Top 20+ Social Media Marketing Tips and Monthly Updates
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Top 25+ Social Media Marketing Tips and Monthly Updates

With each monthly update we’ll add several new social media marketing tips and examples to the top of the list, while letting older updates gradually fall off the list as they fade from interest. (It’s also interesting to see how quickly some updates go from fresh to “that’s so yesterday” in the world of social media.)

We’re in the home stretch of 2020! Can you believe it? As you prepare for 2021 planning, many platform changes may impact those decisions and strategies. But don’t fret! As you focus on an impactful fourth quarter and brainstorming for 2021, we’ve got you covered with the latest #SocialMedia industry updates that can impact your business and clients.

Here are the latest insights happening across social media platforms.

Social media updates for Pinterest: Pinterest is testing a new version of Story Pins for its users.

Social media updates for Pinterest:

1. Pinterest exceeds 400 million monthly active users for Gen Z, men, and Millennials.

Pinterest user demographics are steadily growing and expanding with Gen Z’s growth up 50 percent (YOY), audience growth with men up 48 percent and Millennials are increasing 36 percent (YOY). Although all three generation groups are showing massive growth, they are all using the Pinterest platform in different ways.

Freelancer angle: The growth of new pinners can be a significant sign that testing a Pinterest campaign could be a great idea! As you consider your campaign strategy, remember to treat Pinterest as you would an SEO platform. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, users engage with content based on personalized search results (not followers). Consider researching your client’s SEO and building a strategic strategy before jumping into Pinterest advertising. (August 2020)

2. Pinterest updates its algorithm to encourage balanced content.

The Pinterest engineering team announced recent algorithm updates on the platform that could potentially help balance the type of content users are served within their Pinterest feed. Along with other things, the change allows for video views to receive an equal playing field as content with website clicks.

Freelancer angle: For Pinterest content creators, this is good news! The platform recognizes that although many desire traffic to their website, content that’s designed to create an in-platform experience brings excellent quality to the user experience as well. Additionally, it’s worth noting that while other platforms are looking for ways to keep users in-platform, creating an off-platform relationship with content is a natural part of the Pinterest experience. (July 2020)

There are recent algorithm changes to the @Pinterest platform. Learn how they can impact your content in our #SocialMediaNews report. | #ContentWriting | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

3. Pinterest is testing a new version of Story Pins for its users.

As a second revitalization of the feature, Pinterest is now testing Story Pins on the platform with a fresh approach to the idea of pinning. Unlike platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Story Pins highlight clickable content with “staying power” for users while sharing ideas. Yes, this means that they do not disappear. The revamped version also has more customization for the content curator.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available to a select group of users, and there is no way of requesting access. However, if the beta plan goes well, this will be another fantastic way to provide a robust strategic approach to your content on Pinterest. (June 2020)

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4. Pinterest launches new e-commerce features for retailers in support of small businesses.

Pinterest recently announced its release of a variety of features for e-commerce businesses, including the Verified Merchant Program, dynamic retargeting through advertising, and an update to the platform’s product catalogs.

Pinterest users can shop directly from boards, search, style guides, and direct pins, which provides various ways for product tagging while making it easier for pinners to purchase some of their favorite pinned products.

For freelance businesses and brands interested in learning more, check out this Pinterest webinar that shares e-commerce best practices for the platform. (April 2020)

5. Inspire your clients and others with a new Pinterest feature.

As we seek some form of normalcy at a time that’s filled with uncertainty, we’re all looking for inspiration and positivity. During the week of March 16, 2020, Pinterest reported an all-time high of inspirational content searches and saves in the history of the platform’s existence. Although original plans were to launch this feature later this year, recent user data and behavior influenced the early release of a new Pinterest product tab that’s specifically designed for daily inspiration and trending topics on the platform. (March 2020)

Freelancer angle: What we consider routine is now challenged, but this can be an excellent thing for innovative ideas. Proactively create client boards that spark inspiration to keep going while producing creativity. Inspirational boards can have many different angles that can align with your overall content strategy for the platform.

