ClearVoice webinar: Best practices for freelancers

You’re a freelancer. In fact, you’re a fantastic freelancer, but how do you find work in a marketplace crowded with other freelancers who claim to be as good as you? In this thrilling webinar, you’ll learn what it takes to be successful in the ClearVoice platform.

It isn’t enough to simply be a good writer. Being a successful freelancer means being alert, responsive and communicative. This also means knowing how to set yourself up for success and the pitfalls to avoid.

ClearVoice isn’t looking for the one and done freelancer. We want writers, editors and other creators keen on forming long-lasting, lucrative relationships with brands. You need to treat yourself like a business to make sure you can earn somebody else’s business!

ClearVoice onboarding specialist Sam Neeser and senior customer success manager Richard Boehmcke dive into how you can be the best freelancer you can be.

We’ll cover the following:

  • How to create a clear, concise and eye-catching profile that will get you the kind of work you want.
  • Navigating the platform like a pro.
  • How to work with clients and establish the kind of good rapport that makes clients want to work with you again and again.

About the speakers

Sam Neeser, onboarding specialist at ClearVoice, manages current and incoming ClearVoice talent. Working directly with freelancers, Sam specializes in cultivating long-lasting relationships between clients and creators. He is a Minnesota native now exploring the Phoenix desert. 

Richard Boehmcke, senior customer success manager at ClearVoice, manages the content creation process from inception to publication. Working directly with clients, Richard specializes in helping clients take ideas from inception to completion without losing their minds. He lives in Phoenix with his fiancee where they try unsuccessfully to keep the plants in their apartment alive.