Retirement Plans

Retirement Plan Options for Freelance Writers 

If you’re a freelancer who’s living paycheck to paycheck, you might want to take a hard look at your future finances. Consider a retirement plan to enact now. Here are several options suited to the freelance lifestyle.

Content Marketing Radar

Content Radar: August 16, 2017

This week… Instagram wants you to bring your friends to live video. Influencer fraud apparently is a thing. And a new report claims that your programmers may be the most-important customer service employees you have.

Business Entity Forms

Business Entity Forms for Your Freelance Writing Business

Ready to take your freelancing to the next level? Consider establishing yourself as a business. Review the most common business entities for a small entity like a freelance writing business.

Comm App Comparisons

Online Community App Reviews: Lithium vs. Influitive vs. Higher Logic

Martech expert Ben Beck compares three popular online community apps: Lithium, Influitive, and Higher Logic. Get the rundown on the strengths and weaknesses of each, plus graded results.

8 Interviewing Skills

8 Interviewing Skills for Writing Like an Expert on Anything (Even If You’re Not Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Tasked with a new or challenging topic? Sharpen your interviewing skills to write like an expert on anything. Get a journalist’s tips on how to interview experts, influencers, and leaders.

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10 types of content writers

10 Types of Content Writers and When to Use Them

What kind of content writer do you need for your next project? Hal Werner explains the different types of writers and what to expect from each.

Content Marketing Radar

Your Content Marketing Radar: August 9, 2017

This week… More than 40 percent of the world’s population is now using social media. Facebook provides a few tips to make your videos more effective. And YouTube just made a major update that will change how videos are shared.


The Pitching Game: 4 Freelance Pitch Examples and a Template

How well are you filling up your calendar with freelance work? Freelance writer Angela Tague shares tips and real-life examples of pitching to top brands to help keep your work flowing. Plus, download a free template to get your pitches started.

Influencer Marketing Tech

A Simple Guide to Influencer Marketing Technology

Influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity and, with technology, in effectiveness. But before you go hog wild, reset your expectations with Ben Beck’s primer on influencer marketing, first in a four-part series.

consolidate your marketing tools

How Agencies Can Wrangle Chaos by Consolidating Martech [SlideShare]

Need to simplify your agency’s tool set so you can amplify output? Stop wrestling with tool consolidation and reap the benefits. Plus, review a quick SlideShare on how ClearVoice for Agencies can help streamline your process.

The Power of Pay for Tech Writers: Are Freelance Rates and Quality Correlated? [STUDY]

We assigned three writers the same assignment, a 400-word article about “Security Best Practices for Development Operations Teams.” Twenty editorial pros rated the quality of each of submission. Here are the findings…

Content Radar: August 2, 2017

This week… Messenger 2.1 features make consumer engagement easier. LinkedIn gets more Facebook-y. And the most satisfying social network is not what you would think.

podcast series

Freelancer Success Stories: Visibility in the Freelance Economy [Podcast]

Getting freelance work, learning from your mistakes, social and selling yourself… Listen to a roundtable podcast about common freelancer issues, with guests Stacy Jackson, Berrak Sarikaya, and Jacob Warwick.

Wordpress Plugins

10 Essential WordPress Plugins for Marketers

Martech expert, Ben Beck, answers one of your top questions: What are the best WordPress plugins for driving traffic, generating leads, and boosting conversion?

Optimizing Evergreen Content So It’s More Actionable and Zombie-Proof

Don’t let your best content just drift off into zombie land. Get more bang for your buck with tips to keep pumping life into your evergreen content.

Accounting and Record-Keeping Issues for Freelance Writers

How do you track your freelance income and expenses? It’s not just something to think about at tax time, but all year long. Get tips on staying organized.