What are zero-click searches? Zero-click searches are search queries that are answered right on the search results page, so the searcher makes “zero clicks” to find the answer to their query.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen more and more zero-click searches popping up in search results. Instead of having a list of 10 results that we can click on to look for our answer, there are now a number of boxes with information in them right there on Google’s results page. We can find answers to many questions without having to click on any of the results at all.

Featured snippets. Knowledge panels. Instant answers. The “People also ask” box. There are so many elements now in search results that make it possible for you to find an answer without clicking.

Although SEO professionals hated featured snippets at first (“Google is stealing away our traffic!”), many have grown to embrace them. While holding a featured snippet spot does mean you might be “giving away” your content without the user needing to visit your website to find it, it’s a great way to gain visibility and brand awareness. Plus, many searchers will still click on that result to get more information.

In fact, there are many guides out there now that explain just how to format your content so that you might get pulled into that featured snippet spot. That position loves straight and quick answers, lists of steps, and clear headings within your content.

Want to see some live examples of zero-click searches? Try copy-pasting the queries from the list below into Google.

Examples of zero-click searches:

  • What is 144 divided by 12
  • Who is blippi
  • How does the electoral college work
  • How many teaspoons in a tablespoon
  • Where is Greensboro college
  • Why is the sky blue