their Bitmoji as much as desired.
  • July 2021 — Snapchat removes its Speed FilterAfter continual criticism of the feature since its release in 2013, Snap Inc. has decided to remove the filter option many argue encourages reckless driving. 
  • July 2021 —  Snapchat shares insight on how to create effective Snap ads. If you’re running ads on the Snapchat platform, these insights are for you.
  • June 2021 — Snapchat is testing augmented reality glasses with select content creatorsThey’re not available to the public (yet). The company is providing new AR glasses to an undisclosed amount of platform creators to share personal experiences with the organization for testing purposes.
  • June 2021 — Snapchat is testing half swipes, and users are not a fan.  Half swipes allow your Bitmoji to appear in the chat, informing the person that you have read the message.
  • May 2021 — Snapchat releases its 2021 Citizen report. Within the report, the company highlights its recent efforts and milestones toward social and environmental good.
  • March 2021 — Snapchat releases a remix feature. The new remix feature on Snapchat is similar to that on TikTok and Instagram reels. Although it’s currently available to select users, the full release is coming soon. 
  • March 2021 — The Snap Partner Summit is happening in May.  Snapchat is streaming its summit on May 20th, 2021, showcasing its latest updates in AR, features, games, and more.
  • March 2021 — Snapchat plans to feature creators on the platform.  If you’re a Snap creator, you could get a spotlight in Snapchat’s newest original mobile series, “The Best Snaps Show,” launched March 14th and hosted by Salice Rose and Brent Rivera.
  • February 2021 — Snapchat hosts its first investor day. On February 23rd, 2021, Snapchat hosted a virtual Investor Day, which focused on community, business, and future opportunities. If you missed the session, you could find the transcripts here.
  • February 2021 — Snapchat reports that it reaches more than 70% of 13 to 24-year-olds. Additionally, the audience resides in countries that generate more than half of the world’s digital ad spend. This essentially means that there is staying power with Snapchat for the next generation, and brands should consider the platform if they desire to reach the younger audience.

Social media updates for WhatsApp

  • November 2021 — Apple’s update may impact 2 billion WhatsApp users. Apple’s recent updates could affect iMessage and WhatsApp users when it applies to child safety. WhatsApp’s responsibility to uphold child safety continues to amplify with the update and its parent company’s goals to tailor apps to a younger audience.
  • October 2021 — WhatsApp may soon have a Community featureThink Facebook groups but on WhatsApp. The feature appears to be in beta, but it will allow community managers to invite people to the communities, and it will be different from current WhatsApp groups.
  • September 2021 — WhatsApp enhances its voice messaging for users. Typically, voice notes are automatically sent to users, but WhatsApp is now testing the ability to preview voice messages before sending them.
  • August 2021 — WhatsApp CEO speaks out on Apple’s latest privacy updates. The privacy war with Apple and Facebook’s family of brands continues, and this time WhatsApp takes the lead. Will Cathcart, the head of WhatsApp, shared his concerns recently with Apple’s latest privacy update, as both companies fight to maintain privacy for users.
  • July 2021 —  Facebook Shops now integrate with WhatsAppAlthough it’s not available to all Shop creators yet, the ability to connect with customers now includes WhatsApp messaging. 
  • June 2021 — New features are coming for WhatsApp usersDuring a recent chat, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that new features would include disappearing mode, view once, and multi-device options to help users keep their messages private.  
  • March 2021 — WhatsApp users can change the speed of voice notesThe newest beta feature in WhatsApp is rolling out, and it’s giving users that chance to experiment with the audio speed of voice notes. March 2021 — WhatsApp is testing voice and audio calls with desktop access. The Mac desktop versions will support voice and audio-only, while PC users will be introduced to a desktop experience.
  • March 2021 — WhatsApp is now accessible through your desktopThe mobile-first app is making its debut on desktop. The update allows users to use a larger screen than their mobile devices while still enjoying a private, secure experience.
  • February 2021 — WhatsApp’s update impacts millions with older iPhone models. That platform states that this update aligns with its efforts of strengthening privacy and data protection.

Social media updates for Tumblr

  • December 2020 — Tumblr talks about Top Trends in 2020In a recent conversation with Cheddar, Tumblr’s Head of Editorial, Amanda Brennan, breaks down the platform’s top trends.
  • December 2020 — Tumblr Launches LOUDRIn an effort to support marginalized voices in Gen-Z, Tumblr launches LOUDR while pledging 10 percent of its top advertising units.

Social media updates for YouTube

  • October 2021 — YouTube adds new audio features for people with vision impairments.  To assist visually impaired listeners on the platform, YouTube allows the creator to enable live auto-captions for any livestreams in English. The new feature is rolling out now and will be available to all users in the upcoming months.
  • October 2021 — YouTube says goodbye to Rewind for good. YouTube recently announced its decision to phase out its annual highlights of the most trending videos on YouTube Rewind. Although Rewind has massive success in its early years, its recent performance is a huge factor for its farewell.
  • September 2021 — Twitch Streamer DrLupo signed an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube. With over 4.5 billion followers on Twitch, DrLupo officially announced that he would have a livestream exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming moving forward.
  • August 2021 — YouTube begins testing a mid-tier subscriptionTo assist users who want an ad-free experience but are unwilling (or unable) to pay for the full subscription amount, YouTube introduces Premium Lite. Its mid-tier subscription is currently in beta and available in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden for 6.99 euros per month.
  • July 2021 — The viral sensation “Charlie Bit My Finger” remains on YouTube. The video was auctioned off as a non-fungible token, or NFT, but is considered an essential part of the viral culture. 
  • June 2021 — YouTube is moving to Google Cloud (partially). If you’re unfamiliar with Google Cloud, it’s time you do some research. The leader of Google’s Cloud division recently announced that parts of YouTube are migrating to Google Cloud.
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