Since 2014, ClearVoice has been working with brands to help them design and execute better content.

Creating excellent branded content is critical to the growth of any business. It’s a central component of everything from increased brand recognition to lead generation and sales.

Brands have often had to build content marketing departments entirely from scratch and scale them up as their needs grow. That can be tough when you’re in an exponential growth phase or lack the necessary knowledge. 

After all, how can you know you’re following the right strategy and crafting content that works for your audience? That’s where we come in.
What ClearVoice does

Elevate Your Content Marketing with ClearVoice

ClearVoice has created a platform that connects brands with experienced freelance talent to collaborate on high-quality content together.

Today, we’ll talk a little more about what we do and how we help your company develop a brand voice that speaks to your customers, nurtures your audience, and simplifies your marketing workflow.

What We Do

No matter what you have to write, we can help. Our content creation teams have worked on every type of content, from email campaigns to long-form ebooks and white papers.

The full list of services we offer includes these content types:

  • Articles and blog posts
  • Ads
  • Customer stories and case studies
  • Interviews
  • Infographics
  • Emails
  • Guides
  • ebooks
  • Landing pages and website copy
  • Promotional copy
  • Product descriptions
  • Press releases
  • Social media copy
  • Scripts
  • Transcriptions
  • White papers

Even though we offer a wide variety of services, it’s easy to find what you need, thanks to ClearVoice’s collaboration technology.

When a brand first starts working on our platform, they’ll connect with a Customer Success Manager to develop a plan for what they need as well as their preferred delivery schedule.

Once this plan is in motion, individual assignments are created. Then, our technology combs through our extensive Talent Network of more than 4,000 creators to find the perfect match for your brand’s needs.

From there, our Customer Success Managers review the freelancers selected and send your assignment to a smaller pool of talent that we think will best fit your campaign.

Working on the ClearVoice platform

Once you’ve set your deadline and the project is assigned to a freelancer, working with them through the intuitive project dashboard is easy.

Within each assignment, there’s space for either your team or your producer to offer project and campaign instructions, leave resources and files, and there’s even a messaging tab so you can quickly and easily connect with the specific team assigned to each task.

Once the assignment is submitted, it’s easy to review it, make changes, and request revisions. Every step of the process is transparent, so you can see how each piece progresses and make adjustments if needed.

Who ClearVoice helps

Who We Help

We help SMBs, enterprise organizations, and agencies whose clients need to outsource their content production.

Working with ClearVoice allows companies to keep their in-house marketing team lean and flexible since they no longer have to worry about the day-to-day deliverables of content creation. That enables them to focus on higher-level tasks like long-term content planning and brand development.

Outsourcing this critical task can be intimidating for companies currently producing all their content in-house. After all, how could an outsider possibly understand your brand voice, its history, and its key differentiators?

However, once you talk to our Customer Success Managers and walk through our solutions, you’ll realize how easy our process is and how much work it can take off your plate.

Here are a few signs it could be time to start outsourcing your content.

  • It feels like your in-house team is always behind
  • Adapting your strategy or changing pace is slow and difficult
  • Day-to-day content creation takes up 90 percent of your time, leaving little time or energy for higher-level projects
  • You’d like to expand your content strategy but don’t know how

Get started with ClearVoice

Getting Started with ClearVoice

ClearVoice has been working with brands worldwide for over a decade managing, producing, and delivering custom content across various channels. We pride ourselves on helping companies produce top-tier content that drives engagement and results. 

Want to discover how we can help your company scale your content strategy to reach new audiences and generate meaningful leads? Talk to a content specialist today to learn more.