What is a logo jungle? A logo jungle is a visual grouping of logos of multiple brands. Logo jungles often are used for informational purposes to quickly convey choices or relationships between brands, or for promotional purposes to build trust for a brand by association with other brands.

Although you might not have heard of the term logo jungle (as it’s a term we’ve coined), you’ve likely seen countless logo jungles during corporate presentations, in marketing materials, on websites, across racing cars, or even on road signs (e.g., a food exit with logos for McD’s, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and a Subway, always a Subway).

As to the origins of logo jungles, no one knows. But it’s likely that logo jungles have been around just as long as logos themselves — whether as groups of crests, maker’s marks, or other insignia. They’re a curious visual tool in the marketer’s playbook that really never had a good name. So we’re calling it: logo jungle. Done.

For marketers, a logo can conjure immediate recognition and all the emotional associations with a brand. So jungling multiple logos together can amplify those associations if you’re trying to build trust with a potential buyer, especially when you’re trying to elevate your own reputation. It’s a classic likes-go-with-likes scenario with a touch of the bandwagon effect. They can go beyond simple ID purposes and tap into the power of social magnetism — by sending trust signals.

Common uses for logo jungles:

  • Convey social proof and media mentions
  • Feature a company’s customers, partners, or supporters
  • Identify brands associated with a product or service offering
  • Showcase a family of brands owned by a larger corporation
  • Promote sponsors of an event, cause, or collaboration
  • Represent brands offered by a seller

Examples of logo jungles:

1. Major publishers indexed daily by our VoiceGraph Talent Discovery engine:

Examples of logo jungles: Major publishers indexed daily by our VoiceGraph Talent Discovery engine.

2. Family of U.S. networks owned by Discovery:

Examples of logo jungles: Family of U.S. networks owned by Discovery

3. Tiers of sponsors for a charity fundraising event:

Examples of logo jungles: Tiers of sponsors for charity fundraising event

4. Informational jungle of multiple logo jungles from Insider:

Informational jungle of multiple logo jungles
Source: Business Insider

5. Software providers integrated with Google’s Anthos:

Examples of logo jungles: Software providers integrated with Google's Anthos
Source: Google

6. “As Featured In” logo jungle for media mentions:

Examples of logo jungles: "As Featured In" logo jungle for media mentions
Source: All Good Products

7. Food, gas, lodging, or services on Interstate logo signs:

Food, gas, lodging or services on Interstate logo signs
Source: Interstate Logos

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