Some creative ways to use the ‘Today’ tab in Pinterest include:

  • Building collaborative Pinterest Boards with fellow freelance business owners within your respective industry.
  • Creating client inspiration boards (from the client profiles for their customers).
  • Incorporating client inspiration boards to the current Pinterest Board profile.

Have fun with this new feature and be open to out an out-of-the-box approach!

Active listening on social media allows you to make a quick pivot in your business strategy, and @Pinterest did just that with the latest release of their news feature on the platform. #SocialMediaNews | #ContentRadar | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

6. Pinterest claims the title as the third largest social network in the U.S.

eMarketer reports that Pinterest concluded 2019 by surpassing Snapchat’s ranking, now making the platform the third-biggest social media platform in the U.S. According to the recent report, Pinterest users will make up 41.1 percent of all U.S. social network users in 2020 and continues to gain momentum. (January 2020)

Is @Pinterest integrated into your #contentstrategy? It's now the third-largest social network in the U.S. #ContentMarketing | #SocialMedia | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

Freelancer angle: Naturally, many marketers gravitate to the most notable platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Don’t be afraid to test other platforms like TikTok or Pinterest in your content marketing strategy.

Unlike platforms like Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest is designed to drive users off the platform. That means that pins are encouraged to drive people to websites for awareness, consideration, or purchase. Also, when thinking of the shelf-life of your social media content, an organic pin can live for months, and beyond! Like Youtube, Pinterest is SEO friendly (which means you will not annoy users trying to maximize your SEO rankings.)

As you consider how Pinterest can impact your content strategy, remember that pins are like proactive planning boards. Users tend to pin for things months in advance. Pinners save pins now for consideration later. So, keep your content evergreen, and your Pinterest links active!

Social media updates for WhatsApp: WhatsApp reaches the 2 billion users milestone.

Social media updates for WhatsApp:

1.  WhatsApp launches a payment feature for in-app purchases, beginning in Brazil.

After reaching the 2 billion user milestone in February, the Facebook-owned app-based platform is launching a peer-to-peer in-app purchasing feature in Brazil. Initially kicking off the beta program in India,  its success and official launch in Brazil creates a high probability that it will be launching in other regions soon, including the United States. Additionally, there is now WhatsApp business, which is the official business hub for the app as of April 2019. It seamlessly integrates with Facebook for cohesive advertising strategies. (June 2020)

2. WhatsApp reaches the 2 billion users milestone.

WhatsApp, which is a part of the Facebook family of brands, recently reached 2 billion users worldwideAccording to The Wall Street Journal,  this compares to Facebook’s 2.5 billion users and 1 billion Instagram users.

Mark Zuckerberg announced a plan to integrate WhatsApp with Facebook Messenger in 2019. This integration would make the Facebook family of brands more powerful with user data, but there are encryption concerns that keep this plan slow and steady. If (or when) Zukerberg’s plan goes into action, private messages for Facebook and Instagram will be integrated with the end-to-end encryption based platform. This means that messages sent through WhatsApp (and other private messaging platforms associated) will remain secure with no access to anyone outside of the messaging recipients. This is a good thing for users and the apps, but not for third party agencies, including the federal government. (February 2020)

Social media updates for Instagram: IGTV launches monetization features for content creators.

Social media updates for Instagram:

1. Instagram’s testing a new interface with select accounts.

Have you noticed anything different on Instagram? Some of you may, and most haven’t (yet). It is reported that Instagram is testing various new interface changes to observe best-performing changes among users. During a recent conversation with Verge, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, discloses that Instagram is preparing to unveil big updates on the platforms, including a new interface that moves the like button to make room for Instagram Reels and e-commerce location for the app. Mosseri stated the following:

“When you’re as large as we are, competition is always a risk, but an even bigger issue is that what you do becomes irrelevant.”

