It’s well-understood that partnering with influencers is a powerful technique for reaching a broader audience in a more genuine way. When it comes to creating content on behalf of your brand, it’s also essential to work with a range of contributors both internally and externally to vary the voices and perspectives you’re offering to your customer base.

Integrating content creators with influence into your content marketing strategy not only helps your organization feature a unique point of view in your vertical, but it also gives you the opportunity to distribute your content with a larger audience. Learn how to thoughtfully integrate influential content creators in your content marketing workflow by following the steps found in this ebook.

What’s Inside:

  • The Benefits of Partnering on Content Creation
  • Matching With Consistent Content Creators
  • How to Pair Creators With Targets Topics and Formats
  • Syncing Distribution Efforts From the Start
  • Facilitating the Co-Creation of Content
  • Aligning the Proper Post-Publishing Execution
  • Measuring the Impact of Each Partnership

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