Competitive analysis

Graded Comparisons: Wix vs Squarespace vs Weebly

In today’s #MarTechMonday post, Ben Beck puts three popular website creation tools through their paces. Which one will emerge victorious? Keep reading…

Content Marketing for Education and Nonprofits: Best Practices

Get tips from an industry expert on conquering marketing challenges common to nonprofits and universities. Plus, download our new ebook, Content Marketing Best Practices: Higher Education & Nonprofits, a 68-page guide in an easy-to-read slide format.

align content with demand

Content Types: Aligning What You Create With What Your Buyer Wants

“What types of content should I be posting? How do various types of content generate leads?” Marketing consultant Britt Skrabanek helps map out content and the buyer’s journey to answer these all too common questions.

Mobile device usage

Content Radar: June 21, 2017

This week… Twitter joins the battle of the bots. Consumers are more addicted than ever to their mobile devices. And you’re annoying people with your preroll ads.

successful pitches

The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Pitching

Is your pitching style keeping you from scoring better freelance jobs? Get up to speed on the elements of a good pitch and the pros and cons of different pitching styles.

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marketing with voice recognition

7 Ways to Seize Your Share of Voice Search Web Traffic

Are you prepared for the growing boom of voice search? Get several tips that will help you leverage martech and voice search marketing best practices to optimize your site.

content creation tools

Top 30 Content Creation Tools for Freelancers and Marketers

Ben Beck, our expert martech contributor, reveals his picks for the top content creation tools in several key categories, with a breakdown of cost, skill level and time needed for each.

Content Radar: June 14, 2017

This week… Apple finally gives podcasters what they want. Facebook gives marketers a digital video playbook. And find out the social channel that is taking the most money from marketers.


Head-to-Head Reviews: Grow vs. Chartio vs. Yellowfin

Need to button up your business intelligence? Don’t know whether Grow, Chartio or Yellowfin is the best fit for your organization? Ben Beck breaks down the pros and cons of each.

Agile Marketing DK

How to Succeed in Your Agile Marketing Journey [TRANSCRIPT]

What’s all the buzz about agile marketing? We’ll tell you. It’s about rocketing to success. If you missed our webinar with Douglas Karr, here’s your chance to catch up… Video. Transcript. Q&A. Stellar advice.

content marketing radar

Content Radar: June 7, 2017

This week… Facebook prioritizes your next five years. Google Chrome has no more patience for subpar ads. And what one company is doing to cheer up sad tweeters.

successful marketing strategy

The Must-Have Elements of Creating a Great Content Campaign With ClearVoice

Creating sporadic content pieces is an immediate customer turnoff because they create a jarring journey and inconsistent brand message. Keep your content and brand voice in line by creating cohesive campaigns with ClearVoice.

Deep Dive on SEO: How to Improve Your Domain Authority Score

How powerful is your site’s domain authority? Learn tips on helping yours rise over time — and reap the rewards of ranking higher in search engine results.

12 Must-Have Tools and Tactics for Content Distribution and Promotion

It’s not enough to create great content — now you need a plan to distribute and promote it.

personal bio

How to Write the Perfect Bio for Your ClearVoice Profile and Get More Work

Your writer bio is a key factor when brands consider hiring you as a freelance writer. Is yours sparkling or bordering on cray-cray? Megan’s here to help you take a gut check.

SEO marketing

Your Content Marketing Radar: May 31, 2017

This week . . . Your SEO is more important to consumers than your website. Google is giving you an unexpected way to display your data. And good news if you are marketing to teens.