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Increase Your Content Distribution for Free

Does your content team stop working after you hit “publish?” Of course, you need to strategize and then create the content, but these are just two (albeit important) parts of the content marketing process. Don’t forget about amplification, the step that promotes your content to a wider audience. Because believe it or not, you cannot wish upon a genie and get thousands of views, shares and comments.

You should be spending just as much effort on increasing your content’s visibility as you do planning and writing it. And many marketers have no idea how to do it — or maybe they have an idea, but they have no budget for it. Luckily, there are numerous ways to improve your content’s reach for free.

Take advantage of these tips and tools to maximize your content’s potential reach, so the content you have spent so much time on doesn’t just lie there unread:

Engage nonfollowers

Engaging with potential audience members enables you to build relationships that can lead to followers and then customers. Plus, how many times have you seen one-way messaging from brands? Don’t be that brand.

Try this easy approach: Retweet someone new on Twitter, share another company’s great Facebook update or engage in a discussion in a relevant LinkedIn group. This is a simple fix to create a wider and more engaged reader pool.

Quote influencers

quotesUsing influencers enables you to take advantage of their community and extend your brand’s reach. While many influencer marketing campaigns are through paid engagements, they don’t always have to be, especially when it comes to social amplification.

Here is a simple way to leverage influencers for free: When creating content, cite influencers within the copy, and then notify them via email or social media. Taking that extra step to notify them often (if not always) prompts them to share the post on their own social networks.

Are you looking for tools to identify key influencers? Use ClearVoice’s Influencer Search to identify influencers based on subject matter.

Co-market content

Another way to tap into the social reach of influencers is through co-marketing. Co-marketing is when two or more organizations leverage each other’s strengths to market together. You can grow your reach with this type of partnership, because the content you create together gets shared to their audience as well as your own. It enables you to tap into a new reader base.

Want a real-life example of co-created content? Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs recently teamed up to produce the “2016 Budgets, Benchmarks, and Trends.”

Repurpose it

Turn your great piece of content into a video (don’t forget to optimize it) and post to YouTube and Vimeo. Then turn it into a slide deck and post to SlideShare. Then turn it into an infographic. You catch our drift: Repurpose your content to fit other audiences. Now, depending on your resources, this tip could cost you on creation — but the distribution is free.

Recommend it

Piggyback on your own popularity by adding a “Recommended for you” or “Related reading” section at the end or along the side of a popular piece of your own content. Then link to the new content you are aiming to amplify.

Content Distribution

Post to a content community

BizSugar is a community of small business owners, bloggers and publishers similar to Business2Community and Social Media Informer. Members share, comment on and curate the best user-submitted small business content.

Here’s how it works: Brands/bloggers share their content to the site. Readers then vote on the content, with the highest-rated posts advancing to the home page. From there the top posts make it into the BizSugar Top 10 and Twitter feed, where they gain even more visibility. It’s a great avenue to establish yourself as a subject matter expert, drive traffic back to your own site and develop relationships with other brands and bloggers. And it’s free.

Others to try: TribrrTribePro and Blog Engage.

Publish on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is quickly transitioning to a major publishing resource. And, with 300 million users, LinkedIn offers extra visibility to your brand. You can:

  • Create original posts
  • Re-publish previously written posts
  • Promote events, webinars and e-books through a post
Roman Pyshchyk /

Whichever route you go, LinkedIn is a phenomenal free way to be seen by your network and extended network in relevant subject matter areas. As a bonus, LinkedIn promotes the top published posts on LinkedIn Pulse, which improves your content visibility even more.

Similar vein, slightly different audience: Publish on Medium. The brainchild of Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, the platform has developed into a hybrid of personal and professional contributions and is a great way to get your content seen for free.

The best tip of them all is still…

Create high-quality content. Brands with amazing social reach probably do a lot of things to promote their content, but it all comes down to quality. No matter what tricks you have in the bag, start by aiming to produce engaging, insightful, unique and brand-relevant content every time you write.

Content isn’t just magically shared. It takes time, thought, a strategic vision and amplification techniques listed above. Go forth and amplify.

About Allie

Allie Freeland is a freelance writer, marketing communications pro, and digital strategist. A tenured member of ClearVoice, she has a passion for efficiency in business. She's also an adjunct professor at University of Kansas and Johnson County Community College. Follow her on Twitter.

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