How to Quickly Gain ClearVoice Success: A Guide for New Members
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How to Quickly Gain ClearVoice Success: A Guide for New Members

If you created a CV Portfolio to begin freelancing on ClearVoice but have been hearing crickets, don’t worry. There are several steps you can take to stand out among the crowd. Even making small tweaks and updates to your portfolio can quickly increase the chances that you’ll have opportunities coming your way.

There are thousands of active accounts on the platform, making it tricky to get matched with available opportunities. “There is a surplus of talent and ongoing demand,” said Sam Neeser, Customer Success Manager at ClearVoice. This excess of writers means the pressure is on individual freelancers to do what you can to get noticed.

Use this guide to learn the fastest methods of becoming a freelancing success story on the ClearVoice platform.

How to find success on ClearVoice: Craft an impeccable CV.

Craft an impeccable CV.

First, carefully read your portfolio to make sure there are no glaring mistakes in your CV. Fix any spelling or grammatical errors, and make sure it reads well. The ClearVoice team looks for professionalism in each portfolio it considers.

Also, the ClearVoice team recommends you pick three topics to add to your portfolio — one you have a passion for, one you have an expertise in, and one that’s in high demand. You’ll want at least one marketable niche, whether that’s finance, marketing, or business, as this will help you match with available work opportunities.

Other items that will increase the visibility of your profile: an excellent headshot, a brief tagline, an informative bio, and a competitive rate.

Include an outside publication.

Another essential addition to your CV is an external publication. If your only work samples are from your personal website or PDFs from college, you likely won’t emerge ahead of the pack. Adding a few pieces from outside websites or publications will significantly increase the likelihood that you’ll be selected. Even if it’s an unpaid guest post, being published by a publication verifies that you are a vetted writer. Someone was willing to publish your work.

Furthermore, when you add each publication, don’t forget to tag it. “[Tagging] will help with your ranking in the network specifically and help clients physically see your CV when they’re searching,” Neeser said in a recent ClearVoice webinar.

Also, don’t forget to continuously update your portfolio as you get more publications under your belt.

How to find success on ClearVoice: Be active within the platform.

Be active within ClearVoice.

The ClearVoice team can see when freelancers have last logged in, how often they apply to jobs that come their way, and whether or not they have participated in the monthly webinars. The more active you are, the better. Participation shows that you are eager and willing to do the work.

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If you’re unable to make it to the live version of the webinar, you can always watch the recorded version later. These videos contain a wealth of information about how to become successful on the platform. Furthermore, don’t forget to read the ClearVoice blog. Each blog post is written by experienced freelancers who can offer fantastic advice to others looking to be successful within the platform (and elsewhere).

Additionally, make your goal on ClearVoice to work together on a long-term basis. “It isn’t a one-off gig,” Neeser said. In the best-case scenario, a healthy relationship forms between freelancers and clients so that they can continue to work together for a long time. Because it can be a challenge to find enthusiastic and committed freelancers, if you can deliver, clients will be happy to work with you over and over again.

Once you get a job, make sure you deliver on-time, high-quality work. “If you nail that first offer from ClearVoice,” Neeser said, “you’ll get more work from us.”

Stay flexible with your rates.

Setting your rates can be a challenge. You don’t want to undersell yourself, but you also don’t want clients to pass you up while you wait for an extra cent per word. My advice is to stay flexible.

When I first started in ClearVoice, I was a new freelancer. Therefore, I set my rates low and took on many small social media jobs that paid $6.00 each. I was happy to do whatever work I could find. This social media work allowed me to build a portfolio and reputation as a reliable, trustworthy freelancer.

Soon enough, I got offered longer pieces for better pay, and this has continued to increase in the six months since I started. The best part is that, after a while, you don’t have to apply for jobs. Clients will send you job offers directly that you can either accept or decline.

Maintaining a reasonable rate is a good practice for freelancers, but there are times when it’s valuable to step outside of that rate to get the experience. If you don’t have many external publications or much freelancing experience, consider lowering your rates in the beginning until you increase the number of assignments completed on ClearVoice. Clients can see how many jobs you have completed within the platform — as well as your client rating — so building up your experience at a lower rate could help you in the long run.

Furthermore, you can raise your rates quickly at any time by logging into the platform and changing the number in your portfolio settings.

How to find success on ClearVoice: Reach out with questions.

Reach out with questions.

ClearVoice stands out from other online content agencies for one reason — the human element. Most of the members of the ClearVoice team have freelancing experience, so they understand what it’s like for you. Plus, Neeser is the contact person that freelancers can go to for help. “The support system in ClearVoice is bar none,” said Neeser. This personal touch makes ClearVoice a standout platform for freelancers.

If you have tried all of the above, but still can’t get opportunities through ClearVoice, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask the ClearVoice team for advice. When you log into the platform, you can ask questions by clicking on the “Talk to us” button and sending queries through the support feed. There is a real person on the other side, who is ready to answer questions.

When you ask for help, this shows persistence and determination to work with the platform, which can be enough to make you distinctive from other freelancers.

Land your first gig.

Signing up is free on ClearVoice, so there’s no barrier to entry. However, success on the platform depends mostly on the amount of effort you put into it. Getting that first assignment can be the trickiest part. Luckily, ClearVoice is full of useful advice, and these resources help with work outside of the platform, as well.

If you follow these guidelines and use the advice that applies to you, you should be on your way to a steady stream of long-term work with the ClearVoice team.

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