With this news of change on the horizon, it’s highly recommended that you listen to the platform’s priorities. As you’re building out your content and social media strategy, learn more about how you can utilize key features on the platform, like Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels, and be open to the inevitable change that’s coming. These areas, including e-commerce, have great importance within the platform’s strategy, so it’s imperative to leverage this information to the benefit of your organic engagement on the platform.

Changes are coming to the look of @instagram. Learn more in that latest #ClearVoice. #SocialMediaNews | #ContentRadar | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

2. Instagram launches a new feature called Reels.

In lieu of recent news of TikTok’s potential ban due to data privacy concerns, Instagram released its highly anticipated feature called Instagram Reels in more than 50 countries, including the U.S., U.K., Japan, and Australia, on both iOS and Android. The feature is a direct competitor to TikTok and provides users a similar experience within the Instagram app.

Could this be a mere coincidence? Probably not. Either way, its timing is perfect. Instagram Reels is a new way to create and discover short, entertaining video content on the platform.

Freelancer angle: With all that’s happening with data security on TikTok, Instagram Reels can be a great alternative to test with video content. Since it is still in the early phases, test out the video capabilities for your personal branding before incorporating it into your client content strategies. (August 2020)

Update: To help users familiarize themselves with the new feature, you can now browse suggested Reels that may interest you. Discover fresh Reels content and get inspired on jumping into the new feature as well. (September 2020)

Instagram recently launched Instagram Reels, giving users a new way to create and discover short videos. Through the Discovery tab, you’re able to find video inspiration and entertainment. #InstagramNews| #SocialMediaUpdates | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

3. Instagram users can highlight post comments on the mobile app.

The Vice President of Product for Instagram, Vishal Shah, recently tweeted the news that users everywhere can now pin comments to the top of an Instagram post. The platform hopes that this new feature will encourage positive community engagement. (July 2020)

Freelancer angle: Although it is an easily overlooked feature, this could help brands shape the flow of conversation and help mitigate the issue of negative public comments that social media community managers often deal with daily.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend going overboard with this feature, primarily because it can become manipulative to the authenticity of your audience sentiment. Too many “good” comments is a clear indicator to an audience that the brand is censoring or removing the unfavorable commentary. Remember, people are not looking for perfection. They merely want authentic relatability.

4. IGTV launches monetization features for content creators.

IGTV recently announced new ways content creators can monetize content, including badges and IGTV Ads. According to the release, fans can purchase badges that range from .99 to $4.99 during livestreaming. The badge payments go directly to the content creators.

Instagram’s COO, Justin Osofsky, states in a recent Variety article, “Providing a variety of monetization tools is crucial in order to support all creators on Instagram, from emerging digital stars to established entertainers and everything in between.” Although IGTV ads are an additional option, it is currently available to select business accounts only. (June 2020)

Freelancer angle: Although IGTV advertising is currently available to select users only, consider testing the badges with a mini-workshop or webinar. In the process of promoting and facilitating your IGTV experience, observe how your audience responds to the monetized badges. This data will help you decide if the feature is a viable option for your brand on the platform.

Remember that people are naturally reluctant to change. Be patient and give your testing phase time to see actual, substantial results (once the resistance decreases).

Are you still unsure of how to use the content curating power of Instagram features, including IGTV and Instagram Stories? Don’t be afraid to test and learn! Create content for IGTV with an objective of learning how your content performs with your audience, and check out our latest guide on how to optimize your Instagram experience.

Influencers can now monetize content for @Instagram’s IGTV through badges or advertising. Learn more in this week’s #ContentRadar, #SocialMedia edition. #SocialMediaNews | #SocialMediaUpdates | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

5. Invite a friend (or two) to your Instagram scrolling experience.

The Instagram experience is often a solo experience, but now you can scroll with friends. Instagram recently launched co-watching, which allows friends on a video chat or group video chat to browse through feed posts of one user. Within the feature, users can include various stickers that remind us all of healthy living and staying safe.

Are you in need of a little inspiration? If so, spend time with a business BFF to discover content that encourages you to be more productive throughout your day. Not only will these accounts bring you a little motivation, but they can also become great resources later. (March 2020)

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6. Instagram adds a new video editing tool to Instagram Stories for creators.

