What would you do if you had to start your business over? How would you learn what you need to know?

We live in a world where essential marketing insights are at our fingertips. They’re available through blogs, newsletters, and other publications. Knowing the right resources to use gives you a strategic advantage and ensures you’re creating engaging, quality content that adds value.

We’ve curated a list of our favorite marketing blogs and newsletters — resources you can go back to again and again for up-to-date information to implement in your business right away and get results.

Best marketing blogs when you want to do a deep-dive

Best Marketing Blogs For Deep-dives

These blogs are for the serious, seasoned marketers. Or beginners wanting to do some serious learning.

When you are ready to geek out on statistics, read the latest reports, and listen to marketing masterclasses,  these are the marketing blogs to check out.


From branding and email marketing to sales and hosting events, MarketingProfs’s blog has so much content to explore. Prepare to get immersed in a good way. With a variety of contributors, you get a vast array of topics to explore from differing perspectives. There are also podcast episodes, video tutorials, and reports.

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The Semrush Blog has marketing and SEO tools but is also one of the top marketing blogs to help you keep up with the industry. Whether you need help with your Google My Business profile, meta tags, or split testing, they have you covered. Semrush also has a series of downloadable guides in PDF format, so make sure you look for Ebooks in the menu too. They also specialize in SEO, so definitely check this one out if you’re looking for any SEO guidance.

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Another site with some great SEO tools is Aherfs. The Aherfs blog is colorful, quirky, and full of marketing information. There are articles for both beginners and more advanced marketers. The content leans towards SEO and case studies.

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Moz’s blog is all about helping you level up your marketing and SEO skills. They cover everything from updated SEO strategy to setting strategic content marketing goals. If you want to go a step further, they have long-form guides and academy training on all types of marketing techniques.

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Get marketing tips

For Tips When You’re Short on Time

If you want quick tips from marketing blogs you can implement and take action on right away, these newsletters will be right up your alley.

Growth Hacks Weekly

Put together by Marketing Max; Growth Hacks Weekly is an email you can sign up to receive that will send you a quick, implementable marketing hack every Sunday. Start your week off with a hack already in your arsenal that came right to your inbox.

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Marketing Brew

Marketing Brew is one of the best marketing newsletters out there, in our opinion. You can read articles on the site or sign up for the marketing newsletter and get three weekly emails with the latest stories that shape the marketing and advertising world. Grab your coffee and get inspired before work. It’s industry news you actually want to see.

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Demand Curve

Demand Curve is a great newsletter for growth marketers and startups. Its weekly Growth Newsletter shares the top strategies and tactics being used by the most successful and innovative startups in the industry. It’s challenging for any newsletter to keep its weekly content fresh and engaging, but somehow Demand Curve does that and more.

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Best niche marketing blogs

Social Media Blogs

If you are looking for more niche content, these blogs cover all things social media.

Social Media Examiner

Feeling lost in the social media marketing jungle? Social Media Examiner is your compass. Along with free reports, online training, and tools, Social Media Examiner has many articles to help you navigate your social media marketing.

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Social Media Hat

Social Media Hat has been around since 2011 and has won awards for its marketing content. Their primary focus is social media marketing, as the name indicates, but they also have other digital marketing articles. You can explore the content for specific platforms in their drop-down menu by going to articles and social media articles. Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, all the classic channels are there.

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Email marketing blogs

Email Marketing Blogs

Another vital part of the marketing world is email marketing. These email marketing blogs aim to get customers to open your emails by having something great to share with them and a subject line to match.


Litmus’ email marketing blog has a wealth of information on email hacks, deliverability tips, the best web fonts to use, and much more. It’ll help you improve, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced email marketer.

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If you have ever used Mailchimp, you’ve got to love giving that chimp a high-five every time you send out a campaign. The blog has other marketing resources, but their email section will keep you informed as email is what they’re all about. They share the dos and don’ts of email marketing, so you have some ideas to try.

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Another popular email service, GetResponse, has a blog all about great emails. From emailing over the holidays to best design practices. This is an excellent place to start if you want inspiration before writing your following email.

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ClearVoice as a resource to make you a stronger marketer

Copywriting, Content Marketing, and Branding


Of course, we couldn’t end this list of the best marketing blogs without submitting ClearVoice as a resource to make you a stronger marketer!

Our articles and guides cover everything from SEO to content writing to high-level content strategy. We love sharing the insights we’ve found through partnering with companies of all industries and sizes. Check out our list of our top blogs of the year.


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The Learning Never Stops

Content marketing is a neverending process. It requires constantly honing your skills and adapting to new trends and developments in real-time.

All of these marketing blogs listed are great resources to increase your marketing knowledge and growth. But if you ever need to take it a step further and partner with someone, ClearVoice is ready. We have over a decade of experience helping brands unlock their potential and drive success.

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