Mastering Online Surveys

Mastering Online Surveys to Feed Your Content and Credibility (and Avoid a Twitterstorm)

Tap into the power of online surveys not only to guide your marketing choices but to fuel original research for your content. Marc Schenker shares tips from experts at SurveyMonkey.

Tweeting to the Limit

Tweet to the Limit Effectively: 5 Paths for Using Your 280 Characters

All tweets are breaking lose! Lori Hil jumps into the abyss of the new 280-character limit and shows great examples of how users and brands are making the most of it.

Twitter 280 Character Limit Means for Brands

Content Radar: What Twitter’s 280-Character Limit Means for Brands

This week, Twitter’s 280-character update throws everyone for a loop. Instagram looks to let users follow hashtags; and Adobe hopes to show you another part of your job that artificial intelligence can do better than you.

Website Rebranding Survival Guide

Website Rebranding Strategy: Survival Guide for Content Marketers

As companies grow, so must their brands. lf you’re considering your first major rebrand, memorize seven core mantras to help you focus on success, whether you’re overhauling your website or completely re-envisioning your content strategy.

Review Feedly Storify Pocket

Head-to-Head Reviews for Content Curation: Feedly, Storify, Pocket

Better organize your content feeds to keep your ideas flowing. Ben Beck reviews three popular content curation tools: Feedly, Storify and Pocket.

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Specialist Freelancer Tech Writer

The Niche Freelancer: What It Takes to Be a Tech Writer

Tech writers are in high demand. Learn what it takes to be a great one in our interview with Erik Sherman, an expert business and technology writer who’s written for The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, Inc., and other top publications.


Survey Results: Factors in Determining Freelance Rates for Different Assignments

Get survey results and a full-time freelancer’s breakdown on how time, tasks and experience can affect the rates freelance writers charge for different assignments.

CMI Reports Content Few Do Well

Content Radar: Key Takeaways From CMI’s Latest B2B Report

This week: Key takeaways from CMI’s latest B2B report; Pew Research sheds light on how we use social for news; plus new rollouts and updates from FB and IG.

Create Content Marketing Strategy

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for Social

Content marketers, stop using social media simply for amplification. Neal Schaffer outlines the steps to developing a killer content strategy for social beyond distribution alone.

Market Research Martech Tools

Build Out and Leverage Key Marketing Research Tools

Refresh your content strategy with insights from several top market research tools. Ben Beck explores marketing tech to help you generate more effective ideas.

Personal Productivity Tricks

Personal Productivity Tricks for Self-Supervising Creative Producers

Independent producer and career freelancer Lena Katz shares her tips and favorite apps for keeping yourself accountable when it comes to your own productivity.

Responsible Social Campaign

Examining the Socially Responsible Social Campaign

Leave Twitter tirades to the trolls. Find inspiration from leading brands using social media for the greater good.

Facebook Transparency Rules

Content Radar: New Facebook Transparency Rules for Ads

This week, Facebook ads get dragged into the limelight. Also, Instagram lets you go live with friends; and more companies are creating in-house content.

Scenarios When You Should Expect to Pay Higher Freelance Writing Rates

15 Scenarios When to Pay Freelance Writers Higher Rates

Respecting freelancers’ time and value is key to a good working relationship. Learn when you should reasonably expect to pay freelance writers more than a standard rate — so you don’t drive away good talent.

Generate More Foot Traffic This Holiday Season With Facebook Messenger Games

Generate More Foot Traffic This Holiday Season With Facebook Messenger Games

Tap into interactive content to help your brick-and-mortar business score big in Q4. Get tips to attract and win new customers with your own Facebook Messenger games.

How to Write a Good Lead

How to Write a Lead: 10 Do’s, 10 Don’ts, 10 Good Examples

Good lead. Good read. Sharpen your hooks to grab readers’ attention from the get-go, with examples of great and not-so-great leads.