For Instagram’s highly engaged feature, Instagram Stories, users can incorporate images and video into a flowing stream of updates. With consideration to the 15-second limit restriction, platform users and content creators alike can now trim videos to fit the 15-second frame.

If you have amazing video content that’s too long for Instagram stories, this new feature gives you a chance to break your content down into digestible content for the IG Stories experience. (February 2020)

Freelancer angle: Everyone thinks about your standard way of sharing video, but get creative with your video content. Here are great examples of brand creativity within Instagram Stories that go beyond a mix of traditional images and video content.

7. Instagram allows for direct messaging from your desktop.

For marketers who manage client accounts on social media, one of the most time-consuming tasks involves community management. For Instagram, which is a mobile-first platform, native replies worked best (and not through a third party tool). This process ensures your response attached to the individual’s comment. Rumors began of the platform testing this new feature last year that would allow for desktop access to direct messaging, and Instagram is making it official.

Although this is a new feature, they also integrated the messaging systems for admins within Facebook Creator Studio. Within the admin view, social media managers can reply to all comments and private messages, directly from the messages tab. The latest feature provides yet another way to gain access to your content for efficient community management. (January 2020)

8. IGTV is removed from Instagram’s main screen.

Instagram recently removed the IGTV Icon from the feed. Since they’ve added the feature to include an IGTV preview as a timeline post, the usage of the main button has declined. Although Instagram is still trying to find the features “sweet spot,” there’s no indication that IGTV is going away anytime soon, especially now that Instagram lives are shareable to the IGTV platform. (January 2020, Updated May 2020)

Social media updates for LinkedIn: Discover the power of polls with your LinkedIn network.

Social media updates for LinkedIn:

1. LinkedIn reveals platform Stories, and more.

As the world’s largest professional social networking platform, LinkedIn is making massive changes and updates to benefit companies and professional users alike. One of the most notable features added to the platform are LinkedIn Stories. This feature allows users to share quick, real-time updates throughout the day. The Stories will only last 24 hours, and although similar to Instagram Stories, it is crucial to remember the purpose of the platform and treat your LinkedIn Stories differently. To showcase content on this new feature, consider sharing upcoming event graphics with sign-up details, latest news or client updates, and all things involving your professional portfolio and work! Check out their FAQ page to learn more details.

Beyond the Stories on the platform, there is also a new look and new integration capabilities. LinkedIn recently released a full platform face-lift and integrations with Zoom, Blue Jeans, and Microsoft Teams. (October 2020)

All of the latest updates showcase the platform’s commitment to video, which is also a new feature within LinkedIn messaging. Just remember to treat this platform for its intended use, building, and nurturing your professional connections.

2. LinkedIn releases new feature to help virtual engagement among companies and employees.

Linkedin recently announced its latest features on the platform. For employees, you will begin to see two major feature updates:

  • A My Company Tab for employees: this tab will help the company notify employees of the latest updates while allowing employees to engage with and celebrate team wins and milestones. Additionally, employees can see high-performing content from colleagues and connection recommendations.
  • An Events Tab: With virtual events becoming our new standard for networking, Linkedin is helping to bring upcoming virtual events to the forefront. Through the tab, you’re able to browse upcoming events, webinars, and panels.

For brands, you’re now able to see the names of your followers. You read that right. You’re able to see who is following your company page on the platform. Linkedin hopes that this level of transparency will help you understand your audience, their industries, and their location.

Depending on the number of followers on your company page, this research can be a little time-consuming. However, it will be worth the investment of time. (September 2020)

Freelancer angle: If you have a freelance business, you should have a company page for your brand, especially if you serve a B2B audience. If you currently have a company page on LinkedIn, check out the new feature and browse your followers. You may be surprised at those who follow the company updates. Be open to what you discover, and be willing to adjust your messaging approach. Beyond active listening, you can also consider potential prospects though this new feature! As you research, remember to be respectful of the platform etiquette. This means if you send a connection request, personalize your message and do not send your sales pitch immediately after they accept. Connect, nurture, and build the relationship first!

