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Content Radar: MailChimp Just Made Triggered Emails Free

With content marketing best practices and trends seemingly changing daily, there’s no way a busy content marketer can keep up with everything. The good news is that you don’t need to. We do it for you. Read on to learn the marketing news from the past week you ought to have on your radar.

MailChimp just made triggered emails free to everyone

If you are a MailChimp user, you previously needed to be a paid subscriber to have access to the system’s triggered email functionality. However, MarTech Today reports that MailChimp has just made triggered emails free for all of its users — paid subscribers or not.

This means that MailChimp can now assist you in automating emails to new subscribers, recommending products when a shopping cart is left with items in it, reconnecting with customers who haven’t made a purchase recently, and confirming placed orders. Basically, if you are using MailChimp as a free subscriber, things just got way easier for you — and you don’t have to pay cent for it.


What brands should learn from Sunny Co’s giveaway debacle

When apparel company Sunny Co offered Instagram users a free bathing suit for reposting a photo of a model in a bathing suit and tagging the company, it’s safe to say that it probably didn’t appreciate how much attention the giveaway would garner.

Within 24 hours of the giveaway’s inception, Sunny Co began charging customers full-price for the “free” bathing suit, claiming that they had capped the offer — though initial terms specified that “everyone” who participated would receive a free swimsuit. After all the negative attention, Sunny Co then proceeded to delete its Instagram account.

AdWeek provides a good synopsis for a case study, but the lesson is simple: People like free stuff and they expect you to honor your word. Yes, even (perhaps especially) on social media.


YouTube alerts marketers to 3 key findings about video consumption

New stats released by YouTube indicate that marketing plans that account for viewers’ love of television and online video are more likely to reach intended audiences.

The infographic indicates the following:

  • People watch TV on YouTube and YouTube on TV: The watch time of YouTube content on televisions doubled from January 2016 to January 2017.
  • Traditional celebrities and “internet famous” celebs are gaining YouTube fans: From the end of 2015 to the end of 2016, the number of channels with more than one million subscribers grew by 75 percent.
  • Prime time is now online: On an average day, more 18-49 year-olds watch YouTube on a mobile device during prime time than watch any TV network.


Soon your brand may be able to buy Snapchat ads too

Since the beginning of ad spend on Snapchat, any advertiser who has wanted to have a presence on the channel has needed to have a slick marketing department as well as a significant ad budget to go along with it. It looks like those days may be changing — as Snapchat is preparing to let brands of all sizes have access to its self-service tool, Snapchat Ad Manager.

While Snapchat still doesn’t offer a lot of ad spend options for most small or medium-sized businesses, it at least is giving the ability to create ads to these types of businesses. One can only assume that ads that don’t require massive budgets might be on the way soon. Business Insider provides a great explanation about Snapchat Ad Manager if you want to learn more.


Facebook provides new Instagram insights for auto, beauty, sports, and travel marketers

Facebook has just released a four-part podcast in which it shares some internal Instagram data that could be valuable for any marketer — but is especially valuable for those who work in auto, sports, beauty, and travel industries.

In case you don’t want to listen to the podcasts — which are on average about 7 minutes long —  Facebook has provided users with print summaries that you also may find valuable. We’ll make it easy for you and provide them all here.


Print Summaries

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