A picture may be worth a thousand words, but when it comes to online products, a picture without words isn’t poetic… it’s useless.

Product descriptions are pieces of marketing copywriting that explain what a product is, what it does, and why you should care enough to buy it. When done well, product descriptions are the influencing catalyst that helps users to make a purchasing decision.

If you need some copywriting inspiration, learn how to write product descriptions that persuade, compel, and drive action. Plus, see some helpful examples of companies killing it in the product description strategy game.

write powerful product descriptions

How to write product descriptions that will persuade

Successful product descriptions aren’t blatantly in your face begging for attention. The most powerful product descriptions are subtle. They give enough information to pique your interest and leave you wanting to find out more for yourself.

Without even realizing it, a product description will draw you in and have you clicking “Add to Cart.”

Follow the tips below to write product descriptions that will help your brand stand out and get more sales.

Know your audience

Powerful product descriptions speak directly to your target audience. Trying to address a wide variety of customers can make your content too general. When you identify who your audience is, you can adapt your voice in a way that appeals to them.

On top of this, when you have a target audience, you can use their particular interests to compose product descriptions that include fun references and align with the benefits that will most entice them to buy a product.

Make technical specs scannable

Effective product descriptions should include the technical features of the product. The reader should be able to definitively see the necessary facts and figures of the product.

However, these features should be easily scannable. One easy way to do this is to list out your technical aspects with a bulleted list.

By doing this, the consumer doesn’t have to wade through long prose to search for pertinent technical aspects, but can conveniently skim and identify the specs they’re looking for.

Describe the transformational value

Although technical specs should be short and sweet, product descriptions can afford to elaborate more about the added transformational value a product will provide the consumer.

Most products set out to solve a problem for the consumer. Addressing the problem and indulging on how this particular product is a solution is crucial to compelling product descriptions.

For example, take skincare products. A list of the most important active ingredients in a product should be included, but the transformational value these ingredients provide should also be explained.

A consumer may know that vitamin C is a “good” ingredient, but they may not know how vitamin C will transform their skin. A well-written product description will explain that vitamin C helps lighten dark spots and acts as a superhero antioxidant against skin stressors.

While you don’t want to drown a consumer in every single transformational detail, in order to write product descriptions that convert, you should provide enough valuable information to help consumers make smart decisions.

Use applicable keywords

Effective product descriptions use keywords. Smart product description strategy integrates search engine optimization (SEO) tactics like keywords to help increase their rankings in search engines.

When consumers search for products online, search engines browse data on the internet to pull up the best results for the searcher. By using a keyword search tool, you can select popular keywords based on search volume and keyword difficulty to insert into your product descriptions.

Provide consumer proof

Consumers want to know how the product holds up in the hands of actual customers. A company can say their product is the best thing since sliced bread, but does the average person think that too?

To beef up your product descriptions, feature a section for consumer proof on your product description page. Add customer reviews or display a few pull quotes from real customers that boost the credibility of your products.

Powerful Product Descriptions

3 companies with killer product description strategies

Need some inspiration? Take a peek at some companies that write product descriptions to educate, entertain, and sell.


GHOST is a lifestyle sports nutrition brand. They are known for their “feel-good energy” drinks, nutritional supplements including protein, pre-workout, and snacks, and apparel and lifestyle gear.

GHOST Energy Product Page

Product description kudos for the GHOST Energy Product Page

  • Starts with the unique factor (“Fully Transparent Energy”) that sets them apart from other energy drinks
  • Visually lists important features using bulleted lists and attractive visual icons
  • Includes a section where you can learn more about the individual transformational value each main ingredient provides
  • Highlights reviews from people using the product for different lifestyles (personal trainer, content creator, and health and business coach)

2. Sephora

Sephora is a retail and online beauty store that sells a host of beauty products and accessories. Consumers can explore a variety of beauty brands and products in one place.

Tatcha Water Cream Oil-Free Moisturizer

Product description kudos for Tatcha Water Cream Oil-Free Moisturizer

  • Shows a variety of product photos
  • Highlights key features using colorful visual icons
  • Includes dropdown sections where the consumer can learn: About the Product, Ingredients, How to Use, and Similar Products
  • Individual dropdown sections (like About the Product) expands on info like what type of skin the cream is good for, what problems it tackles, benefits of the product, and brand background

3. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is a department store that sells apparel for all genders and ages, home accessories, beauty products, shoes, and more. Although products like their apparel may not necessarily solve a dire problem, Nordstrom does well to organize the flow of their content and enhance their clothing product descriptions pages with detailed videos.

Ted Baker London Karl Plaid Wool Sport Coat

Product description kudos for: Ted Baker London Karl Plaid Wool Sport Coat

  • Shows collection of product images (clothing details, front/back/inside views)
  • Most unique feature: Nordstrom adds a video to certain products where a team member goes into detail about the product and models the product to give consumers an idea of how the product will sit and move in real life
  • Adds product specs (dimensions, fabric material, etc.) last on the page

Start writing effective product descriptions

Start writing effective product descriptions

The best product descriptions help consumers make a great purchasing decision. Include key features, but most importantly, explain what problems your product will solve and how this transformational value will make their life better when you write product descriptions.

Persuasive product descriptions can help you get more sales. If you need help writing better product descriptions for your business, talk to a content specialist today about our content creation services.