From a client perspective, encourage your clients to incorporate employee advocacy into their social media strategy. Their most prominent supporters are the people living and breathing the company culture, so promote the integration of employee engagement with content marketing.

With @Linkedin’s latest feature updates, companies can now review followers individually. As you review, remember to mind your manners! Build authentic relationships before sending your sales pitch. Discover the other features recently released in this… Click To Tweet

3. Discover the power of polls with your LinkedIn network.

For quite some time, third-party apps forced a poll integration to the platform, but now, LinkedIn is officially launching a poll option to posts. When updating your status, you can start organic conversations, gather data on relevant topics, and more. The polls can remain active for 24 hours, up to two weeks, and poll results are immediately stored for admins to review and analyze. Polls appear for both desktop and mobile, so personal profiles and companies can create them, and network connections can easily respond.

If you do not see this feature on your profile, don’t fret! It was in beta for a select number of people, but it will become visible to everyone within the upcoming weeks. (May 2020)

Are you considering different ways to engage your @LinkedIn audience? Consider creating a poll as a status update. Learn more in our #ContentRadar, #SocialMedia edition. #SocialMediaNews | #ContentWriting | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

4. LinkedIn adds a new feature to highlight key achievements.

In response to user feedback, LinkedIn recently added its latest achievement feature that allows users to showcase portfolio work at the top of their profile pages. Users can include links to external websites or personal blogs, images, and documents to showcase specific details of their achievements to your profile visitors. Technically, this feature isn’t necessarily new. However, the original version is often overlooked.

The feature was initially integrated into a user’s chronological work history. For example, as you’re updating your work history, you could also attach previous work that you completed while working in that role. However, the accomplishments would be connected to the role within your profile, and some visitors may overlook it. (February 2020)

Freelancer angle: This is perfect for highlighting your writing portfolio for brands. If you’re a ClearVoice Writer, include your best work in your featured section. (If you’re not a part of the ClearVoice Community, what are you waiting for? Seriously.)

Social media updates for Facebook: Facebook is expanding livestreaming features.

Social media updates for Facebook:

1. Facebook announces new group features.

With groups being the platform’s highest priority, Facebook recently shared that there are now 1.8 billion active monthly unique users within groups, and their attention on the feature is working. During the recent Facebook Communities Summit, the platform officially announced the release of new features for groups. The latest features include admin assist, group topic highlights, and a way to create group promotions. All new features are to help users and group admins increase engagement authentically and efficiently.

Freelancer Angle: Facebook added groups to the platform 10 years ago. Can you believe it? Well, a lot has changed since then, so familiarize yourself with all of the latest changes to help you maximize the power of Facebook groups. Although organic content continues to decline, Facebook Group engagement is steadily rising and evolving. (October 2020)

Have you noticed the changes? @Facebook recently added new features to Facebook Groups and removed a lot of things as well. Learn more in that latest #ClearVoice monthly roundup, #socialmedia edition. #SocialMediaNews | #ContentRadar | via… Click To Tweet

2. Paid Facebook Lives are official for brand pages.

If you manage a brand page on Facebook, the new interface provided a new feature that can help you monetize your branding experience, and it involves your live content. Brand creators are now able to charge for premium Facebook Live content on the platform, ranging from .99 to $99.99 per live event.

To have access to this feature, you must complete a one-time submission form that includes business documentation, including your EIN and business banking accounts for payments. (Sept 2020)

3. Facebook is expanding livestreaming features.

As the world discovers new ways to connect, live streams are increasingly growing in popularity. Concerts are happening on Instagram Live, fitness and wellness instructors are sharing tips on Facebook Live, and business conferences are going 100 percent virtual. COVID-19 is changing the dynamics of how we interact, and the capacity of our online consumption, together. Due to the cancellation of the highly recognized F8 Conference, Mark Zuckerberg went to his very own platform, Facebook Live, to share 2020 goals and upcoming product releases for the Facebook family of brands, and the news centered around live videos.

