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Chad Buleen

Chad Buleen is an award-winning journalist, the manager of social messaging for a large international nonprofit, a digital media enthusiast and father of four. Follow him on Twitter .

Facebook Study Direct Messages

Content Radar: Facebook’s New Study Might Change How You Use Direct Messages

This week, direct messages and emojis may be the future of your marketing communication. Also, Facebook gives more insight about who is sharing your videos; Snapchat is making its app easier to use; and Messenger Day and Facebook Stories combine in hopes that somebody starts using them.

Twitter 280 Character Limit Means for Brands

Content Radar: What Twitter’s 280-Character Limit Means for Brands

This week, Twitter’s 280-character update throws everyone for a loop. Instagram looks to let users follow hashtags; and Adobe hopes to show you another part of your job that artificial intelligence can do better than you.

CMI Reports Content Few Do Well

Content Radar: Key Takeaways From CMI’s Latest B2B Report

This week: Key takeaways from CMI’s latest B2B report; Pew Research sheds light on how we use social for news; plus new rollouts and updates from FB and IG.

Facebook Transparency Rules

Content Radar: New Facebook Transparency Rules for Ads

This week, Facebook ads get dragged into the limelight. Also, Instagram lets you go live with friends; and more companies are creating in-house content.

Explore Feed Save Doom Brand

Content Radar: Could the Explore Feed Save (or Doom) Brands on Facebook?

Keeping pace with the perpetual influx of content marketing news and announcements is no small task, but you don’t have to do it alone. Check out the news you need to know from this week.

Facebook Looks at Brands

Content Radar: Facebook Looks to Brands to Save Fledgling Facebook Stories

Finding time to keep up with the latest content marketing trends can be difficult, but there is good news—we’re here to help. Stay at the top of your game by taking a quick look at this week’s highlights.


Content Radar: Polls May Change How You Use Instagram Stories

Don’t let this week’s most important content marketing news and studies pass you by. Here’s a quick look at what you need to keep on your radar.


Content Radar: Anticipating the Impact of 280-Character Tweets

Time stands still for no one — and neither does content marketing. Check out your weekly wrap-up of what’s most important to keep on your radar.

Content Radar Instagram 2M Advertisers

Content Radar: Instagram Reaches 2 Million Monthly Advertisers (Here’s Why You Should Care)

Content marketing is always in constant flux. Get up to speed on the notable news of the past week.

Content Radar: New Survey Reveals Slowed Growth on Traditional Marketing Spend, Increase in Digital

What does The CMO Survey say about what the future of content marketing spend will look like? Why are ad agencies worried about iOS 11? And how will a new “snooze” feature on Facebook affect your social media marketing efforts?

Google Search and Marketers

Content Radar: What Google’s Top 100 “How To” Searches Mean for Marketers

What are the takeaways from Google’s latest worldwide Top 100? Is FB trying to siphon stories from IG? And are your marketing emails giving readers what they really want?

Content Marketing Radar-Aug 30

Content Radar: August 30, 2017

This week… A massive Facebook video study yields interesting results. Facebook retires 17 ad formats. And two brands are dominating the list of top 10 mobile apps.

Content Marketing Radar

Content Radar: August 23, 2017

This week… Less than half of marketers are tailoring content to individual users. Facebook improves influencer marketing. And Google Maps will now do more than simply tell somebody how to find your business. 

Content Marketing Radar

Content Radar: August 16, 2017

This week… Instagram wants you to bring your friends to live video. Influencer fraud apparently is a thing. And a new report claims that your programmers may be the most-important customer service employees you have.

Content Marketing Radar

Your Content Marketing Radar: August 9, 2017

This week… More than 40 percent of the world’s population is now using social media. Facebook provides a few tips to make your videos more effective. And YouTube just made a major update that will change how videos are shared.

Content Radar: August 2, 2017

This week… Messenger 2.1 features make consumer engagement easier. LinkedIn gets more Facebook-y. And the most satisfying social network is not what you would think.