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Our Six Favorite Blog Posts From 2016

Earlier this month we shared our thoughts on where we think content marketing is headed in 2017. Now, as we get ready to close up shop for New Year’s, we thought we’d share our favorite posts from the past year. Three on-page, and three off — because we like symmetry. And Jack Daniel’s. Just sayin’. 

If you haven’t read these posts from 2016, now’s the time. Happy New Year!

Our stuff

1. Data Study: We Analyzed 147,000 Posts About the Election & Here’s What We Found, by Jeff Nappi

favorite blog posts

This was our first big data study. Focusing on the presidential election, we turned to Content Studio, our comprehensive search index of content and influencers, to tell us which candidates and issues people were talking and sharing about most. The results were fascinating — maybe even more so now, since we know how the election turned out. Check it out.

2. How to Perform a Content Audit in 5 Steps, by Benjamin Beck


What’s that saying, about how you can’t get where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been? That’s the sentiment at the heart of this post, which is chock full of step-by-step instructions, tools and screenshots. Use the information gleaned from this analysis to build an informed content strategy and reach your content goals.

3. The 5 Types of Content Marketing Metrics You Need to Know, by Kelsey Jones


People are broken into two camps, we’re coming to realize — metrics lovers and metrics haters. The great thing about this post is that it’s for both groups. This guide features all the content marketing metrics you should be looking at and the tools to make it happen.

Their stuff

4. Are Your Customers Unsubscribing? 3 Ways to Deliver Delightful Content Experiences, by Aaron Orendorff for Content Marketing Institute


This post represents everything there is to love about Aaron Orendoff — it’s insightful and helpful while being accessible and witty. Sample of his make-no-bones-about-it style: “Whether we’re talking about top-funnel, mid-funnel, or post-funnel experiences, the vast majority of all content experiences suck.” 

5. Slow Marketing: How to Deliver Faster Results by Slowing Down (Yes, You Read That Right), by Ann Handley at MarketingProfs


Our CEO refers to Ann Handley as “the editor of all editors,” and our managing editor totally fangirled out when Handley followed her on Twitter. In this post, Handley taps into marketing’s collective wheel-spinning and the need for a “good slow.” Incorporate her six critical “slow marketing moments” to enable your business to grow faster, better, and with more integrity.

6. The Creative World’s Bullshit Industrial Complex, by Sean Blanda for 99U


Sean Blanda is the former editor-in-chief and director of 99U, the go-to resource for creatives. His deconstruction of the seemingly never-ending supply of bullshitters (“They are the internet’s equivalent of a reality TV star, taking advantage of the attention economy by catering to our worst instincts in lieu of substance”) drives home one of our favorite themes here at ClearVoice: Quality is everything. Everything else is, well, bullshit.


Megan Krause

About Megan

Megan Krause is a mom, writer, editor and all-around swell gal with 15 years' experience in communication and marketing. She served as ClearVoice's managing editor for four of those years, helping brands create great content and managing the company blog. She's passionate about words, language, grammar, style and ice cream. Follow her on Twitter.

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