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Content Radar: Jan. 27-Feb. 2, 2017

Overwhelmed by the amount of content marketing news that came out this week? Stay on top of it all with this roundup of what you need to know.

Are you talking to Gen X on social media? You should be

The New York Times reported this week on a surprise finding from a recent Nielsen social media report: Gen X actually spends more time per week on social media on average than millennials.

The difference in time spent isn’t huge (6 hours 58 minutes per week for Gen X vs. 6 hours 19 minutes per week for millennials), but it does turn on its head the assumption many marketers have that millennials are more connected than the generation that came before it.

Your brand may or may not see more engagement with Gen X, but you might want to dust off the analytics and make sure your social audience is who you think it is.

You can now create Facebook ads with MailChimp

The popular email marketing program MailChimp has expanded beyond its typical email marketing tools to offer users the ability to create Facebook ads and track their performance from within MailChimp.

Users are able to use existing MailChimp data and content to create Facebook ad campaigns. MailChimp has made the service available to users for no additional charge (other than the cost Facebook charges to run the ads), and users can even use MailChimp to help them determine ROI from the Facebook ads.

New custom snapcodes make it easier for you to share online content in Snapchat

Though most marketers see the potential value of Snapchat, showing ROI on the channel has been difficult, because there hasn’t been an easy or cost-efficient method to get Snapchat users to your blog or website.

Perhaps because Instagram Stories is considered by some to be more brand-friendly, Snapchat has updated its app so marketers can now create custom snapcodes for any link. The good news for Snapchat and Snapchat users? The snapcodes will open the web pages within the app. Want to try it out? Check out this quick step-by-step guide.

Twitter creates marketing calendar to help you plan for high-traffic events

In an effort to help marketers plan for the dates it knows that users will be tweeting about specific topics, Twitter has created a downloadable marketing calendar.

The simple calendar will detail some of the main events that will happen each month, accompanied by a few key data points that detail why piggybacking some of your tweets on the event might prove beneficial for your brand. For example, Twitter expects 26.2 million tweets related to Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14 and claims this Sunday’s Super Bowl will result in more than 4.3 billion total tweet views about the event. Download the calendar here.

Your brand may soon be able to publish albums on Instagram

Instagram has quietly inserted a new feature into the beta version of its Android app that would allow users to insert up to 10 photos and videos into a single post. Because the beta app doesn’t allow users to share the post, it’s not yet known how such a post might appear in the feed.

Should this functionality be unveiled to all Instagram users, brands might find an opportunity to more easily tell a story through their Instagram posts. Now, if a brand publishes multiple photos or videos, it is unlikely that users will see each piece of content. Grouping all of these photos and videos together in one album would allow for a more complete story to be told.

Chad Buleen

About Chad

Chad Buleen is an award-winning journalist, the manager of social messaging for a large international nonprofit, a digital media enthusiast and father of four. Follow him on Twitter .

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