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Periscope for the Pro Content Marketer

Smart content marketers keep one eye peeled for additional platforms on which to share content and engage users. Enter Periscope, the live streaming video mobile app purchased by Twitter last year. The service has been used as a marketing and engagement tool by everyone from celebrities to brands, including such big guns as Red Bull, Spotify, Taco Bell, Adobe, GE, Nestle, Doritos and T-Mobile. This guide shows you how to use Periscope in your content marketing efforts.

Get to know Periscope

Periscope is a free mobile app for Periscope for the Pro Content MarketeriOS and Android devices. With it, you can live-stream video and audio to anyone who joins in. It becomes like your own mini broadcasting station.

How it works: The obvious first steps are to download the app, sign up, and then get familiar with your account and how to broadcast. Periscope has a comprehensive help center to help you get started. When you go live with a broadcast, your followers get notified and, hopefully, join in (private broadcasts for specific followers is also permitted). Viewers can “like” your broadcast, make live comments and share your station with their network on Twitter. There’s a 24-hour replay window, but after that your broadcast disappears from the app. You can, however, save your broadcast to your mobile device and share it online.

Specific uses for content marketers

There are two primary ways to leverage Periscope as part of your content marketing strategy:

First, you can use the app like you would a video blog. Talk directly to the camera to create a personal connection with your audience. Companies use Periscope to advertise new products, conduct product demos and engage with social media-savvy consumers. It’s also a great way to hold a Q&A session or webinar. Use it to ask questions, get responses in real-time and gain insight into your customers’ perspectives and needs.

Second, you can use it to stream a speech or company event. This offers employees, customers and other stakeholders a way to participate in the event even if they can’t be physically in attendance. The UFC, for example, uses Periscope to give followers exclusive behind-the-scenes footage (of course, this capability is proving troublesome for pay-per-view TV providers).


Focus on making connections & telling authentic stories

Content marketers are usually looking for ways to humanize their companies, to broadcast those brand attributes that people connect with and appreciate. Use Periscope to foster connections between consumers and your brand and between employees and execs. Periscope enables you to put a face on your company, and it provides a visual reinforcement on your company culture.

Plus, video has become the preferred platform for authentic storytelling, so a live, interactive broadcast on Periscope integrates well into this content marketing strategy.

Connect to influencers, grow your audience

Periscope lets you see who is following you and who tunes into your broadcasts. Use this feature to find new people to connect with and follow, some of whom may be mapinfluencers willing to share your broadcasts. There is great satisfaction in watching influencers grow your audience on their own credibility. Of course, they might have followers of their own who would be of interest to you, too.

And when you integrate Periscope into a cohesive content marketing strategy, you leverage the power that video has with today’s consumers.

Backed by the Twitter social media brand, Periscope is sailing the seas of consumer and business engagement success. Time to get your marketing boat out there, test the waters, and power up that engine.

About John

John Rampton is an entrepreneur, investor, online marketing guru and startup enthusiast. He is founder of the online payments company Due.

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