In an effort to meet the needs of content creators, Facebook recently announced new features coming to the live experience for both Facebook and Instagram. These updates include Facebook Messenger Rooms, and the ability to have paid Facebook Live events. That’s right! Within the upcoming weeks, Facebook Live creators will have the option to charge for the content. (May 2020)

Freelancer Angle: Virtual experiences remove the issue of proximity. As a freelance business owner, you can now incorporate your consultations, discovery sessions, or top-of-funnel content to an interactive experience through Facebook Live. If your clients have great content and they’re not camera-shy, encourage them to test this feature as well.

Great content can be worth the investment. @Facebook is introducing a paid option for Facebook Live curators — coming soon! #SocialMediaNews | #ContentRadar | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

4. Facebook shows support for small businesses with a free, virtual storefront.

If you’re a small e-commerce business owner, there is a new feature designed just for you. Facebook has launched Facebook Shops, which is a free virtual storefront on the platform that encourages people to shop with you through Facebook.

Facebook states, “We want to give people a place to experience the joy of shopping versus the chore of buying. And we want to help small businesses adapt and make it easier for people to discover and shop for things they love.”

Shoppers can browse products and purchase directly through the platform. It appears to be an updated, strategic version of Facebook Catalog, which allows e-commerce profiles to add products while connecting to Instagram for product tagging on posts. Either way, the new Facebook Shop can help you maximize brand presence, engage with customers, and increase sales. (May 2020)

5. Facebook welcomes Giphy into its family of brands.

Are you a fan of GIFs? Who isn’t, right?! Well, Giphy officially announced it is joining the Facebook Family of Brands. You read that correctly. Facebook and GIFs are now in a committed relationship. There are no immediate changes to the company yet, but there are industry concerns with other platforms, like Twitter. We will keep you updated as the story (and changes) unfold. (May 2020)

6. Silence the noise with Facebook’s Quiet Mode.

Facebook launched a new feature called Quiet Mode, which allows its users to silence notifications during a specified time of choice. The function attempts to set boundaries for information overload during the COVID-19 pandemic while helping users to create a healthy balance with social media consumption.

For social media marketers,  many of us cannot unplug from social media overload. Our businesses and clients depend on us to stay connected and informed. However, boundaries are essential, and there is no better time to implement guardrails that honor your time for mental relief from the noise of social media.

All things require balance, and this feature is Facebook’s way of encouraging a little balance to the ongoing stream of social information overload. (April 2020)

Social media updates for YouTube: YouTube gives more control to content creators with copyright claims.

Social media updates for YouTube:

1. YouTube gives more control to content creators with copyright claims.

For YouTube creators, copyright claims were time-consuming to dispute and remove off of their accounts. The process could take weeks or months.

Now, YouTube is making this the process easier, giving creators more control over removing the content associated with the claim. It’s as simple as a video editing tool within YouTube Studio.

What does this mean? So, let’s say you publish a YouTube video, and you have music playing the background. It happens. It’s that time when you’re recording fantastic content for your audience, and you forget Spotify or Pandora is playing softly as your background noise. If your account is flagged to have unauthorized copyright material, the content is pulled from public view, and you have to submit a response to the claim. From there, you wait.

This new trimming tool doesn’t rebuttal the claim but allows the video to be republished once the content creator removes the section with the unauthorized copyright material. So if you have a copyright blooper, simply remove the section from your video. (December 2019)

Social media updates for Spotify: Spotify makes new podcast discovery a little easier.

