15. Instagram rolls out new quiz sticker integration and ‘join chat’ function.

With 500 million active users, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms. It is no surprise that the platform frequently rolls out new stickers and fun interactive features that allow users and brands to actively engage with their followers via stories.

Instagram’s newest sticker roll-out allows users to quiz their followers to see how well they know the people they are following. You can list up to four multiple-choice answers for your fans to choose from.

How does this benefit you as a brand or freelance writer? It’s simple: Most people like answering multiple-choice quizzes. It’s a great way for followers to learn about people behind their favorite accounts, while also engaging with them on a personal level.

instagram rolls out new sticker integrations

Additionally, the platform will allow users to communicate more effectively with each other. Instagram is looking to add a Join Chat sticker, which would enable followers and viewers currently watching a story to initiate a private DM (Direct Message) directly from the story.

What are the benefits of this function? Similar to Facebook Messenger, Instagram is focusing on driving additional traffic to DM, which creates more opportunities for engagement with your fans. Utilizing these tools allows you to create more interactive, engaging content for your current and growing list of followers. (4/24/2019)

Instagram has created in-app purchase features for e-commerce brands and influencers.

16. Instagram has created in-app purchase features for e-commerce brands and influencers.

For brands looking to sell more products and participate in influencer marketing, Instagram is the platform for you. Instagram is rolling out a new update that allows users to purchase products within the app in order to help cut down on follower questions such as, “Where can I buy this?” or “How much is this item?” This new tool will be tested with some of the app’s top influencers.

(Hmmm, I wonder what will happen with the swipe up feature to purchase items on e-commerce landing pages. Will the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) drop tremendously if consumers are able to purchase within the app itself?)

“Creators will also receive additional insights with shopping posts, such as engagements and shopping insights,” which will help brands understand which products sell best. This might be the next transition from an e-commerce website to Instagram purchases. Stay tuned for more updates. (5/1/2019)

Is swiping left and right the new “like” on Twitter?

17. Is swiping left and right the new “like” on Twitter?

This past month, Twitter released a new function on their prototype app twttr to test out the methods of “liking” a tweet. Using the popular swipe right and left usability on other apps, Twitter wanted to see if their followers would respond to the new function.

There were definite reservations that it might be a little confusing; however, the platform is hoping that with a simple swipe engagement will increase on Twitter posts. It will be interesting to see if Twitter will implement this new function and whether it will help increase engagement for brands who are looking to publish more content on the platform. (4/29/2019)