Talent Cloud Future

The Talent Cloud of the Future: Thoughts From Leaders in Three Fields

Although it’s in its infancy, the blended and decentralized workplace is here to stay. Get insights from leaders at the forefront of developing the “talent cloud” of tomorrow.


#ProContent Podcast: Organizing Your Content

Get tips and strategies for organizing content, assessing internal and external needs, and avoiding the duplication of effort.


Content Radar: Anticipating the Impact of 280-Character Tweets

Time stands still for no one — and neither does content marketing. Check out your weekly wrap-up of what’s most important to keep on your radar.

Art of Kairos

The Art of Kairos: Right-Timing Content for Your Marketing Automation

Are you applying kairos to your content strategy? Learn how to better adapt content to your customer’s journey and improve conversion.

Effective B2B Targeting

How-To Guide: Effective B2B Targeting With LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Looking for more ways to target B2B decision-makers? Ben Beck walks you through a step-by-step tutorial on using LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences.

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Top Content Marketing Courses for Professionals Who Want Additional Training

Content marketing is constantly changing, and it’s important that content marketers stay on top of their game. This guide features a number of noteworthy and accredited online, in-person, for-credit and for-fun courses from reputable institutions and organizations.

Content Radar Instagram 2M Advertisers

Content Radar: Instagram Reaches 2 Million Monthly Advertisers (Here’s Why You Should Care)

Content marketing is always in constant flux. Get up to speed on the notable news of the past week.

increased followers

Crowdfire Reviewed: Gain 200+ Relevant Twitter Followers Each Month

Martech expert Ben Beck shares how he used Crowdfire’s recommendations to go from 80 to more than 2,200 Twitter followers in only 5 months.

Breaking Through Content Silos

Preserving Collaboration to Align Your Content Strategy

Are content silos are a problem in your organization? Is your need for speed causing a breakdown in communication? Get solutions to grapple the challenges of growth and collaboration.


Hiring a Ghostwriter: Secrets From a Ghostwriting Professional

It may seem like a minor miracle that athletes, actors, and other celebrities find time in their hectic schedules to also write bestselling books. In fact, it can be downright daunting to think that a single person can be such a multi-talented multi-tasker. But the story behind the story just might be that the author Read more…

Content Radar: New Survey Reveals Slowed Growth on Traditional Marketing Spend, Increase in Digital

What does The CMO Survey say about what the future of content marketing spend will look like? Why are ad agencies worried about iOS 11? And how will a new “snooze” feature on Facebook affect your social media marketing efforts?

Live Video Playbook for Marketers

Visit Our Session at INBOUND 2017: Lessons From a $500,000 Live Video Campaign in Vegas [Ebook]

Sharpen your video marketing with lessons from our ‘Live Video Playbook for Marketers’, a companion ebook to our breakout session at INBOUND 2017. Learn do’s, don’ts and experts’ stories from the field.

How to Set Up a Free Live Website Chat in Under 15 Minutes

Did you know more than 2/3 of online visitors engage with live website chats? Martech expert Ben Beck walks you through the process of setting up a free live website chat via Tawk.to, with easy-to-follow screenshots.

How to News-Jack

How to News-Jack for Freelance Writing Pitches and Content Marketing

Taking advantage of the news of the day has been in the marketing playbook for decades, but in recent years it’s been taking on a whole new level. Get up to speed on the practice of “news-jacking,” whether you’re a writer or a marketer.


Pitching: The Writer and Editor Relationship [PODCAST]

Pitching. It’s a never-ending tango of ideas between editors and writers, filled with twirls of validation and missteps of rejection. Practice your pitching moves with tips from a panel of editors and writers keen on improving your tempo in our recent #ProContent podcast.

Google Search and Marketers

Content Radar: What Google’s Top 100 “How To” Searches Mean for Marketers

What are the takeaways from Google’s latest worldwide Top 100? Is FB trying to siphon stories from IG? And are your marketing emails giving readers what they really want?