Social media updates for Spotify:

1. Spotify enhances its analytics for podcast advertisers.

Spotify recently announced its release of new metric tools for podcast advertisers, which will provide insightful data on impressions, frequency, and reach concerning audience insights and listening behaviors. Before this new metric, podcast advertisers had a general idea of the ads targeting parameters, but the data was still uncertain. Now, Spotify’s latest technology, called Streaming Ad Insertion (SIA), unveils data that makes it easier for advertisers to understand the ROI of their advertising spend. (January 2020)

Performance data for podcast advertising is becoming more in-depth, thanks to @Spotify's recent update. #PodcastAdvertising | #MarTech |via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

Freelancer angle: As content creators and producers, this pivotal shift in performance data opens the door of consideration for brands to invest in podcast advertising. If you are considering launching your own podcast, it’s a good time to start, but begin your podcast with intention. Do your research, discover your audience, and create a solid strategy. These things will make your podcast more attractive to your listeners and advertisers.

Social media updates for Canva: Canva and FedEx Office partner to create a Digital Content and Design-to-Print Marketplace.

Social media updates for Canva:

1. Canva and FedEx Office partner to create a Digital Content and Design-to-Print Marketplace.

Canva is now making big moves for small businesses in a recently announced partnership with FedEx Office. Through the partnership, Canva users, content creators, and business owners will gain access to a more dynamic printing experience through more than 2,000 FedEx Office locations across the U.S.

Canva Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Cliff Obrecht states, “With Canva we set out to democratize design; this alliance combines the depth and variety of Canva’s design and content library with the reach and expertise in print of FedEx Office, to empower the community to create and communicate with ease.” (June 2020)

Freelancer Angle: Seamless integration of your Canva designs and printing is about to get easier, more accessible, and robust. Before the collaboration, Canva printing was quite limited to general print material and branded T-shirts. Through this new strategic relationship, the possibilities will expand significantly, and it will be exciting to see what new printing options will be available soon.

Have you heard the news? @Canva solidifies a partnership with @FedEx in response to helping #SMBs with printing needs. Learn more in that latest #ClearVoice #ContentRadar. #SocialMediaNews | #ContentRadar | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

2. Canva becomes an official Pinterest Partner for content creators.

Canva, which is one of the fastest-growing, web-based design platforms recently paired up with Pinterest, a visual discovery engine used by over 332 million active monthly users around the world and 52 million actively engaged pinners in the US.

Through this new partnership, content creators can curate engaging content quickly, while integrating Pinterest best practices within their pins to maximize campaign performance.  (April 2020)

Freelancer angle: If you have great content yet haven’t incorporated Pinterest into your social media strategy, what are you waiting for? Through the Canva partnership, creating visually engaging pins is more straightforward and seamless. Additionally, Pinterest can be a great platform that assists with your SEO strategy as well.

.@Canva becomes an official @Pinterest partner, which is great news for content creatives that use both platforms. #SocialMediaNews | #ContentRadar | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

Social media updates for TikTok: Marketers and brands need to pay attention to TikTok as it continues to rise in popularity.

Social media updates for TikTok:

1. TikTok inks a deal with Sony.

The dance sensation and arguably the most controversial platform when it comes to consumer privacy and protection, TikTok, recently secured its relationship with its most significant asset: music. The Chinese-developer-based app recently signed a new licensing agreement with Sony Music Entertainment (SME). This new agreement will allow the short-form video app to continue offering songs from Sony Music artists for use by creators on its platform without copyright violation. (November 2020)

This partnership is a massive win for the platform. However, there are still significant concerns regarding the data concerns that caused many countries, including the US, to consider banning the app.

2. TikTok’s privacy concerns could ban the app from the United States.

We know you’ve seen the fantastic, entertaining TikTok videos. Well, although fun, they may be unavailable to the United States by October 2020. Due to recent data privacy concerns, the U.S. may ban the app entirely. This decision will follow recent bans from other countries and organizations.

