Scenarios When You Should Expect to Pay Higher Freelance Writing Rates

15 Scenarios When to Pay Freelance Writers Higher Rates

Respecting freelancers’ time and value is key to a good working relationship. Learn when you should reasonably expect to pay freelance writers more than a standard rate — so you don’t drive away good talent.

Generate More Foot Traffic This Holiday Season With Facebook Messenger Games

Generate More Foot Traffic This Holiday Season With Facebook Messenger Games

Tap into interactive content to help your brick-and-mortar business score big in Q4. Get tips to attract and win new customers with your own Facebook Messenger games.

How to Write a Good Lead

How to Write a Lead: 10 Do’s, 10 Don’ts, 10 Good Examples

Good lead. Good read. Sharpen your hooks to grab readers’ attention from the get-go, with examples of great and not-so-great leads.

How to Streamline Content

How to Streamline the Content Creation and Approval Process With Your Clients

When working with clients, setting expectations and clearly communicating your process is your top responsibility. Learn a three-step plan to get your clients onboard.

Explore Feed Save Doom Brand

Content Radar: Could the Explore Feed Save (or Doom) Brands on Facebook?

Keeping pace with the perpetual influx of content marketing news and announcements is no small task, but you don’t have to do it alone. Check out the news you need to know from this week.

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Motion Graphics Tell Complex Stories

Motion Graphics: Creating Art to Tell Complex Tech Stories

Get insights on creating motion graphics from Garrett Bess, CEO of Two River Pictures, an expert with 20+ years experience creating video marketing for tech companies.

Disqus vs Facebook

Disqus vs. Facebook Plug-Ins for WordPress Comments

Disqus or Facebook for blog comments? Ben Beck answers a question we often receive from WordPress users. Get the rundown on the pros and cons for each plug-in.

Laughing to the Sale

Laughing All the Way to the Sale: Should Your Brand Be Funny?

Learn to create hilarious content that sells, taking cues from Hollywood. Lena Katz interviews Greg Cohen and Jason Cox, co-founders of No Roads Productions, on their methodology of capturing new customers with humor.

Freelance Editor Do I Need

What Kind of Freelance Editor Do I Need?

Developmental editor or managing editor? Copyeditor or proofreader? Just like writers, not all editors are the same. Read a pro’s savvy rundown on the types of editing and find the best kind of editor for your particular content.

Facebook Looks at Brands

Content Radar: Facebook Looks to Brands to Save Fledgling Facebook Stories

Finding time to keep up with the latest content marketing trends can be difficult, but there is good news—we’re here to help. Stay at the top of your game by taking a quick look at this week’s highlights.

Retention Marketing Build Online Course

Customer Retention Marketing: Tools for Building Online Courses for Under $400

Ready to create your own online courses for customer retention? Ben Beck shows you the basics on using WordPress, LearnDash and Screencast-o-matic to launch your e-learning efforts. Second in a two-parts series.

Make Effective CTAs

How to Make Effective CTAs: The 3 Important Components

Calls-to-action. We’re confronted with countless CTAs every… single… day. But have you ever noticed why you click on some more than others? Lori Hill explores three tried-and-true tricks to boosting click-through on your CTAs.


How to Outsource Content Creation to a Team

The success of any outsourcing ultimately relies on your communication. Here are six steps to working with your content partner to produce effective, high-quality content that meets your goals.


Content Radar: Polls May Change How You Use Instagram Stories

Don’t let this week’s most important content marketing news and studies pass you by. Here’s a quick look at what you need to keep on your radar.

Technology in Arizona: How Storytelling Factors Into Innovation and Growth

Lauren Witte of the Arizona Technology Council shares her local perspective on how growing tech companies in the Grand Canyon State adapt their brand stories as they continue to evolve.

Customer Retention Marketing

Customer Retention Marketing: Create a Course

Decrease customer churn; exponentially increase profits. Get tips on creating your own courses to boost customer retention. First in a two-part series.