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Make the Most of INBOUND 2016 With Our Event Guide

It’s easy for the organizers of any conference to say that their event is the conference to attend this year. But in the case of HubSpot’s INBOUND 2016, the organizers just might be right. Check out the sessions and speakers to get an idea of the breadth of information and insights that will be presented in Boston next month.

But with such an expansive event, how do you determine which speakers and trainings can help you most? Great question. We’re here to help. We picked a few of our favorite sessions you should check out during INBOUND 2016 along with a few other need-to-know things:

1. Ann Handley’s ‘ASAP’ session

ASAP (As Slow As Possible)

Speaker: Ann Handley, @MarketingProfs

Why you need to be at this session: Even though new trends and increasing competition make most digital marketers feel like they can never stop, Ann will spend 45 “fun, inspirational, and entertaining” minutes explaining how slow is the new fast. How so? According to Ann, if you slow down at the right moment, you will do things better and your organization will be better off for it.


More from Ann:

2. Jason Falls’ session on audience insights

jason-fallsSession: Hacking the Conversation

Speaker: Jason Falls, @jasonfalls

Why you need to be at this session: Jason discusses the danger of making assumptions about our audiences and technologies in marketing campaigns. Learn how to use existing online conversations to uncover insights about potential customers and audiences. You’ll leave this session with a plan about how to better use the conversations that are already happening and position your organization to take advantage of them.


More from Jason:

3. Chris Brogan’s session about video games


Session: How Video Games Can Help You Win in Business and Life

Speaker: Chris Brogan, @chrisbrogan

Why you need to be at this session: Learn how something as “time-wasting” as video games can actually teach you new ways to succeed. Chris will discuss how a simple set of approaches and tools can help you fight through the chaos that comes from being faced with hundreds — or thousands — of decisions every day, in both business and life.


More from Chris:

4. Larry Kim’s social media promo hacks


Session: Top 10 Facebook & Twitter Content Promotion Hacks of All Time

Speaker: Larry Kim, @larrykim

Why you need to be at this session: Few people know how to drive traffic as well as Larry Kim. During this session, Larry presents critical insight about social media algorithms and gives you a more complete view of how social media advertising really works. Larry promises to help you learn how to get 10-100 times more value from your ad spend on Facebook and Twitter.


More from Larry:

5. Mari Smith’s Facebook session

asg_354jGkSQV9stx1YQ2Fart_h3xNfz3z7filx0GD2F1475557439573-oycUwQQh.jpgSession: How To Radically Improve Your Facebook Reach, ROI & Results

Speaker: Mari Smith, @marismith

Why you need to be at this session: According to Mari, a full 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies are not properly creating and executing Facebook campaigns. During this session, you’ll learn how to determine the best content for increasing engagement among your audience, discuss seven factors that increase the likelihood that your content will go viral, and determine how to use Facebook tools to provide excellent customer care.


More from Mari:

Facebook Instant Articles: Should You Update Your Content Marketing Strategy?

12 Facebook Marketing Tools To Increase Your Reach And Engagement

5 more things you need to know

Here are a few more things to catch at INBOUND 2016:

1. INBOUND 2016 has some amazing keynote speakers


When it comes to keynote and spotlight speakers, INBOUND 2016 doesn’t lack in quantity or quality. The event has a dozen keynote or spotlight addresses from some of the top names in marketing, acting, sports, television and theater.

Among others, some of the speakers who will be on hand at INBOUND 2016 include:

You’ll find that you can learn quite a bit about success and perseverance from a lot of different people — including those who seemingly have careers quite different from yours.

2. Use the app & hashtag for a more connected experience

Use the mobile app (it’s not out yet — the INBOUND folks say it will be available a few weeks out from the event). In prior years, the INBOUND app included maps of the facilities, customizable schedules, and an embedded Twitter feed of the social conversation surrounding the event.


Speaking of the social conversation, use #INBOUND16 in your tweets at the conference to share your thoughts during sessions with the rest of the INBOUND community.

3. You can register for in-depth training earlier in the week


If you really want to take advantage of INBOUND 2016, consider arriving a day early to participate in one of the training sessions being held on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Among other sessions, you can sign up for:

Each of these training sessions costs an additional $699 on top of your event registration, but if you are hoping to dive deep into one of these topics, the price may be worth it.

4. Don’t forget to vote before you go


Yes, the show really does start on Nov. 8 — Election Day in the United States. Fortunately, INBOUND has done its due diligence in informing attendees what they can do to vote before they come.

5. Come say hi

Seriously! ClearVoice will be in booth M10. Come meet our team, get a product demo and learn more about the ClearVoice Marketplace. See you there!


Chad Buleen

About Chad

Chad Buleen is an award-winning journalist, the manager of social messaging for a large international nonprofit, a digital media enthusiast and father of four. Follow him on Twitter .

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