Although unfortunate for TikTok fans, the news comes as no surprise. If the Chinese-based parent company, ByteDance, is unsuccessful in meeting data protection requirements, the app will be removed from app stores. (August 2020)

With TikTok experiencing big concerns around #privacy and #data, @Instagram’s providing you with a potential alternative called Instagram Reels. #SocialMediaNews | #ContentRadar | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

3.  TikTok creates an advertising platform for all businesses.

If quick snippets of content are your thing, TikTok recently announced their hub for content creators and advertisers called TikTok for Business. Through the new business hub, the platform is encouraging creators to build authentic, inspiring content for a new audience. The ad management interface mirrors that of other platforms, which include targeting parameters, campaigns, ad groups, auto-scheduling, and more. (July 2020)

Freelancer angle: For the brands and freelance business owners who have an audience on the platform, this is a great way to connect in a fresh, engaging way. However, TikTok comes with a high price of data safety concerns. The Chinese-based app has different regulations on data control. It was recently reported that the app is banned in India, and the United States and the United Kingdom may be next. Companies like Wells Fargo have also warned employees of using the app on company phones, and there are rumors that other organizations are following their lead.

There is an undeniable data safety issue happening with TikTok, so weigh all of your options (and the risks) when incorporating the platform into your content strategy.

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Social media updates for Google: Google launches Stories for the web.

Social media updates for Google:

1. Google launches Stories for the web.

There is a theme happening around stories, and Google’s getting in the game! Google recently announced a Stories Feature for the Google app that is now available for the United States, Brazil, and India. These Web Stories integrate with Google Search, and publishers can share various content types, including video. (October 2020)

Freelancer Angle: Freelance business owners and advertisers be mindful of the content you add to your Web Stories. Google intends to have strict guidelines on the content shared through Web Stories, poor-quality videos, copyright infringement, and a lack of substance that can get your story removed or your account possibly banned from the feature.

Stories aren't just for @Instagram anymore. @Linkedin and @Google recently added a new Stories features to their platforms. Learn more in this week’s #ContentRadar, #SocialMedia edition. #SocialMediaNews | #SocialMediaUpdates | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

Social media updates for Snapchat: Snapchat provides the option of public follower accounts for content creators.

Social media updates for Snapchat:

1. Snapchat provides the option of public follower accounts for content creators.

Active listening matters for any organization, including the actual platforms used to gather consumer data. After acknowledging a continual trend of content creators requesting changes on the platform, Snapchat recently announced it is beginning to allow content creators to share follower counts on the platform. This is the first time that the follower count will have a public view, and it’s OK to have mixed feelings about this. 

Freelancer angle: As other platforms like Twitter and Instagram admit follower counts to be vanity metrics, Snapchat allows its creators to decide whether they want to disclose this information publicly. If you’re using Snapchat for business, consider if your follower count impacts your brand presence in a positive way. Weighing this decision on strategy builds a great case, and monitoring the data will solidify the decision.

If you’re a @Snapchat content creator, you know have an option to disclose your follower count on the platform. #ContentRadar, #SocialMedia edition. #SocialMediaNews | #SocialMediaUpdates | via @AltimeseNichole Click To Tweet

Top social media marketing tips and updates from 2019 and 2020.

More social media marketing tips and updates from the past year:

1. In 2019, Instagram officially started the process of removing the Like metric from the visibility of the timeline experience. After announcing this change during the F8 Conference, Instagram began the process in April with Canada, with Japan, Australia, and New Zealand immediately following. (November 2019)

2. To showcase its predictions for the 2020 trends, Pinterest released its Pinterest 100, which highlights key categories and top searches on the platform. (December 2019)

3. TikTok is a mobile video app that highlights short video snippets among friends launched by Chinese developer, ByteDance. The app released in 2017 and recently reached over 1.5 billion downloads in the Apple Store or Google Play. (November 2019)

4. As the most powerful professional networking toolLinkedIn recently released a new feature that allows users to create, manage, and track professional gatherings directly from the platform. (October 2019)

5. Facebook announced its removal of the gray badges to make the verification request process simple. Whether on Facebook or Instagram, you’re now able to request profile verification directly from your business profile page. (December 2019)

6. Influencers shift from engagement to conversion. Instagram hiding platform Likes causes influencer marketing campaigns to focus more on substance and how that relates to a business objective rather than engagement, and this shouldn’t be considered a bad thing! (11/15/19)

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