What is an enterprise business? It’s for-profit in status and usually a start-up in nature, often a sole proprietorship headed by an entrepreneur. An enterprise business exhibits fast-paced growth and focused ingenuity.

Business is business, right? Nah, in marketing, businesses are categorized by size, services, audiences, and many other factors. So when we refer to a company as enterprise, it’s new, scaling, and ambitious.

An enterprise business focuses on learning. In marketing terms, they may be A/B testing various social media platforms, digital newsletter formats and blog post designs.

They’re refining their buyer personas quarterly and updating content funnel stages as analytics roll in. Staffing levels may boom exponentially as funding materializes or partnerships form with established tangential businesses. Enterprise businesses embrace full-on growth mode.

Where and why the distinction of “enterprise business” is used:

  • Company bios to show initiative and newness
  • Press releases to trigger interest in the industry
  • Seed funding applications and small business loan applications
  • Partnership considerations to show determination and progressiveness

Examples of enterprise businesses

Forbes identified 25 enterprise-level software start-ups to keep tabs on. Here are some names you might recognize as they build their status in the tech world.

1. ClickUp

Looking for a new cloud-based project management platform? This enterprise business promises to save you one day a week with its organizational prowess. The company has raised $100M in their Series B round of funding, per the front page of their website in February 2021.

2. Discuss.io

If you’re discovering your audience, the on-demand market research provided by Discuss.io might be worth a browse. This enterprise business assists with gathering consumer insights, branding, and segmenting (and much more) to help marketers hone their strategies. They’re currently promoting a video component.

3. Observe.AI

As artificial intelligence seeps its way into marketing more and more each year, this enterprise business is taking the reins on AI-powered speech analytics and quality management. Their focus? Quality, compliance, and coaching at contact centers so humans can have better phone-based and virtual customer service experiences. Perfect — since we’re all shopping from home more these days!

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