Measuring Influencer Marketing

Don’t Think You Can Measure Influencer Marketing Campaign KPIs? Think Again…

With the overheated attention given toward influencers, how can you make sure you influencer campaigns are really hitting your goals? Get tips on tracking KPIs without relying on influencers’ un-vetted vanity metrics.

clearvoice pitching

Feature Announcement: Easily Request Content Ideas From Writers With Pitching

Great content starts with great ideas. That’s why we’re introducing a new feature: pitching.


How to Increase Webinar Attendance With Your Own Concierge Chatbot

Did you know that chatbot reminders can more than double your webinar attendance, vs. just using email reminders alone? Martech expert Ben Beck walks you through the steps of setting up your own concierge webinar chatbot.

Spot Fake Followers Artificial Influence

Five Ways to Spot Fake Followers That Could Sink Your Influencer Campaign

Successful influencer marketing campaigns can have great ROI. But how can you protect yourself from buying into an influencer who might not be all that? Get key tips to vet influencers, weed out fake followers, and better set your expectations.

Aligning With Mission & Vision: How to Create Content That Supports Business Goals

Learn how to craft a content strategy that supports your brand’s mission and vision as well as aligns with the company’s business goals. This post is fifth in a five-part series on content vision.

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Content Philosophy: One Question You Must Answer Before Creating a Thing

Your content philosophy helps you decide how you will use content for your business and what you want it to accomplish for you. This post is fourth in a five-part series on content vision.

What Is a Content Vision and How Do You Create One?

It’s good to hit the pause button and ask ourselves why we are putting content out there. So… why are YOU creating content? This is the third post in a five-part series on content vision.

sponsored instagram ads

Instagram’s New Sponsored Content Feature: What It Means for Marketers (Rejoice!)

San Francisco-based tech adviser Hung Doan helps de-mystify Instagram’s new sponsored content feature and how it can help marketers, in turn, de-mystify the value of influencers.

Mission Vs Vision

Difference Between Vision and Mission Statements: 25 Examples

A lot of companies make the mistake of using the mission and vision statement interchangeably, but there’s a difference. Both are important to a company’s survival — and both should guide your content creation. This is part two in a five-part series on content vision.

Content Marketing Radar-Aug 30

Content Radar: August 30, 2017

This week… A massive Facebook video study yields interesting results. Facebook retires 17 ad formats. And two brands are dominating the list of top 10 mobile apps.

Content Strategy vs. Content Vision: Two Agency Chiefs Sound Off

We sat down with the chief creative officer and chief strategy officer of the California-based marketing agency Redbird Group. Read what they had to say about marketing, strategy and storytelling in this first post in our series on content vision.

Amplifying Employee Advocacy

Amplify Employee Advocacy With Smarp, Sociabble, SOCXO

In the last of a four-part series on influencer marketing, Ben Beck explores top apps for tapping into an often overlooked source of true influencers: your own employees. Learn about martech to encourage employee advocacy.

Focus on Customer Experience

Focus on Customer Experience (CX) to Grow Your Marketing Agency

Trends show customer experience (CX) could be a key differentiator for your marketing agency in the future. Which factors should you focus on now?

Content Marketing Radar

Content Radar: August 23, 2017

This week… Less than half of marketers are tailoring content to individual users. Facebook improves influencer marketing. And Google Maps will now do more than simply tell somebody how to find your business. 

Influencer Marketing Gamification

Influencer Marketing Gamification: How to Use Promoto

Third in a martech series on influencer and advocate marketing, Ben Beck explores how to engage customers and promoters with gamification using Promoto.

Prospect Marketing For Agencies

Prospect Marketing for Agencies: Why Winmo/The List Beats Out LinkedIn

Looking for new tools to grow your client base? We dive deeper into why Winmo/The List won out as the most popular prospecting software for agencies, in a recent survey.